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    Craze for flat stomach

    People are very fond of variety of food cuisines. Diversity has opened up a huge plethora of tastes. Different tradition and culture has linked the whole world together in a chain due to presence of range of foods. The major drawback is the consequence of developing a toned stomach in a human body. Toned stomach decreases confidence level in many people due to change in body shape. Certain health problems like overweight and obesity also dehances human beauty. Due to these problems, people workout and prefer to join a gym to maintain their body shape and weight. Peopls desire and possess a craze for flat stomach in order to look fit, slim and fine.
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    Food intake and life style have a great connection with the figure of a person. Those who are physically active and take food selectively often have a slim and trim body. Others who believe that God has given us this life only once to eat and indulge, would gain weight and then it becomes very difficult to melt that fat for going back to attain a slim body. Increasing weight might not be a difficult option barring a few cases of diseased bodies but reducing weight is a big problem. Then people go for gym or other workouts and start spending on measures for weight loss. The world weight management business is estimated approximately at Rs 16000 billion. So, there are many who are spending to lose weight. Everyone would like to have a flat stomach. It looks so nice, healthy and elegant. However it requires a tough discipline and good food habits to achieve that goal.
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    People want to look good. For that, they want to maintain their physique well. For that, the exercises are being carried out by many people. They go to the gym for making their stomach flat. Eating good food and doing proper physical work will always keep the body in condition only. But spending time without any physical activity may give obesity which is not good for better health. We should have good eating habits and we shouldn't go for junk food. Overeating is also not good for a healthy life. Timely intake and limited intake will keep all the problems away from you.
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    After reading this post my thoughts went to a whats app video which was hilarious. A person with a bulged stomach was standing at his resident gate and a girl who comes to him to ask for some nearby address and on seeing her advancing to him he contracts his stomach inside to look as flatten stomach. That was really enjoyable bit done by him to feel the girl that he looks handsome with flat stomach. It is become the fashion and health conscious for the people to flatten their stomach through exercises but they are not having control over the diet which are likely to enhance the stomach look further.
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    The over discussion about 'Flat fitness' and promotion ads of Gyms, weigh reduction supplements and extra highlight of six packs of movie heroes and zero size heroines drive the vulnerable tens and youth and even middle aged people to become 'flat tummies.'
    Some years ago flat stomach or protruding tummy was seen with a view of appeal to the eyes. Such people were projected in movies and ads showed such models. So it was human tendency to be like them. The over highlight on the matter nade people have some inferior complex if their tummy is not flat. This is commercially exploited by many wonder drugs and aids like belts, 'sweaters' etc. It still continues now also.

    However now people look at the flat or obese tummy from the viewpoint of health also. It is seen that many life style contributed health issues are seen more in obese people. A bulging tummy is an indication that the person is indulging in pleasure eating and drinking, leads a sedentary life without much physical activity or exercise and takes things easy. Mostly these lead to acquiring lifestyle related issues like BP, Diabetes etc. So the first indication being a bulging tummy, people who are aware or health conscious start to reduce tummy fat. However the basic lazy tendency in them tries to find quick ways rather than reduce fat increasing food or increase proper physical activity of exercise. They also want to show others that they are fit and healthy and do things which apear to us as fancy and crazy.

    Unlike modern life, there were no labour and time saving appliances available. So people were exerting good physical activity. Their food habits were subjected traditional regulations and variety. That ensured that they are fit and did not suffer from sedentary life health issues. So they were not bothered about whether their tummy was protruding or flat. Sometimes a bulge in the middle was considered as 'paunch of prosperity".

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    Yes people do exercise to flatten their stomach. No only they look good by having a flat stomach but also protect them from health issues which are due to the obesity.

    No doubt the people who are obese don't have a good body shape and are not liked by the people as they don't have a pleasing personality as a slim person has.

    Balanced diet always help to make our fit and health as it provides the essential nutrients to the body and exercises certainly tones our body.


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    People with pot belly are considered to be devotees of Lord Ganesha or Vigneshwara. Flat belly people are considered to be devotees of Lord Subramanya or Karthikeya or Muruga. I like Venkiteswarans punch words - Sometimes a bulge in the middle was considered as 'paunch of prosperity".

    There are people who look great with their pot belly. Look at Nepolean Bonaparte and understand the fact. He was a great warrior with a belly pot. There are people who eat less but have a bulging belly. There are people who eat a lot and remain with a flat belly.

    When I was a boy, I had a big stomach, When I was a youth, I had a flat stomach, now my stomach is not seen.

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