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    Pertaining to the discussion on using new vocabulary

    For good English speaking or writing, one needs the required vocabulary to impose their knowledge. It is known that newspapers build excellent vocabulary to raise interest in the English language. Here is a doubt that how a newspaper can build this mechanism of using new vocabulary. For example, "flouted" is the word which means "violating rules and norms". This was shown in the headlines of the news. Like this, a minimum of five to six words was daily found in news headlines. Is it the process to proceed to remember a few words as per the dictionary method daily and use it in writing or speaking? or is there any method to grasp more vocabulary from sources such as newspapers, magazines, and news bulletins? For different areas of touching news by news, agencies are using different vocabularies irrespective of simple vocabulary. Then how can it be possible for them to get new vocabulary?
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    It is excellent experience to read the news papers and how the headlines are created to attract the reader. For example the farmers are referred as ryots and that is the new vocabulary for all. And we often come across one more word in news paper as flayed. That means criticized. We can learn more new words daily and that will build up the vocabulary memory. One more thing if you read the editorial of any news paper the new words or vocabulary is added and that would be additional advantage. But invariably what I feel that the English news channels are not using the complex words and instead use the daily seen words and thus we are not able to learn new things. Most of the news papers are having experienced content writers and the editors are capable of creating new headlines with new words for our benefit.
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    Definitely reading newspapers will improve the vocabulary. That too if we read the editorial and other special articles written by various eminent personalities and various subjects. Keep the dictionary with you and see the meaning of the new word which you come across. Then make your own sentences using that word and write those sentences in a notebook with the word as the heading. This will make you remember that world for long.
    Just going through the lines will help you in improving your word power. You have to read every word and you should know the meaning of the word and the meaning of the whole sentence. Then only your language will improve.
    But these days many newspapers are not maintaining that standard. In English, I feel "The Hindu" is maintaining that standard and we should read that paper for language improvement. Eenadu daily is the best newspaper to improve your Telugu language.

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    Everyday reading news paper helps in improving our vocabulary power. There are many section in newspaper like editorial, article type news increase our word power. While reading we should take help of dictionary for better understand. I have seen some people improved a lot their english language by reading daily newspaper. While going through newspaper you should read loudly so as to slang and vocabulary both may improve. You should choose standard newspaper instead of selecting any because that would be helpful in learning language.

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    It would be a nice idea to refer to editorials of the esteemed News Papers such as Times of India, The Hindu, The Hindustan Times etc. Syntax, composition of sentences and the appropriate words chosen in making sentences are amazing. I am really influenced how come they know that a particular word inserted in the sentence would make it more effective.
    Some editors are relatively young say in the age bracket of 35- 40 years and even in the qualification wise, they are not superior either.
    But despite this, they know the art of selection of the words making the readers hypnotised with the usage of the magical words. While referring to the editor of Times of India, Bengalore circulation, one of my friends revealed that the editor is mere a commerce graduate. I wonder how so he has managed to display his artistic creation with the usage of the apt words not coming in my mind in my write ups.
    I agree while going through the noted English News Paper, especially the editorials, we could learn a lot how to express our thoughts effectively.

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    The headings in Newspaper usually follow something specially made out for them-Journalese. As journalists have to consider column space and captivatig title, the newspaper or magazineheading smay not follow grammar or syntax strictly. Like crossword print media have their ownstock words to use in title and sub title. Hence to learn vocabulay itis betterto read the editorials. The editorial also may have one or more sub editoials. While the main edit may be of a serious matter, the sub editorials may be with satire and in lightervein too. Butthey willhave some good vocabulary too.
    For a learnerof new vocabulary a good and latest edition dictionary is an important support. In our student days we were sugested to have Thesaurus too.

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    A good vocabulary is a mix of alphabets brought together to create meaningful word. It starts from two letter, three letter and goes on increasing. If you are able to create a word wall to note and pronounce these words with perfect pronunciation, your vocabulary and pronunciation can be improved over a period of time.
    What you need to do to increase your vocabulary? Add at least five words to the group of two letter, three letter and moving on up-to ten letter words. After searching the words understand the meaning to create meaningful sentences. This will remain in your dictionary that is, the brain to be blissfully visible in the write-ups which you write.

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