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    In what ways Whats App application helping you?

    At present the most popular mobile App is without any doubt Whats App. Not only in mobile now at present, in some browsers you can connect with Whats App. even with your PC. With Whats App you can communicate with others, chat with others, maintain social groups or family groups, pay money through etc. In official matters also offices are sending their messages to their staff through Whats App. How do you feel with this App.? Do you find any benefits with it or otherwise it is a mere waste of time? Do you think can we survive without this App at present on your mobile? Members please share your views with regard to this App.
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    Whats app is being used widely by most of the families and forming as groups they are chatting live via video call with joining of near and dear ones. No one is making real calls to the locals or national level even the international calls are made through the whats app group and chat for hours together. Every morning images and voice messages are made to the near ones and now a days even functions are held through the remote control purohit at the far end and the function held some where. So whats app has been used widely even by business people to promote their products by sending the latest arrivals.
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    WhatsApp is very useful even in our official works also. If we are in a meeting and we want some urgent information. Even the file a PDF with more pages also we can receive it in no time if we tell our office to send it on our WhatsApp. I used my WhatsApp for this purpose many times. It is much better than email also. We need not spend time in opening the mailbox and search for the communication. This is very useful for marketing people. They can share the information within their team in a single go and get the feedback.
    Even in our also we can make a group of our family and we can place the information so that all the members can see and there will not be any complaint like no information. Even I am seeing marriage invitation can be sent through this app and no expenses are incurred.
    We can have groups with our friends and we share our happy moments with all of them.

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    I am afraid, ISC won't object this discussion about other sites. I have the experience of deletion of threads discussing other sites. Once, when I inquired about the money earning sites like ISC , my thread got deleted. Anyway, keeping it aside, I will talk about Whatsapp.

    Whatsapp is an excellent app that is very useful for communication. We can chat with one individual or a group. We can form family groups, community groups. We can broadcast messages. Holding an Android phone with Whatsapp facility helps us to communicate fast. It has message chat, phone chat and video chat. I would say that Whatsapp is a boon to us. It facilitates worldwide communication.

    As fas as survival concerned, I would say that we can survive even without a mobile. But for business people, it would be a bit difficult to conduct business.

    Recently, I formed my own community group consisting of 41 members, and a family group consisting of 20 members. It has members from USA, UK, China and Dubai. Everything works with the press of a submit button. I really wonder communicating with my family members.

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    Frankly I consider Whatsapp as the next best useful thing after the invention of basic Mobile phone itself and SMS in it. I am a bit cautious in downloading new apps. So I wait for some time and after convincing myself about the utility and general safety reading from reviews and ratings, I try that.
    But in the case of Whatsapp I was soon attracted and convinced about its utility and possible applications. Probably that is one essential app among the very few apps I am using in my phone. The other is a news app Dailyhunt.
    As far as I am concerned Whatsapp incorporates all the basic utilities of a phone-voice call and text message - and video call. It helps to have a feel of security and privacy of interacting one-to-one with those selected by us. It also helps to send bulk messages notifications, exchange ideas and give real time information. It helps us in correct selection and buying of something important by live transmitting the picture of that and confirm with our family or friends. For many situations it functions like email.
    Somehow it satisfies most of my day to day needs of interaction and connectivity with my people and eve some common parameter groups

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    The mobile application WhatsApp is helping me in many ways. Since it is a messaging app that supports multimedia any video, picture or text (which is not violating the posting guidelines) that I wish to share with others can be shared within a short time. It helps me to keep in touch with others and also in terms of my work. Any important update from my workplace is transmitted through this app and there is important information shared in various groups that I am part of.

    I never think using WhatsApp is a waste of time because it depends solely upon you whether you want to use something for a purpose or to waste time with it.

    Now, let's come to the question of whether we can survive without this app or not. If you think of something as a necessity then you will find it hard to manage things without it. If you are compulsive, then also you will find difficult to survive without it. The fact is, WhatsApp is helping us a lot to stay in touch with others and to receive important updates but since there are other mediums also (though a bit complex) for those things we cannot term it as an essential item for our survival.


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