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    The minds of the kids are like clean blackboards.

    The mind of a kid is a clean blackboard. Let us see that it will be filled with moral values.

    When we enter into a classroom and see a blackboard which is clean, we will feel very happy and we feel like writing something on it. A naughty student may write something making fun of his teacher. A teacher will write a beautiful explanation to the points he wanted to bring it to the knowledge of the students for their benefit.

    If we use a chalk piece to write we can rub it off and we can write a different version. If we use wet chalk piece it will be difficult to rub it and if we use a permanent white marker to erase is very difficult.

    In the same way, the mind of a kid is fresh like a vacant blackboard. The elders, the teachers and siblings can fill that mind with their views and the mind will absorb them and try to follow it. If a teacher says the kid will never go away from that. If a parent tells they may give importance and if a sibling tells they may think that should be followed. These people will make a lot of impact on the young mind.

    So all the concerned should see that what they do or what they teach or what the kid observes should be ethical and filled with morals. Then the kid will become a perfect citizen and will be an asset to the society, the nation and the family. Otherwise, he may become an anti-social element.

    So be careful with the kids and see that they will imbibe all good qualities.

    This is my entry for the tow contest.

    Topic based Thread of the Week contest
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    Whatever the message given by the author is a hundred percent correct. Aristotle said a Greek word that resembles the mind of a kid. That is "Tabularasa". The above-written content is correctly suitable to the principle said by Aristotle. Here "Tabularasa" means " An empty slate". When a kid comes to the school, his mind is like an empty slate having some background experiences but they are not aware of kid himself. So, that experiences are pick up by the teacher and written by the kid on his own empty slate. That is the principle is involved here.
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    Good thoughts and deeds will bring in good shape of the child leading to a better citizen. It is similar to the Angulimala story, wherein he learnt good thoughts through Gautham Buddha and became his disciple.
    Even if a small error is done by the teacher the same thought follows.

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    The title says the truth that a child's mind is a clean blackboard. As we see a clean board in the morning, so also, a child enters his school with a clean mind and keeps on collecting new thoughts, ways, inputs, process, ability, solution, reasoning, etc. The more he gets, the more the mind gets filled. Now it is the duty of teachers, parents, siblings, society to fill what is best for the child. If we fill his mind with good, he will become a good person but if he is filled with wrong, he will become an anti-social element to society. As a mistake can be easily wiped off using a duster or corrected by making them understand why it is wrong will impact him/her. The lesson of correcting will always help the child to learn the difference between the good and the bad, the right and the wrong. It is the duty of everyone around the child to provide good morals to the child and help him to become a responsible human being. Very good entry for the TOW contest.
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    The author has rightly put his thought in this content connecting to tow topic. The child mind is as clean as black board and when the parents start feeding the good habits, the knowledge, the wisdom. the ethics, the behavior. and above all the intricacies of life is being taught one by one and the child recollects the same when written on the black board of his life. Once the grasping power does its duty, the child tends to remember all the good things taught on the black board, and the child also learns the bad behavior and bad things on the places left out in the black board and that is filled through his bad friends and bad influences. But when the child is in the watchful eyes of the mother, he shall never go wrong and would guided properly for the future. That is the reason being so the mother is always appreciated for the good deeds of done by the child.
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