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This thread is a joint-winner in the topic based TOW contest for the week 31st May to 06th June '20.
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    Blackboard, 'Black' Yes I Absorb A Complete Era.

    They call me black, I am rather happy,
    They laugh on me, I feel like puppy.
    For pups are inclined to loyalty,
    And vanish happily master's anxiety.

    They come and write on me,
    I m carved with many drawings.
    He comes and writes for she,
    She blushes followed by crawlings.

    They grow up learning alphabets together,
    Later they have cos and sin to gather.
    Animal kingdom teaches them phylums,
    Plants tell the flow of phloem and xylem.

    Teachers' Day is marked with carvings,
    Professors feel they are set on wings.
    When it comes to vacations,
    I stand and wait as if it's a station.

    Farewell Day comes with many goosebumps,
    It crawls in veins like camel with humps.
    They stand and click pictures with me
    Gathering in crowds just like bee.

    Under training they sit silently,
    Sophisticated and no more violently.
    When serving they teach the novices,
    With more sincerity and morally.

    I see a complete era
    Then I m changed.
    While in my old age I
    Enjoy the rain and dust love-binged..

    Yes, I m a blackboard,
    I make the careers on board.
    Absorbing the hatred and many memories,
    Though black yet I m adored.

    This is TOW entry.
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    A nice poem that describes many aspects of the blackboard. I believe the students' community really adores the blackboard as many childhood memories are associated with it. It's an integral part of our student lives which comes alive through this poem. Well done!

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    A very well written poem. By reading this poem my memories have gone down to my high school days where I used to feel very proud if I was given a chance to write something on the blackboard. I used to think that getting a chance to write on the blackboard is a privilege. I know some students who used to feel very tensed to go and write on a blackboard when the teacher asked him to write but the same student is very happy to write something on that when there is no teacher in the class. A very good attempt by the author. I wish her all the best.
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    Even though the color of the board has changed from black to green to white to digital, we still refer it as blackboard. Many good and bad memories are associated with it. The first day in our school, to standing in front of the blackboard, to writing on the blackboard, to having our name on the board, to being a good students, our naughtiness, etc. For the people of 90's, those were the days that best days of one's life. Yes, even today, only the modernization has taken place but we still prefer to write in on the board, may be with a marker or in the digital form but still it is call the board. Everyone's life is shaped by the so called blackboard and everyone has fond memories about the blackboard. The whole picture is nicely put in the poetic form by the contestant. I wish all the best for the competition entry for the month end contest.
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    A poem sprinkled with maths,science and nostalgia. The author shows promise. A little chiselling can make the work shine more.
    When I read the line "Later they have cos and sin to gather." I found an unintended extra meaning. It can mean as mathematical sine and cosine. But I also imagined they forming companies and the companies sinning using unethical business practices. Critics find more meaniing than the poet!

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    While appreciate the author for penning a nice poem on the tow topic but the rule was not followed and the heading does not contain the black board words.
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    A good poem by the author. The plight of the blackboard is well depicted though the might is also brought up in telling that it imparts great knowledge to people. The content and rhythm in the poem are nicely managed by the author.
    Knowledge is power.

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    A good idea to compose a poem on the blackboard and it's feelings. Blackboard was the most important thing in our school times and still has that status. In corporate world and modern classrooms the white board is replacing it.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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