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    Unique record of Indian railways

    Our Indian railways has made an unprecedented and rarest record in the history of the world railways when their 40 trains lost their tracks and reached other destinations. How it could ever be imagined that a train left Mumbai for Gorakhpur (UP) but the drivers did not realize that their train was running towards any other destination and they realized it when their train reached Odisa. How ridiculous pretext the Indian railways put before the nation for these shameful incidents.

    An adolescent girl taking her handicapped father on her bicycle from Gurgaon covering approximately 1500 km distance reached Bihar within a week whereas the Indian railways superfast train took 9 days to reach Bihar from Mumbai.
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    In this challenging time the Railways want help the states and center by carrying the migrants to the respective destination. The list of migrants and their destination was so long , planning the right trains for right route was big task and without the state government help some trains were sent with the new drivers. But again the originating station should have coordination with en route station and ultimate destination. And most of the trains were tipped to have destination bound without stoppage en route. But how come the faux pass on the part of railways to divert the trains to wrong route is really pondering.
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    Really it is a point to worry. How a train has gone in a different way. The train will be running based on the signals given by the stations and the role of the driver is limited. He can't divert the route as he wanted. The concerned station might have done the mistake and how this happened? Carelessness or what? We have to dig and find out the reason and see that same mistake will not happen again and again.
    9 days for going to Bihar from Mumbai. Very unrealistic and how many places the train was stopped and how many hours it was stopped. What is the fate of the passengers on the train?
    These days really leave a black mark on the performance of the Indian Railways. The route cause is to be identified and proper corrective action is to be taken so that we will get back the confidence on our railways and its operating methodologies.

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    The news content posted by the author seems to be very surprised because the railway department has specific directions and signals to get their destination incorrect time. Trains may be late due to track repair and climate effects. But, it took only to few hours and not days. From Kanyakumari to Kashmir, Sathabdhi express could not take that much time as the train had taken the time from Bihar to Mumbai. There may be technical issues involved in this matter. Even though the experts have to be very careful about the direction of the train. The driver on the train could not drive the train without contact with the station masters along the way to the destination. Otherwise, it would be a blunder mistake on behalf of the driver. In another way, there may be technical issues to wireless connection between the driver and the stations between the destinations.
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    Railways had clarified about this matter. When many unscheduled special trains were running to different time tables, there was some crowding in tracks by various trains. As the period was of scare of spread of Covid to avoid crowding and congestion of people, and to arrange for certain facilities, the trains were diverted to various routes just as it happens during Holiday specials. As per Raiways this was resorted for caution and convenience and not a mistake.
    I am not aware of a delay of 9 day, but read about trains diverted and reaching after some delay which was also confirmed by Railways.

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    Though Railways have done splendid jobs in facilitating the migration of labours but it is an unfortunate development sometimes for the inordinate delay to reach the final rout especially the departure from Bombay to Bihar has taken almost nine days. Again there was a lapse on selecting the right routs and how come such mistakes originated. The drivers are not the culprits since they cannot move ahead without the instruction of the station masters. Hence the fault lies in providing wrong signals by the station masters. But who were the ultimate sufferers? They were the migrant labours struggling for foods and water in their journeys. Instances have come up where some of the unfortunate migrants lost their lives due to such mismanagements.

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    I know that drivers aren't solely responsible for it and changing track is also not in their hands but -could they not stop the train at any station so that the trains could move further in right direction.

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    A train reaching a wrong destination after 9 days is not valid news. It could be fake news to put down the government. Of course, there were some delays, not such a dealy as reported here.
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    I don't know what the criterion of authenticity of news is in your sight. I read and watched videos on different websites. E.g.
    Ashutosh (former Managing Editor, IBN7) besides other journalists is their main voice.

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    I had heard about the news but never thought of going deep into the matter. As per the report published in Asia's premier news agency (Aninews):, Mr. E Vijaya, Deputy General Manager and Chief Public Relations Officer, South Western Railway has mentioned that trains run on the designated route and reach its exact destination but some routes were diverted to avoid the congestion of path due to unavoidable circumstances. The same is confirmed by the Fact Check Unit of Press Information Bureau (PIB)and has mentioned that the said news is fake. It is mentioned that 80 percent of Shramik Trains going to UP and Bihar were diverted and not lost as mentioned in the news.

