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    Can divorcee husband and wife live again together

    can divorcee husband and wife live again together but they start to live with live-in relation means living together without marriage.
    is it legal or illegal, please tell me the legal procedure.
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    MK Agarwal,
    You raised a good post. But it doesn't have any clarity. Please elaborate it with some more details to understand it and post our responses. Others might understand it, but I find it difficult to understand about a divorcee and live in a relationship etc. I would say that it is a bit confusing.

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    The author has raised one of the important post which is bothering many and also has the chance to explore the idea. But what I feel that when the divorce is applied, the counsel would ask both husband and wife and give them one more chance of compromising and close the case. But invariably in front of the family court the divorce is taken expressing their inability to serve further for each other. In that case only the divorce is applied and the lives are parted to be independent further without interference from anybody. And if the author question and view has to be considered that the divorced husband and wife wants to continue as the live in relation without re marriage is something no society would agree and allow. That means both of them were confused and need to be counselled to withdraw divorce suit and proceed as normal wife and husband.

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    To be honest nothing is stopping them to marry each other again. One can marry one's spouse after divorcing them. That much I think no law objects. Unless when the person have a case I believe. If the spouse gets a restraining order, they can't be seen with their ex. In that case things might get complicated.
    But marrying looks like a nice and legal way to get back to the divorced spouse.

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    This case seems to be a very surprised one. It is the thought to be raised before taking a divorce from his wife. If they go to the family court and get back their appeal from getting a divorce, they should be ashamed of both wife and husband. Whatever the author posted in the thread could be possible if and only if they dare to approach to legal to get back their appeal for the divorce or again they have to go to registered office for the marriage instead of doing their marriage as propaganda.
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    As the Supreme court's latest orders that if a married man or man or woman has an illicit or living relationship with others ( with the acceptance of woman or married woman or man) there is no case filed against them. Comparing what you mentioned and this I don't see any harm to them
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    After the divorce, many times the divorcees go for their individual marriage to other persons. This is not very uncommon. So after some time if they feel that second partner is worse than the earlier then they can again go for a divorce with the second partner and once it is granted then go back to the earlier relationship. For this to happen, both partners should agree. There is nothing wrong or illegal in it. There is no point in having a live in relationship because that would not give one a legal cover. In case of differences and conflicts, live in relationship would not yield any benefit to the offended person. So even if one is getting married to the same person after some years it is advisable to register it or do it in a conventional way by printing the marriage invitation card and calling people for a party etc so that there is a proof and people can vouch for this marriage in case of a second scuffle. In western countries people marry so many times but every time they keep the official records intact. They follow a process so that there is no dispute of property and alimony etc.
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    Generally, it doesn't happen. Once divorced is ever divorced. Their reunion won't be fruitful. The bitter feeling will continue to prevail. It requires a big heart to forget the bitter past and live together. Living in a relationship won't go well. But if they forget the past and want to unite and live, no one can stop them.
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    When they are able to live together why they should get divorced? This question comes naturally.
    When Indira Gandhi was our Prime Minister, land ceiling act, people who have huge land were losing their fields. So I know some couples go for divorce so that they can have land separately each of them. But they continued living together in the same house. This I recollected after seeing this post.
    As fas as my knowledge go no rule will stop you from living together after divorce. They are no wife and husband. But they are living together. I think they can even marry again after a certain time is passed.

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    One psychologist doctor told that the divorce, suicide and murder attempts are spontaneous in human. In case of suicide attempt or murder attempts done by any one the rescue is less than one percent. Therefore the thinking of suicide or murdering should never come up in mind to one in life.
    But in case of divorce the couple approach the judicial persons, immediately once they start hate other on any reason without minding their inner voice. That is what the lawyer whom they approach themselves advise the couples to think again and again. Some adamant couples only proceed further to the court. The court also gives time to them to think themselves about the good things done by each of them. After a long counselling only the court gives divorce. One senior Judge of Madras High Court advised the advocates handling divorce cases to council them to the possible extent to avoid divorce.
    So, there are possibilities of changing mind after divorce in any or both of them. It is not wrong in live together after the mind change. But it is better to inform the court and family members to keep the society aware as we cannot live without society's aid.

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    Not long ago I read a news about a celebrity abroad re-marrying his (and her too) divorced spouse. In fact both of them married a few times after they divorced. But somehow from their more marriage experience they found that 'old was real gold'. So they decide to remarry. Whether they will 're-divorce' may be the worry of people now.
    Laws are becoming more and liberal to favour the individuals. There is no bar for divorced spouses to live as husband and wife again if they undergo legally valid marriage. Applicable laws may be intervening if they are in a marriage and have spouses. But if they are not so then it becomes easier.
    The can also 'live together' without formalising their re-marriage in countries where that is legally permitted

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