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    Which one you prefer - to teach children yourself or to hire a tutor?

    Sometimes, children going to primary classes require guidance and coaching. Some parents take this responsibility and teach them. But it requires time and patience to teach the children as they would distract easily and would not obey the parents in many instances. All the parents cannot teach the children due to umpteen reasons especially those where both are employed. In such conditions those who can afford it financially, can go for the tutor. It is said that the children also take the tutor more seriously than that of their parents. What is your take on that? What would you prefer? To teach the children yourselves or hire a tutor. Please share your views.
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    If the child has the ability to understand what the parent says, then it is better to teach all the doubts. But some children are more playful with the parents and will not listen what the mother says and thus need a tutor to say the things to understand. It should give all pleasure and satisfaction to teach own child and the parent would know the draw back and progress of the child. And if the child is sent to some tuition teacher, we may not know the exact behavior of the child and we come to know the progress only through the exam results. But it all depends on how the child makes the behavior.
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    As far as I am concerned I spend some time with my children happily and handover the problem of teaching to a tutor. There are two reasons for this.
    If I start teaching my children they will try to go away from me as already they come from school after studying for long hours. After coming back if I start teaching them they may not like it. So I will play with them and be with them for some time. At the same time, I should see that they will understand the subject well. For that, I will arrange a professional tutor who will deliver the goods better thane me.
    After hectic work in the office, I come home to relax with my children for some time. During that time also it is something like teaching to my children, I will not have any relaxation. So I don't do that. Kids also give more importance to the teachings or words of a teacher than the parents. They deal with parents in a different way and they deal with teachers differently.

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    Teaching children by our own is good rather than sending them to tuition or appointing some tutor. Teaching the children by our own filled with love and affection.

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    It depends a lot on the situation. The main thing is to make the child understand what the subject is all about. It is quite difficult to teach a toddler than a child of 12 years. You have to apply many tricks to let the child sit with the books. If you can manage the time and apply the necessary tricks then you can help your child otherwise you need to hire a good tutor. Nowadays, parents are making their children competition-ready and that's why hiring tutors even for a toddler.

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    In the case of primary school children it is always preferable for the parents to teach and help their children in school subjects. The small children would not have mastered the ability for self learning and the best person they can confide with and look for help is their parents.
    However busy the parents are, they should earmark some time everyday to see the children's books and bag and enquire about what was taught and what the child learned. Then either of the parents, or both of them, or by turns as per their time should teach and help them to clear anything they have not learnt properly or still have doubts on.
    In the rare case of both parents not sufficiently educated they can hire a tutor. But even then they should at least sit with the children for some time and enquire about their studies and show interest and involvement when the child tells about it. The parents can use the occasion to learn what they do not know also.

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    I am a strict person and can easily handle the kids and can teach them and strongly believe that till the primary classes there is no point in hiring a tutor. Later when the syllabus enlarges and the parents are not qualified or cannot devote time then only the question of coaching classes or tutor arises. We have to create or provide facility as per the necessity and not that because we have money power so we can hire or buy anything. That is a misuse of the money and would affect adversely on the mind of the child and he would never learn to respect and value money.
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    Well, I have never hired a tutor for my kid. In fact, I have been a tutor myself for many, including my own child. Whether one should hire a tutor or not, depends upon a few factors. First thing, many kids, especially for the lower classes, do not require a tutor. They are self-motivated and do well on their own. Such kids are generally the toppers of their respective class or section. But yes, some kids do require some external help in their studies and a parent or a tutor has to fill the gap. For a parent to teach his/her child, he/she should be capable enough, especially for higher classes. Some parents even though capable, do not have the time or inclination, due to work or some other commitment, to sit with their kids and help them with their studies. In such cases, if the child is in need of tuition, then there is no other go, other than going for an external tutor. And of course, there are also instances, where kids do not take it seriously when their parents are teaching them, even though how hard the parent may try. But they gel very well with external tutors. Such instances too warrant outside help.
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    For me, I would prefer teaching the child atleast upto the primary schooling. I think, the primary schooling is the base and the parents would be able to understand their children better, his likes and dislikes, his grasping power, his learning inclination, what and where he lags, his fond or boring subject, etc. This will help the parent to understand their children and try their best to get is resolved at the earliest. When the parent is able to teach their children from the base, they too will be able to understand the syllabus and the concept which will help them in the long run. As the child grows and goes to a higher level, many parents may not be able to cope up with the subject, then it is advisable to go tor private tuition or tutor. As said by many teachers, it is best to teach your child by their own parents but due to timing or workload, many parents are not able to teach their children and thus prefer tuition. Even if children are attending classes, tuition or having a private tutor, it is best to sit with them atleast once in a week and go through their notes or classwork so as to be in line with the school, subject and children.
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    I prefer to teach my kid. My parents managed to attend my learnings without any tutor and I also prefer that. The requirement of the tutor mostly depends upon the family environment and parent's preferences. I have seen many families where both the parents are working but they do not prefer tutors for their kids. Many times, the kids are no comfortable with their parents for studies but then again, parents need to work out on that. To teach our kid is the best way to learn about his or her interests, strong points, weak points and other related factors like friend circle, etc.

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    I am a teacher and I have observed that the self-study is the best way to boost up confidence in the students. I neither teach my children nor hire a tutor for the same. I always force my children and students to do self-study. If they have any problem they can ask me.

    One of my sons is in 12 th standard and second is in VIII standard and both do self-study. Some times they need my help and I help accordingly.

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    My son has appeared his 12th Board this year. Up to his eighth class, I did not send him to any private tutor. He was my responsibility, and at times, my husband too helped him in solving his difficulties. By saying so, I must mention that I never taught him in a routine manner. I guided him when he required it, that's it. When he was in his ninth, as parents, we decided to send him to tutor that too only for science subjects. The reason behind it was that Board exams follow a pattern, which a regular teacher can only teach accordingly.

    There can be many reasons for sending a child to a tutor after school, but I never prefer it unless it's essential. The connection between the child and the parents become stronger as pupil and teacher. The children learn to depend upon their parents at the time of any difficulty and the parents get to know the various sides of their children. It's better to teach your own child as long as possible.


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    I have two PhD children. They never tasted tuition in their life. From day one, they were taught at home by my good wife. If parents are educated and capable of teaching, there is no need for tuition to their children. It is a wastage of time and money. If a student cannot concentrate and learn from the classes, how will they learn from tuition classes where the number of students in the tuition class would be double or triple than the students in the school classrooms.
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    It depends on the time and the knowledge the parents have. It is not essential that if someone has knowledge or qualification he would be able to teach kids sometimes it depends on the aptitude also. Not all of us have the potential to be a teacher. In such a case it's always better to hire a professional teacher because they are trained and they know how to teach kids and make them focused on it. I have kids I don't get much time to look after them so I teach them rarely and my wife as she is not from Maths background so not able to teach them the core subjects like maths and science so we have always preferred to hire the teachers for their better growth.

    Even my parents too always preferred to hire a tutor rather then teaching us. And we understood why did they didn't teach us on their own.


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    If parents are educated and are able to spare time for their children, then tutors are not required. Parents can take care by helping the student to complete the home work and projects.
    If the parents who have completed up-to SSLC and still can spend positive time with their children also does not require tutors.
    Some parents may be illiterate, cannot reply to the questions asked and help their children. They require tutors so that the child continues to show interest in his subjects.

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