    As per the report published in Economic Times: Mr. Vinod Kumar Yadav, The Chairman of Railway Board, has said that the media report of the train reaching its destination in 9 days is fake and out of 3840 trains, only 4 took more than 72 hours while others reached within its stipulated time.,

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    Varghese has exlained the factual position of the matter. He has furnished proof by giving links tothe relevant newseports. Railways had also clarified it so. The news were over exxaggeration by interested parties. It is good for us to use our own prudence and rational mind to think whether news is genuine, or fake or biased exxaggeration.
    If we have a doubt we may search from different sources to arrive at an unbiased conclusion and information.

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    Does this Maharshtra government official tweet ( written in Hindi) have any weight ? Plz see the link (Railpost- dedicated to Indian railways) for details about this incident

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    @AUThakeray @CMOMaharash tra @PawarSpeaks

    — Sanjay Raut (@rautsanjay61) May 24, 2020

    Also see this official tweet of western railways but - is this valid point to divert the train from Maharashtra via Odisha to Gorakhpur (UP) whereby the train took 9 days instead of 2 days journey?

    1. Vasai Rd-Gorakhpur Shramik Special wch departed on 21 May, 2020 was to run on Kalyan Bhusaval-Itarsi-Jabalpur – Manikpur route but this train will go to Gorakhpur by diverted route ie via Bilaspur, Jharsuguda, Rourkela, Asansol due to heavy traffic congestion on existing routes

    — Western Railway (@WesternRly) May 23, 2020

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    Nowadays it is becoming so difficult to separate the fake with real news but anyway if such a gross negligence has happened then it is a matter of worry. In past also we had witnessed some cases where the train moved ahead without a driver and after great efforts could be stopped at some specially designed arresters. So Indian Railway being such a huge organisation have shown such incidents in the past which of course reflects on their internal governance and level of performance. At the same time we have to see the percentage of these errors as how far they are from the 6-sigma levels. Some variations would always be there in the performance of the system and that has to be seen as the percentage of the total operations. In principal everything should be 100% correct and error free.
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    As per the link provided by Arafatuzzafar(#699026) has clearly mentioned that the route of the train are set and monitored from the control room and the driver does not decide which route the train will take, switch to the wrong route or even switch to the adjacent track if they want to but is pre-defined. The second point mentions that the same driver does not handle the train for the entire route but Crews change every few hours at designated crew change points. It also highlights that trains do get misrouted but they are quickly detected and rectified through the monitoring system and it travels a thousand kilometers on the wrong route. The reason for the rerouting mentioned is that the shortest route was jammed and the better option was to simply take the longer route and keep the train moving without troubling the passengers. The railway also had to keep in mind that the passengers receive attention, food, and water regularly on the route.
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    Plz see post #698900. It's already been clarified.
    This matter is related to Indian railways as a whole.

    Indian Railways runs more than 20,000 passenger trains daily, on both long-distance and suburban routes, from 7,321 stations across India and more than 7,421 freight trains carrying 3 million tonnes of freight every day.

    It never happened when more than 27,421 trains were running on track all over India but surprisingly just a few hundred trains were running on 21st may but they collapsed entire railways system that control room staff were compelled to divert the Mumbai-Goakhpur (U.P.) train passing by U.P via Chhatisgarh (neighbouring state) then Odisha then west Bengal then back to UP.

    What do you expect from railways authorities?

    Will they confess this unprecedented blunder ?


    will they give you lame excuse ?

    I suggest you see the map of India.

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    I do understand the concern raised by you but we can just have a debate or beat around the bush without any evidence or proof. As a viewer, I can just highlight about what has been reported in the media. The question raised by you was the same when I read you post but after googling, the story turned out different. As always, nobody would be ready to take the blame and under such circumstances, the chances are even low.

    As per my understanding, if the railway authorities are saying that the route was pre-planned as the shortest route was jammed and the better option was to simply take the longer route and keep the train moving without troubling the passengers. The same could have been intimated to the passengers so that they and their family don't panic. There are some flaws that have happened but as of now, we can just sit and comment as it was a planned thing. Hope an investigation is done and they find the truth behind such incidents inorder to be safe and sound.

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    If the Railway department has done that intentionally due to some compelling causes then we need not to be concerned for this hotch-potch. Only thing is how the Railways have managed the passengers because they would definitely make hue and cry over such confusion and turmoil. If the trains have moved or diverted to other routes then how the passengers would go to their destination? In this situation how they would reach there? Would Railway make some alternative arrangement for them. Media would had highlighted these things much as that helps them in getting good TRP for their channels.
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