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    The power of human voice irrespective of status

    Voice is the ultimate talent to raise objection and justify matters in hand at the present moment. Consciousness help us to distinguish between right and wrong acts. People speak to share opinion and thoughts about matters around them. Sharing helps to eliminate anxiety and unnecessary thoughts and enhances mental health. It's the supreme power of voice that justice prevails winning over injustice. Even though injustice cannot be buried, yet there's hope to sustain livelihood by doing some amount of justice to the victim and maintain law and order in the society in order to secure human lives.
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    Voice is having its own importance. If many people come together and voice the same view it will become a rule. The majority voice is given more importance rather than right or wrong. When injustice has been done to you if you raise your voice if you keep silent and suffer nobody will notice the same. Instead, if you raise your voice and cry loud you will get the attention of others and you may get some benefit. This is the situation prevailing today in the world.
    These days, if you don't create a hue and cry nobody will care for you and nothing will happen. This is a point to be noticed by all.

    always confident

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    Voice is only communication between two persons. But, it is not meant for to excel one's capacities. Without showing one's voice, everyone can understand and identify the existence of the being. For example, a farmer takes milk from buffalo and he buys it to the people at some cost. Here, one point is to be sustained that the existence of buffalo is known commonly to the people who took milk from the farmer. Only through raising the voice, one could not get justice. Instead, intellectual and spiritual knowledge is compulsory to be identified by others to justify the reason on behalf of him. Then the voice of a person can get benefit from justice.
    I believe in a positive attitude. I like those who criticize me.

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    Voice has another meaning that the value. Here we can say the value of a voice also differ from person to person. Normally children do less adhere when general people tells but immediately adhere if the same is told by the person liked by them. There is a story. A king who have interest in meditation approached a saint request him as disciple and the saint pleased with his request gave him the method of meditating and offered a name to chant while meditating. As the name told by the saint was known well to the king, the king got annoyed and lost his interest. He returned to his palace. After sometime the saint came that side entered into the palace as asked the wellness of the King and his associates. The king also offered him a seat and did all respects. Then the saint asked whether he do the meditation. King replied as he lost his interest as the mantra told by him was familiar to many and replied what highness would be in that. After some minutes, the saint stood up and asked the minister by his side to arrest the King. The minister got puzzled and further the saint asked the knights to tie the king and arrest him. Everybody kept silent, puzzled and stood idle. Angered King on the saint's saying, ordered the knights to tie the saint with chain immediately. The knights did immediately as ordered by the king. The saint calmly replied the king,"O Rajan, you uttered the same word what I told to your minister and knights but no effect was there, but once you told the same from your mouth they did in a fraction of second. This is the value of voice. The value of mantra I told you in the place of Guru, so, you realize the value, do your practice". By saying this, the saint start move with the knights. King suddenly realized the words of saint and come down from his seat to the feet of the Saint and prayed for apology.

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    I agree with the author and I appreciate his concern for the concerning issue. Rub is that many of us have become senseless to realize what's happening around us. As a matter of fact, injustice is rampant and it shocks me how some people endorse injustice and fling their bunkum upon proponents of justice but what can be done when they like to turn their eyes from reality or prefer to be blindfolded.

    In such ambience where injustice is vocal and justice is voiceless, where injustice is appreciated and justice is slammed raising the voice for justice makes you a truthful warrior.

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    Raising voice is a good thing and in a democracy this is a given right and people use it also. If the governance in the system is effective these voices are heard and their concerns are heard and resolved. Otherwise they do not get justice so often.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Status is mentioned. Doesn't this have a habit of rearing its head when somebody powerful tries to shut the voice of the complainant/victim? Justice does not necessarily prevail.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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