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    Children need balanced diet instead of junk food

    In this modern age small kids are commonly seen wearing glasses due to weakness in vision. Should it be taken lightly ? I take this matter from different angle. I think parents and other elderly people are solely responsible for making them as handicapped. What outcome can be expected when small kids are given smartphone to play with so that they're are not disturbed by their kids.

    Weakness in vision now a days is taken for granted as a normal thing. I strongly oppose them who's this take. We can purchase cakes or chocolates or pizza or cold drink for our children but we don't encourage our children to drink a glass of carrot juice or uncooked spinach.

    I feel pity on the child who can't sit on back bench without wearing glasses because he can't read what is written on the blackboard. If any naughty classmate takes off his glasses he becomes a laughing stock in the class.
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    Yes. The food habits of the children mostly depend on the habits of the parents. If I prefer eating junk food, definitely my son will also prefer this. These food habits are only causing deficiencies in children. A parent should understand what diet is good for his children. He should also eat the same so that children will also go with him. But because of various reasons, many parents are going for fast foods and junk foods. They don't have time to cook food in the house and they get from outside. The food may be tasty but may not be giving you the required strengths and immunity levels. A serious point to think.
    The plate of the child should be colourful with different types of foods which are good for his/her health. My granddaughter never likes to take curd rice. So my wife started feeding him curd rice with a mango fruit or a banana which my granddaughter likes. Now she got adjusted to eating curd rice. This is what is required from parents and see that the children will take good food.

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    If we do not get a thing in house, we normally move to hotel for getting the thing. Similarly house ladies if they prepare food items differently, the children will not step for junk foods. We in our child hood never attempted any shop items unless some guests bought for us when they are visiting our house. This is because we got everything we want in our house itself. My mother used to make tiffin, snacks in different manner often. Simple but tasty items they prepared in our house. My mother used to prepare for evening snacks for us - making a flour of wheat, ragi mixed with slight milk, ghee and sugar, make similar as roti and cut into small pieces fried in ghee mixed with oil. It was very delicious when we returned from school.
    Even in some houses, I am seeing the parents are preparing varieties of items in house itself for their children. In one house I have seen the mother and father used to take oats porridge in the morning as breakfast and offer the same to their 10 year old child but the child refuse to take the porridge as it do not interested and went to school without any breakfast. But the parents are complaining to everybody including her teacher that the child is not taking any thing in the morning as if they are preparing many things for breakfast.

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