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    He remembered the blackboard, the classroom

    Mandip was in the laboratory of his college with his students explaining them about the Liquid Propulsion Systems. His students kept him asking many questions and he is explaining each one to them in a most clarified manner. One of those students asked him about the exact reasons for the failure of Chandrayaan 2 mission and what remedial actions can be taken to make the next mission foolproof. He smiled at the student and said a very complex issue like the Chandrayaan 2 mission must be divided into small segments to understand each of its parts. He also said that since the students have just started handling the subject, it will take a little while to understand the whole issue. By saying this, he went back to his laptop and presented a slide on the screen of the projector. Everybody's attention is now on the screen. The day went away by explaining many complex issues to the students. He returned to his home at night and was having dinner with his family. Suddenly, his son asked, "Papa, why the Chandrayaan 2 mission failed"? He was a bit surprised because he was dealing with the same thing in the laboratory today with his students and now a child of 9 years is asking the same question. He smiled and said he will explain it to him after dinner. Now, Mandip was asking himself about how to make a child of 9 years understand a very complex subject. He was thinking and remembered the first day of the session in class XI. He remembered how Mr Gomes started the English class on the very first day. Mr Gomes entered the class with a smile and went straight to the blackboard. He wrote some wonderful lines which he still remembers even after such a long period. He remembered those lines:

    Then look disheartened over the work,
    Which you have to do
    And say that such a mighty task
    You never can get through
    But, just endeavour, day by day
    Another point to gain
    And soon the mountain that your friend
    Will prove to be a plain

    He remembered the blackboard, the classroom and Mr Gomes. He remained silent for a while then after finishing his dinner went to the small whiteboard in his study room. He took the marker and looked up at the ceiling.

    P.S The poem mentioned in the thread is not written by the author.

    This is an entry to the TOW contest
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    Interesting story. Yes, there was a time when teachers used blackboard to explain anything simple or complex. They had their own way of explaining things and there were some teachers who were masters in the art of teaching and we remember them still to date as the things they taught us are still engraved deeply in our minds. They were the great teachers but explained many difficult things so easily using a simple blackboard.

    Sankalan, just to tell you, if you know the author of the poem you can give his name just below the poem in brackets to acknowledge his work. People usually quote others work like that. But if you do not know his name then your note would suffice.

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    A simple yet meaningful story of a teacher who is actually thinking of his childhood and how his teacher taught him. It is true that in earlier times, the teacher had passion and responsibility towards their profession that they would put their heart and soul to teach his/her students. It is not that I am against the teachers of today's generation but nowadays, due to rules and other unsaid problems, many teachers are not able to give their full to their students. Many of them just give homework and assignments to complete the chapter. Many of the topics are covered in tutions or classes thus many ignore their responsibility. Earlier, the teachers were strict, would try their best to complete every chapter, and even explain no. of times to make things clear. Many of us remember our old teachers like mentioned in the post by the writer and even their way of teaching.
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    A prose-poem combo for the TOW post. Till I read the last para I was not amused at the flow of the story.
    But the mention of Whiteboard made the story complete and meanigful.
    But I am guessing why Mandip looked at the ceiling.

    Anyway a good write up linking the old blackboard by a flashback to the current reality whiteboard.

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    This thread reminds me of my Hindi teacher who used to write with such beautiful handwriting that made us the subject itself very interesting. We would love to watch the flow of thoughts through the words. This made the students flourish in this subject with very good scores compared to last two academic years.
    Blackboard reminds us so many experiences through out our school days which are hidden deep in our minds and found space in our hearts.

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    For the first time a author has chosen and narrative and the poem to explain his version of content connecting to tow topic and that was new and informative.
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    Author has used a good imagination in remembering the old good blackboard and its strength in those days classrooms. The old memories are full of such nostalgic things that we had with us during that time.
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    To understand a failure or a problem, it is always better to divide it into smaller parts and study each part to see where the problem is. This is what many people adopt in troubleshooting and trouble solving. When seeing the problem as a problem pertaining to the whole body, it appears very complicated. If we divide and see we can understand where we have to make the correction for rectifying the problem. This is what exactly the teacher told that the entire Chandryan has to be divided into various parts and see where is the problem. A good thread from the author. We can't eat the required food completely in a single go. we have to eat it in small portions only.
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    Umesh Sir @#698803, actually I do not know who is the author of that poem. I searched on the web but couldn't find a suitable answer. Maybe I have to refine my search or need to look for it from some other ways.

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