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    A break is mandatory during tasks

    Determination and focus is absolutely necessary to accomplish tasks before deadline. People become lethargic and tired after a certain amount of time due to lack of locomotion and mobility. The human body requires movement for proper metabolism and functioning of body organs. It's highly recommended to take small breaks in between sessions of tasks. Breaks are mandatory to regain better focus and feed the human body which will ultimately enhance better rentention and memory power as well as improved physical and mental health. It's like a pause which act like an escape from engrossment in tasks.
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    "Taking a break can lead to breakthroughs."
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    Many people are habitual of working continuously and do not understand the importance of the break. In long run they get some back pain or shoulder problem and then there is nothing more than repenting on that habit of working continuously. Taking break is a big boost to the energy levels of a person as well as a conducive thing for a good health. Whether it is serious studies, online work, writing, household chore, reading, or any such thing a break should invariably be taken intermittently.

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    Various whatsapp posts and newspaper titbits suggested the need of perodical breaks to people sitting at home and working in the Covid lockdown. They suggest it for maintaining circulation and avoiding numbness of the limbs nand pain and fatigue.
    A small break serves a a refreshment for mind and body amidst a long , boring andtiring routine work.

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    It is true, if we are not maintaining our health through physical activity we may face health issues.
    One of my relative who was walking every day regularly could not move out due to pandemic lock down hence forced to stay home. After the end of one month started peeling pain the knee and ankle. The doctor also suggests physical movement.
    So we have to take regular breaks for every half an hour from our sitting jobs or change our postures to give a break through.

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    It is always said that anything put in continued use would wear and tear and same applies to our body and mind also. We need a mall break to allow the body to get back to its tone and also mind to get back to its thinking ability. Once in a company the assembly line which was producing the wire wound resistors got struck up and the entire work force gone to stop mode as the process was not working. The engineer tried his best to set right but the problem not solved. 10 minutes time wasted and the engineer asked every employee to treat as the lunch break so that he can work upon the machine. That half an hour break was enough to give the cooling effect to the machine and over hauling was done by the team of engineers and by the time the lunch was finished by the workers. the engineers could make the machines running with full zeal.
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    A diversion and a break are definitely required when we work for longer hours and continuously on one subject. If you are in the office working for 8 or 10 hours continuously, definitely you should have a break for physical work as well as mental work. People say we must get up from our seat and walk for a few minutes and then we can start working. Similarly, when we are in the process thinking about a particular subject in between we should have a diversion. We should talk about something other than the subject what we are working and then again we can go back to our work. That will give us a fresh mind and we can think in a better way.
    During my university days, we used to read in the nights up to 2 AM or 3 AM. In between, we used to go out for 30 minutes to have tea. This 30 minutes we used to walk and have tea and come back. That used to give us some energy we used to read actively. We used to do it more before the examinations.

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    Exhausted body and mind get refreshed after having a break. So I agree with the author that after working for a certain long time break is necessary for human body to have rest but this break should be of limited span. If the break gets longer it becomes boring for the working people. During this long period of lockdown all the people were given a long break from work that they began to long for going back to their work.

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