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This thread is a joint-winner in the topic based TOW contest for the week 31st May to 06th June '20.
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    Tickling tastebuds, exciting displays, disappointing notices...blackboard alerts

    It is a simple enough object but the attention it garners in the midst of the surroundings gives it a lot of importance. There it is, displayed just outside the entrance to indicate what's being served that day. There it is again, this time inside at a good height on the wall, within the eyesight of every diner, no matter where seated. Your tastebuds are tickled, surely, as you sight the dish of the day or some special soup or yummy dessert. Yes, you guessed right; it's the blackboard menu in a restaurant. It is not just seen in the old iconic restaurants that are still around with their simple decor, but even contemporary ones of today that are going back to the drawing board, so to say. Somebody will be assigned to meticulously write a list of a few of the dishes or just the one which is the dish that will be served on that particular day. A dash of colour and a bit of artistry may give it a special touch, too.

    Now, let's see, aren't there other places as well, where a blackboard is a functional object? Think of a museum with the painted text on a blackboard explaining what's on display. Think of the large blackboard outside a garments shop shouting out to you about the sale inside that is for a limited period only - hurry! Then there is the small blackboard in the shop window with just a single word 'Closed'. Hugely disappointing, when you rushed there to buy something in particular.

    Blackboard alerts

    As you can see, a blackboard need not be just an educational tool inside a place of learning. It dispenses knowledge and provides information wherever it is in the space it occupies. One object, many sizes, varied frames - all great alerts.

    [This is an entry for the Topic based TOW contest.]
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    I think this is a TOW entry. The keyword is dealt factually and with pictorial support. This may become a model for members for their future TOW posts.

    Blackboards are also exhibited in Vegetable shops,Grocery shops,Ration shops and till some time ago in petrol pumps.In all these places the lonely blackboard serves its role as public announcer telling about the latest status of avaialbility and price of things dealt there. It stoands as loyal sound and voice of the shopkeeper.

    A black bord is after all a board in black colour. It is usefu and used so because of the needs of reach and attention. Just as road signals are coloured Green, Yellow and Red.
    Blackboards are fast vanishing, rundergoing genration mutation, appearing as new generation variants who are mostly fair and colourful.

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    Displaying today's speciality items on a blackboard is very common in some places and I have seen it near the entrance of many restaurants and hotels. In some blackboards it is written in such a god handwriting with attractive borders that one has to stop there to appreciate it and applaud the worker or owner who has so nicely made it. We were so habitual of that sight that we never thought about it in a specific way. During the last 2-3 months, it was a sad sight to see these blackboards without any new date as the last entry pertaining to the earlier date was continuing there and hotel was closed. Now slowly in some areas it might open and the old pattern may again be visible. Let us hope so for all the areas.
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    Why did I not think of blackboard as an advertising device? A good thread. "Today's Menu" of restaurants are always written on blackboard outside the door. All big patisseries show their menu on the blackboards and fill inside with beautiful decor. But blackboards, the rectangular one, in our minds is synonymous to school almost and we all are fond of schools so much. So it is hard to replace it with any other thought.
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    I have seen a hotel displaying " yesterday's left over is today's special menu" this was mentioned in Kannada " nennya sheshave indina vishesha". This triggered the caption raised by the hotel owner to drag more customers. It is a miracle to see how words gain it's importance when it is read by others.
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    Yes Venkiteswaran, this is an entry for the TOW topic-based contest. I remembered last night just before sleeping that I had forgotten to mention this, so I have put in that information just now. I do think the title is too lengthy and I realized that members are right, wherein sometimes what a lengthy title conveys just cannot be put across in the same manner through fewer words. Anyway, I won't change it now since it is already submitted as a contest entry.

    I am also surprised to see the announcement thread closed early as it should be open till tonight. I will inquire with the team about this.

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    I have seen these blackboards at the temples also. On these blackboards, they write what are the special poojas on that day. Daily Pooja was performed by whom on that and what are the coming events in that temple. Near my house, we have a Balaji temple and in that temple, we see this regularly. the Clerk in the temple will be updating the information on that blackboard.
    When we think of blackboard we will remember first the classroom only. That is many entries for this TOW contest are on the blackboard in the classroom only. But this entry has brought a different angle for the blackboard. I say it is as an information provider.
    In the canteens, in factories, the price and the quantity of the items that are available in the canteen should be displayed and it is mandatory as per the factories department.

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    A good thought for the TOW. Though many of us have seen such advertisements, notices, or menus in hotels, schools, shops, it was left behind as the first thought of blackboard and its link is always with school, students, teachers and classrooms. A unique but right thought, well presented with pictures that adds to the content. Many hotels do have menu boards where they write about today's special and its rate. It helps the newcomer to know the dish and the highlight of the day. Many restaurants are deliberately using boards to make it unique or nostalgic. There are many ways of attracting customers and the old ways are catching with new-gen people. A good and unique entry for the TOW. All the best.
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    Managing editor made a different thought and thus penned a wonderful content connecting to the tow topic black board display of hotel menus. Sure shot to win the prize.
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    A nice thread and shall I say that after reading this my tastebuds are tickling? Yes, and the obvious reason is the restaurants and eateries are closed for a long time. The use of blackboards are not limited to a classroom and it can be used as a notice board too which is wonderfully presented here. One thing is very important here. Whatever you write on the blackboard has to be readable. Since everybody's attention falls on the blackboard, they must understand what is written on it. I remember one such funny incident at a railway station because of the handwriting. The person managing the enquiry counter written some information about a particular train on the whiteboard and when somebody asked him about the information on that particular train he pointed his fingers to the whiteboard. The person who asked the info smilingly said: "I cannot read what you have written". On listening to it, the person in the counter looked at the board and remained stunned for a while. This is because he had written all the info excepting the train number in his mother tongue which the general public at that place is not aware of.

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