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    News channel and print media have lost their relevance and working only for TRP.

    Daily news is as important as daily sunshine, but, in past few years, I have come to observation that news are no more unbiased. Instead of giving unbiased and true news only, the news channel as well as the print media have started to take sides or manipulate news to get more TRP only, and in turn twist the news to fit their paid agendas. I will not name any channel or print media but, yes, I have for long stopped my DTH subscription, as well as the newspaper which I used to read for almost 25 years.

    Now, I rarely watch or read any news but just get a bit of update from here and there but, barely believe any. Only weather reports and traffic announcement are now relevant to me and rest are junk.

    Not only have I saw some real nasty articles in print media but, also fake news on news channel. I wondered that is there any control or editing or verification mechanism before publishing or telecasting a news or everyone has got a free hand to show anything.

    I knew that social media has no filters and can show any news be it fake or real, but I used to avoid them but now, even the prime news channel and print media is not lagging behind.

    What I really feel is that we are just puppets or money minting machines whom everybody is trying to mould to fit their goals. We are living in a virtual world where everything and everyone is available for sale. No doubt, TV and print media are a very strong medium and they do impact individual choices and decisions and hence this game of influencing ones mind is at play openly.

    What do members feel about it? Or is it only me.
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    The author cannot generalize the news media and print media about the bias and it is the fact that some media houses are controlled by the whims and fancies of the ruling party and they have to side them while reporting. But some electronic media are bold and giving the truth before our eyes and we cannot say that they are biased. A media should report the truth, be a bridge between the people and the government, and should influence the government decision through its reporting. And we do have such sincere media who are working 24 hours for us. Once our former President Abdul Kalaam was addressing media and sought his opinion on media. He felt very sorry over the bad reporting and not giving the factual reporting of what is happening around. He then praised one local news paper which published the image of hard work done by the farmer on the field and patted for the news.
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    I appreciate your honest opinion. I have clearly mentioned that this is my personal opinion and what I have noticed is what I expressed.
    It cannot be denied that news now days have become more colored than they should be and it becomes difficult to filter biased/unbiased news or fake/genuine news. There are always some counter news to each and every news, so differentiation becomes pretty difficult.

    I agree that many people are working hard to maintain the honesty of media but, do they really reach the mass they deserve, is questionable.

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    True. There are two issues in this one is social media and then the print and the electronic media. We all know that there is no editing or control on the postings on social media. Hence we should not take them as correct and we can't go by that information.
    Coming to the print and electronic media I agree with the author that many of them are biased and they are working for their TRP rather than for the aim of giving unbiased information to the people. Many of the channels are getting support from foreign countries and they are trying to safeguard the interest of those countries than serving our country by giving correct information to the people and presenting correct analysis to enlighten the people. This attitude should change and they should work for the country. Then only people will get confidence in these institutions and rely on them for correct information.
    The government should also encourage the media who are sincere and trying to give correct news to the people. But that is also not seen and the governments want them to support them in all their activities.

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    Appreciate your response. If the media is unbiased and true to its purpose (including print and electronic media), then it will be easy for people to rely on them. But, unfortunately, they have now changed objectives, hence, it becomes very difficult to trust any of the media houses.

    Live before you leave.

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    Everything has busines aim in it. Earlier, small business has some minimum moral and ethic values in them. However today big business aims only profit; profit at any cost, by any method. There is no ethics as i early times. Today's business ethics is to make profit and grow business whatever be the means and ways.
    Media also is now run by bug business houses. So the main motive is profit and growth. Hence main aim is circulation, readership, viewership, TRP.
    Even what we have to read or see is decided by them only. Online media has made this easier and focused. The pop ups and targeted ad do that.
    Nowadays if I read a news and I feel that the news is either one sided or manufactured news, exaggerated or sensationalised or feel that it may be fake, I try to refer the same with other sources, and if I now the rival media houses. By that I come to get or deduct something near to fact or truth.

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    Yes, a very good and relevant thread by the author in the present scenario. All the news change have lost their relevance and working for TRP. We cannot trust any news channel. They do not think that what would be the impact of any news on society? They have forgotten their duties. They are ready to do anything for TRP.
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    This is an apt observation. What I feel is that all channels are not behaving in this fashion. Only those who have political affiliation and nexus are doing such TRP increasing things. Some channels are still presenting the news in a normal way.
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    Indian media is losing its credibility and reliability among the masses. Also it is being severely lambasted by international media for their biased reporting and focussing on unnecessary issues. Apparently people don't like ongoing trend of 'harping on the same string' continuously and they are getting jaded with the main stream media, perhaps, this is why their TRP is decreasing day by day. And now situation has become so difficult even for main stream media to survive in the market. Several newspapers and news channels have already stopped functioning or are about to be closed in near future e.g. Delhi Aaj Tak belongs to India Today Group, one of the prominent media house in India but Delhi Aaj Tak is going to off the air on 30th June 2020 at 12 midnight. Other prominent news channels are expelling their employees because of lack of fund.

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