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    Get Inspiration from the Blackboard of Life

    In our life, several things happen. Some are so good that we even don't want to forget, while some are so bad and their experiences are so bitter that we don't want to remember them. Life is just like a blackboard. When we remember something in our mind, it appears in front of our eyes. But the blackboard has an exclusive feature of re-write. Anything written on it can be improved or corrected. We can also refresh our mind and eliminate bad memories from the blackboard of our life after the good ones.

    Further, on a blackboard, we can read, write and solve the problems. The blackboard of life also allows us to read, write and solve the problems of life and help us plan our future by correcting or improving our past mistakes. We can also learn from the blackboards of the other's life. It makes things easy to understand. We also know that the lives of legends are like a blackboard. Their autobiographies are inspirational to their followers. The most successful people read the autobiographies of their favourite role models, learned from their experiences and get success by avoiding risks in the path of their success. We also must learn a lesson from our and other's mistakes, strong and weak points and try to grab opportunities from the blackboard of life to get success.

    Entry for Topic based Thread of the Week contest- 31st May to 06th June '20- Topic- 'Blackboard'.
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    It is true that life is like a blackboard, as we remember everything written on the blackboard, so also, in our life, we do remember each and every incident that happens, be good or bad, happy or sad, etc. As mentioned that the best feature of the blackboard is its re-write, we too must take this lesson and try to re-write our life. correct our mistakes and eliminate the wrong with a good. The early, the mistakes are eliminated or erased, the better we get or become in our life.

    As we are able to read, write and solve problems on the blackboard, so also we must follow the suit and try our best to read our problems, work on it and try to solve it so as to help us grow. We can know the problems of others and should try to make it a lesson so as to learn and inspire to make it work for us in the long run.

    Autobiographies of people are actually a good lesson that can be openly read and understood by many. It helps us to know the path, flaws, correction, mistakes and the struggle that a person undergoes to be at the rank or place that he/she is placed today. Very inspiring entry for the TOW.

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    It is an interesting composition where our activities and actions are illustrated through writing them on the blackboard of life. Life is a dynamic process and there are so many actions in it which we do, undo, redo, edit and delete only to undertake them again in our lives. The human consciousness is the great gift of nature to the mankind and we are the only species on the Earth who can undertake such complex mental operations for our welfare and prosperity. At every step there are some decisions to be taken based on the available options in our lives. We are doing it as dextrously as a teacher does it on a blackboard.
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    Nice thread from the author. When we were in the government schools the teacher used to write all the points while teaching on the black board and she willfully will not wipe the same before living as she knows many of us were not even having note books and we need time to copy the contents of the black board in to the pieces of papers. After reading this post my thoughts went to my schooling days when the slate was the note book for us and we do not have pens then. But some students do bring the papers and pencil and we would note down through the queue system and thus after completing of jotting down the black board is erased.
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    Nice thought. Blackboard is an item where you will find some space available to write anything you want on it. Blackboard will not have any reservations. It is open to you and you can write anything you want. But our life may not be so soft like a blackboard and allow us to do whatever we want. We can try we may be successful or may not be. This is the biggest difference I am finding between a real-life and a blackboard. But we can read the biographies of others and already something is written on their backboards called life and we can read that. That will give us a good experience of life and how best we can manage the same.
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    Though the author compares life to a blackboard, it is not possible to erase and clean the past in the blackboard of life. As life itself is a drama without a chance to rehearse, the blackboard of life also has its limitations. Moreover if we allow anyone to write something on our life blackboard, then that can damage us.
    Probably each one of us is sent to the world with a prewritten blackboard which we call "writing on head", or pre-determined fate. Whatever we write cannot erase what was pre-written in that blackboard

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