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    Humans cannot live and thrive in isolation

    Humans are social beings and thus a constant interaction and socialization is required for a happy living. Mutual help and co-operation is needed between the individuals for a meaningful and joyful human life. For example, a teabag to serve its purpose it should be porous. If it is porous only, the milk enters through porous bag and interact with tea powder to give us a tasty tea. But if the tea bag is not porous we can't expect such a tea. Similarly if an individual lives in isolation, how life will be we can easily estimate. So humans as a social being, must invite others to interact with them and mutually cooperate with others to lead a fruitful life. Members, please share your views.
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    I don't completely agree with the author. Human have been isolated since time immemorial. Apart from social interactions, there are many things such as work, passion, hobby and other miscellaneous things to do which require minimum social interactions or no social interaction in order to be free from distraction and accomplish tasks before deadline. Humans are social animals. It's not possible to completely cut off from social interaction but there are real life heroes who thrive in isolation. These people are the scientist, doctor's, engineers, astronauts, pilot, soldier's and other professionals who are tolling from dawn to dusk in order to make a better world and a better responsible place to thrive for the common people.
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    Ms.Annu, what examples what you gave they need the help of others or if they work in a group only they see the success. For example a doctor need the help of nurse or in a surgery needs the help of technicians and co-doctors.
    After your response I am correcting my mistake of mentioning Ms. before your name.

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    I have mentioned in my previous response that I don't completely agree. This doesn't mean or justify that I don't agree at all. I agree that assistance is required but an individual work is successful when the person is devoted towards the goal without distraction. Everytime interacting with people doesn't solve problems. Serious profession require serious professional who are devoted to their work. Soldiers they fight alone in the battle. Indeed, there are other member's alongwith the individual soldier but in the time of danger and war, the individual soldier have no other choice but to use it's own intuition and power to save his life and other members lives.
    And last but not the least, address me as "Miss Annu"(I am not male).

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    A human being is a social animal. This is what people say. A human being requires help from society to make his living. But at the same time, there are certain things which we have to do separately not with the help of other people. But this fact can't rule away another fact that we require society for our living. All our needs can't be taken care of by us alone. So we require some people who can help us.
    When we have to work alone we have to work alone and at the same time when we have to work in a team, we have to work in a team. As a person, we should have both qualities. We should be able to manage our works which are allotted to us alone even in a team. There is no dispute in this. Definitely, a human being is a person to live as per the conditions prevail.

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    I completely agree with the writer's post. Human beings are social beings and they can't live in isolation.
    Talking about the present time of this pandemic when we are told not to mingle with people, we are still intact either through social sites or via phone calls. We can't stop checking our updates' status and the comments and replies we have got. Imagine if nobody sees your status, none responds to your posted blogs, no one comes with any reply or comment you won't post the other day. Not only this your mood will be completely spoiled for days and you would develop a pessimistic attitude.
    Then, in such condition you would turn on your television screen to see a few movies. You will certainly feel happy in that till the time you are viewing human faces acting on the television screen with all their emotions seen at different times. Assume a television screen always showing animations. Would you then like to sit in front of the same and spend your most valuable time? Certainly no.

    By all these I simply want to say that humans are absolutely social beings and if isolated completely from other human interactive channels whether it is direct or indirect interaction, they won't be able to live happily and optimistically. They would start living like zombies which are neither harmful nor good, which are neither happy nor sad, which have neither emotions nor developed brain sensors.
    The situation would be worst. Earth won't be a place to live and survive then.
    The thread posted by the writer is certainly a well known yet forgotten fact.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    Isolation is most taxing time for any one and passing the same is impossible for many. Those who are habituated to live in single or in their room since childhood minding their own business have the ability and sustain to live in isolation. They can manage the time differently and would not complaint about the boredom. But those who are habituated to moving with people and roam free with others cannot think of isolation and that is why people are complaining that they be discharged to their homes from the isolation wards. Even the gadgets will not suffice them to kill the time.
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    Humans can't live without fellow humans. Isolation isn't conducive for the progress of the people. Keeping ourselves busy in healthy activities brings us and others happiness and success in life. We should work together to make this world more beautiful.

    The majority of the great events of history was the result of teamwork. If there is a team and every member of the team is imbued with the right spirit and has the sincere will to achieve the projected goal, the team will certainly succeed in this mission.

    Teamwork means the combined action of a group. This kind of work is destined to achieve its desired goal, because the work is done with team spirit. What does team spirit mean? It means willingness to cooperate sincerely as part of a team. The majority of the great events of history was the result of teamwork.

    If there is a team and every member of the team is imbued with the right spirit and has the sincere will to achieve the projected goal, the team will certainly succeed in this mission.

    The highlighting factor is that there are bound to be differences amongst the team members on various issues though they work for a common goal. If all the members stay united inspite of the differences, they will be successful in their mission.

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    According to the Darwin principle, a human being is a social animal. But, this animal has intelligence and thinking faculty. This thought process or intelligent factor could not be improved by just being in an isolated manner. Therefore, our elders said that to go into society and mingle with it. Then only one can get the knowledge to live happily. As a result, one can get fruitful results for their existence in society. Without society, a human being's life is just like a residence on a different planet because there is no communication on another planet. Mainly, people are understanding the solitude during the period of Covid-19. This period recollects the people as they are social beings and warn them not to live with gadgets and mingle with society without touch.
    I believe in a positive attitude. I like those who criticize me.

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