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    I visited a shop to buy sports equipments and something weird happened to me.

    I went to 'Mahavir sports' to buy season cricket ball. It is also a wholesale dealer apart from a retail shop. At first it looks a lavish store which keeps all kind of sports equipment both from the outside and inside. Heard that it is big company in indore dealing with people from all over India.

    Looked around and found that the price is almost double for everything in the shop. I don't know if that's legal or not. But I can get the same thing for much less in many other shops in the town. When I asked them, their response was so rude as if they think themselves as superior. They have put up fake reviews everywhere.

    Suddenly, I blacked out little as if something hit me from back side. I thought it's just some kind of weakness. Went back home. It was normal. But since then my game has degraded and I am not able to bowl properly. As if something changed. I was doing good before this happened. Bowled with good pace and rhythm. Both the things now seem to be a difficult task to me. I don't know what to do. At the academy I am not even being included in the net sessions now.
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    The author is correct. