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    Syllabus can be reduced to half this academic year 2020-21.

    We already know that most of the exams were not conducted from primary to high schools but this year also we may have to face the repurcussions. The governments are planning to reduce the syllabus to half. I agree that health should be given first preference and significance.

    How far can a student move ahead to perform in his future classes if the syllabus is reduced this year as the education system is formed such that at all the concepts are interlinked from one to another and goes upward from class to class.

    Who are the real sufferers in this situation? How can be evade? Suggest steps to reduce the burden of students as well improvise on the concepts. Suggest guidelines on teacher's front and from student's views too.
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    These things can be decided once the classroom study resumes. It has to be assessed then as to how many study days are lost by lockdown and by any new arrangement like alternative days etc.
    Instead of reducing syllabus the study hours may be increased. Holidays may be adjusted. Further loss of working days is to be reduced by all means.
    In most places the lockdown period coincided with summer holidays. So as such there is not much loss of study days. It is from end of summer vacation that the study day loss may be reckoned.

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    Undoubtedly this year due to the pandemic, almost a quarter of the session has been wasted. Though the schools and coachings are still continuing the education via online classes yet it is not going to be as fruitful as the offline classes where students can ask one to one doubts anytime and to any number.

    The government has decided to reduce the number of chapters even for board classes. But this is certainly not going to affect the studies of students when talked in terms of futuristic claims.
    Let's take an example of the subject English. Of course the chapters will be reduced in number, that means the student will be studying a few lessons less but certainly the grammar, writing and reading sections aren't going to be removed off the question paper or the examination scheme. That means the study of most important topics which may have future relevance is certainly be there in the syllabus which obviously means that it's not going to affect the level of the student.
    Similary in other subjects like Mathematics and Biology they are going to remove a few concepts which the students might have studied in detail in previous classes or such concepts which are connected with other subjects like Medicinal plants which is a topic present in both Geography and Botany might be removed from any one of the two in which it is not given in detail.
    Thus, the student's knowledge and its futuristic claims aren't going to be affected in any way.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    This is absurd decision to halve the syllabus as every portion of the subject is interconnected and the student has to learn everything to gain full knowledge. At least main subjects need to be studied in full otherwise the whole learning process becomes immaterial and not understanding to the students. Already when the teacher teaches the full portions, the students are selecting the best out of it and practicing the studies for the exams and if the syllabus made to half then the entire exam system has to be changed. The confusion in education department is going worst day by day. What I feel that two sessions of the school and college would be ideal to divide the students strength into half and proceed with old system of completing the portions by year end. The education system should not be compromised for any reason or any matter.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Reducing the syllabus in education by the government is not good but it is not to happen in the future also. It may be a fake concept taken from sources. Till now, no state announces that it has reduced the syllabus. They just said that promoting students to the next class became obvious. Therefore, reducing the syllabus will not be done by the government. It is the first point. Next, suppose the syllabus is reduced to half then the burden on the heads of students gets removed, so, they can learn things happily in an enjoyable environment. This was already said by great philosophers like Rabindranath Tagore. Therefore, there is no impact on students for reducing the syllabus or continuing the existed syllabus.
    I believe in a positive attitude. I like those who criticize me.

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    It should not be reducing the syllabus. It should be modifying the syllabus. That can't be for one year. This modified syllabus should continue for the next 10 years. So that they will not have any impact on the next classes in the coming years.
    The present syllabus is to be modified in such a way that more impact is given on the subjects which are essential for the student. The language syllabus can be reduced and that much thrust need not be given on the language to a science student. If the language is taken as a group subject for him syllabus should be different. This is the way we should modify the syllabus. Then burden to the student will come down. But teachers have to continue their hard work. They may not get any relaxation. More thrust can be given to Mathematics and science subjects and history syllabus may be brought down. There will not be any necessity to read the changed history by Britishers.

    always confident

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