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    Tantalization and us

    (Being inspired by great satirist Sampat Saral I wrote it)

    Two type of talks exist, one is the talk of heart and second is the talk of work but both talks contradict each other. They can't be found on the same platform at the same time due to interpersonal indifference. In other words where is the talk of heart there is no talk of work, similarly where is the talk of work there is no talk of heart.

    The talk of work is known to the masses because of its benefits for them whereas the talk of heart requires propaganda and publicity to be known to the folk. The talk of heart being hollow focuses on self acclaimation and forced admiration from the audience but on the other side the talk of work being substantive aims at happiness and satisfaction of the audience only.

    The talk of heart rhetorically guides the thirsty people to rush towards the well to quench their thirst but when they reach there they find the well has dried up and as usual they begin to blame others why they did not hie towards the well apace but their dismay is removed at once by another adhortatory that they should rush back home and arrange the water themselves for themselves and others as well and the people being in hypnopomic state are highly pleased to listen such allocution.

    The talk of heart is an art and science which easily gorgonize the people this is why it's listened attentively whereas the talk of work is voiceless.

    But now wind is blowing in opposite direction where what's wrong is right and vice versa, so I'd better confess that I'm wrong and they are right who say that the talk of heart is the very talk of work per se,therefore, mutatis mutandis is the only way to protect myself from their wild rage.
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    Talk of the heart is known between those to we connect so personally and the talk of the work would connect with our boss and his associates. Both has the importance of their own.
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    Some people show heaven in their hands using their words. When we hear those words we think that it is a real thing. But we realise only when we experience the same. Some people use this technique to get their work done. These days we see many people of this nature. They use you as a tool to get their work done and they mesmerise you with their talk. But actually, when we follow their words we will end up with a big zero and we will be driven back to our original place. A good post from the author and we should be careful when we deal with people and we should try to understand the talk of others.
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    Whatever the content posted by the author has been used critical words to understand. However, the heart of the content is like a war between the heart and work. The content stands with separation between the heart and work. It also insists on the point that there is link between heart and work. Without a heart, there is no work because if a person wants to do work, there must be a thought to do the work. That thought must be raised in the mind. Without the support of the heart, the mind could not work as its own. Then, where is work? Is work a human being? It is separated from the body and mind of a person. Only the thinking faculty to do the work is raised in the mind of a person. That is the only relation between the work and the person. Therefore, here the relation between mind and heart is inevitable. But, there is no existence of work as it is in physical nature.
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    Let me frankly admit that, on my first reading beginning to end, I did not understand what the thread conveyed. So I left it. But today when I saw the first line of the response post #698926 of Kancharyulu, in the New Posts index page, I got curious. I read the thread again and then all the responses above.

    The best part of it is that I got to learn two new words-gorgonize & adhoratory- today because of this thread.
    But still I am not getting the real core of the thrtead and depend on the explanations given in response posts given above. I alsocannot agree to the statement "The talk of heart being hollow .......". I feel the heart speaks the truth and the real feeling.

    What I guess is that the thread is English version of Hindi phrases " Dil ki baath' and 'Kaam ki baath". It may be easily undrstood in Hindi that way. But 'talk of work' may not be so apt to convey it in English.
    While appreciating the author for raising this thread, using some real good vocabulary and idioms , I feel that a small note on the original by Sampat Saral could have added more to the post.

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    Subsequent to my post above, I did not leave lik that. I made a search in the net and after trial and error, I hit upon a You tube videoclip by Sampat Saral titled Man ki baat. It is a stirical one, with current political tones included.

    The URL is: /watch?v=usHS0MSRNbA in youtube .com. Those intereted

    So the thread is about ' Man ki baat vs kaam ki baat'.

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    When we talk about two types of talks, one is the talk of heart or Dil ki Baat' and second is the talk of work or Kaam ki Baat but both talks contradict each other is very true. This is normally seen with higher authorities having powers like our politicians, actors, etc.

    During elections, we hear so beautiful speeches about corruption, black money, lowering fuel price, infrastructure, digital India, better education, medical facilities, equality, sacrifice, etc, we fall to their so-called talk of heart. We get so mesmerized that the act that they did till date is covered by their flattery speeches calling for oneness, melodrama, nationalism or patriotic feel, etc but after the election, when they get the seat or chair, we see no difference or the talks like go Pakistan, no certificates or documents, blame another party, etc.

    When we talk about the second, talk of work or Kaam ki Baat, we can recall the election of Delhi where Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) won the election only on the ground of work they did for their people. They never fell into propagandas or blame games but insisted on talking about their work and their future plans which other parties lacked. Now, people are becoming little cautious and are understanding the difference between the flattery and actual talks of the contestants or party. A good post which is inspired by great satirist Sampat Saral by the writer that focuses on "Man ki Baat vs Kaam ki Baat" or "talk of brain/mind vs talk of work."

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