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    The unforgettable years in your life

    We always remember certain important years in our life. For all of us, the year of birth (YOB) is an unforgettable year. But there are other years in which some memorable events might have happened, and such years will be in our memory forever. Why not we share such important years here.
    Please share your important years in your life, and say why they are so important. Even if you have forgotten them, this thread would make you get those years back to your memory.
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    For me the year 1985 was so dear and important because I qualified as M Com from Delhi University and the studies were done with my own earning and expenses. The other years which are more important were 1992, when marriage was held , 1997 when my first child as son was born and year 2000 is more remembered as my daughter was born. Apart from that the progress of our children in every class and higher class were so memorable. In that way every year one good thing or the bad thing were happening and it would be long list to mention and append year. But in everyone's life some dates are memorable.
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    For me, 1982 is a very eventful year and I will never forget that year in my life. I received my PhD degree from the hands of the then Governor of combined Andhra Pradesh. My parents were in the auditorium to witness that moment and the happiness they showed on that day is never forgettable. Another special point is on the same stage in the same convocation my uncle received an honorary doctorate for his excellent work in Telugu poetry. Incidentally, he was the Guru of my father. My father felt happier because his son and his Guru received the Doctorate degree on the same day.
    Then the year 2009 is a very memorable year. That year I have become the Director of a Company which is my Goal in my career and I am happy that I realised my career aspiration. I thanked God and I will be thankful to him for whatever he has given to me in this life. I got married in 1985, my elder sone born in the year 1986 and second son born in the year 1989. So these years are also unforgettable for me.

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    In most people's life first job, first salary, marriage, birth of children etc will be some unforgettable happy events. DOB is not an unforgettable event or period, because we do not remember anything about that and during the infancy and childhood years at least t up to 3 years. We remember DOB because we are compelled to repeatedly write same in various papers throughout our life.
    I consider my college years as my unforgettable years. That was the period when I got transformed from an innocent bright student to a self-confident independent thinking adult. That was a period of achievements for me in academic and non-academic areas. That was the period when I started travelling long distance alone or stay away from home visiting relatives or appearing for tests and interview. That was the period when I became a voracious reader, debater, orator and developed analytical acumen.
    I am happy and privileged to meet a few of my college teachers and a few college mates now also frequently as we work or meet in common platforms.

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