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    Have shopping malls reopened anywhere?

    Chennai has been a sort of banned area for everything. Auto guys have been allowed to take only one passenger and no buses are plying as yet. There are problems galore for traders as sales has been reported to be very less or even nil.

    As far as shopping malls are concerned, the owners would have run up losses of several hundreds of thousands of rupees. Similarly, most of the employees would have lost their jobs. Since the decision to operate anything depends on the State Governments, what is the position in your States? Has the shopping malls been reopened and have the sales resumed in any way? If yes, what is the reaction of the local citizens?
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    For that matter shopping malls, restaurants , theaters and parks yet to be given permission by the central and state governments. The surge of crowd would be more once these places are thrown open to the public. In Hyderabad the super markets have already opened and malls are yet to open. It is said that eateries and restaurants would be given permission to open from 8th June along with places of religion. The eateries were asked function at 50 percent seating capacity and the places of religion were asked to follow the strict norms of social distance, no grouping and behave orderly. But once these things are open the flow of public on the road would be more. What I feel that still 25 percent of the people are holding inside the home and they would come out from the 8th June onward and we could see full fledged activities.
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    In Telangana form 8th of this months, places of worship, hotels and malls are getting opened. Permission has been given by the State government already.
    From the last few days, cases are increasing in Hyderabad. But relaxation is being given and people started moving. But they are following the social distance and taking other precautions also.
    We can't find fault with the government. It is we to take our own precautions. There are people who are staying back at home and going out only if it is an absolute necessity.
    The general rules and regulations for the hotels, temples and malls are released and arrangements are being made to see that everyone will follow these rules and regulations.
    All the shops are getting opened now also but the business is very less and no much sales. Still, it may take some more time to get the business to pick up.
    Today I read in the newspapers that even trains are not getting filled completely.

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    As the governments are not getting any income, the situation is whatever the Covid-19 situation may be every government venturing for 100% functioning of everything. They want all the business to come back to normal condition. But as relaxations become more and more, the cases are increasing drastically than before in TS and AP. The state governments announced that thy are going to open temples, maals, hotels, restaurants and even tourist spots from 8th June. But the governments are saying they take necessary care. As all avenues are allowed to opened by government there will be heavy crowds in the markets that makes the spread much easier. Nowadays we are seeing the spread of disease is slowly moving towards villages. The only thing the central or state governments are believing is self discipline of the citizens only can save the people from spread of disease.

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    The business success of the mall would depend upon the heavy traffic and analysing the business of the forthcoming time for the super markets and malls, it does not look promising . It may be due to the various factors chiefly due to their newly formed habit of confinement and to fetch their daily items, they would not like to go too far if the same items are available in their vicinity. Second factor not going in favour of the opening malls is the detorioration of the purchasing capacity of common men as being witnessed now with the lay off employees from the various quarters. The third and the last factor to be included is the fear of the public with the corona virus discouraging them for any outing. All these factors would affect the public sentiment to move out side resulting in less crowd to be seen in the malls.

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