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    Happy world environmental day to all

    Today is 5th June. Today is celebrated as world environment day. All of us are thinking we have advanced very well and we have taken an upper hand on the environment and we treat the same as we like. This thought itself is very dangerous.
    The environment is very kind of you. It is trying to accommodate your misdeeds. But if it goes beyond control definitely it will revolt some way or other. That is what we are witnessing now in the form of COVID 19. One has to agree that the environment is the supreme and we have to protect it for our safe living only.
    We all should keep this in mind and protect the environment and get protected. I wish you all a happy world environmental day.
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    On this world environment day, everyone of us are indebted to keep our world free from pollution, keep our environs clean and also make safe breathing for us and for the future. In this regard I appreciate the initiative taken by TS Minister KTR that on every Sunday with title 10 am ten minutes, he asked his ministers and cadre and also influence the party members to keep their environs clean their homes and offices on every week basis so that to keep away from the seasonal diseases and also from the unknown viruses. It is indeed good thought and everyone need to follow the advise.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Environment is nothing but the surroundings in which we live. It is the duty of every citizen to keep not only their home clean but also their surroundings clean. The present Covid-19 pandemic proved how important is the cleanliness and tidyness of surroundings inorder to keep ourselves safe from virus. Similarlrly if we don't take care about each and everything present in our surroundings, we neglect about the protection of all living beings in our surroundings, we neglect about pollution problems of our environment in course of time these problems take global dimension that dictate scope of life on earth. The alarms and warnings what we are getting at present from nature are the real signals of danger bells for human life. So it is our prime duty of every citizen to get awaken and to act in a proper way to set right things on earth.

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    Today, I participated in a tree planting function.
    Sometimes I get cynical at our hypocritical attitude. We cut thousands of trees in the forests and also on lands for various purposes. We pollute the air and water by our vehicles and discharges of effluents. We build large mansions and skyscrapers exploding the hills and quarry the Earth and denude it in all ways possible.
    we 'celebrate and observe' such World Days online by sending readymade messages. Here and there we also conduct such rituals of tree planting and distributing saplings.
    From the next day we are again on our out in acts of damaging the environment.

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    Observing a particular day as environmental day is basically for creating awareness about it in the public but just observing it for one day and then forgetting all about it the next day is really painful. Actually environment awareness is a thing which has to be in our mind and actions on a 24/7 basis. Otherwise it loses its main theme and charm. We have to inculcate environmental consciousness in the minds of our children so that they also grow up with that understanding about preservation of the environment. If parents are conscious and contributing some good work for environment preservation the children would also mimick them later. Charity begins from home.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Happy environment day to all. The 5th of June is celebrated as the world environment day in the world to promote awareness toward the environment. I was thinking to post the thread on this topic but there is no electricity in my town. Thanks to Dr. Rao to raise the thread on a very important topic. We should be aware and should promote awareness in our friends, family and society toward the environment.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Keeping our environment at safe level should be our primer task and disturbing such an environment could aggravate the disease of respiration because of inhalation go the polluted air. To tackle this menace, we should pay adequate attention to enhancement the number of plantations so the excess of poisonous gases are absorbed with the more installation of plants.
    Just to celebrate a single day as the enviornment day is not our purpose but such a celebration would remind us of our consciousness towards the clean environment and to that extent it is logical.

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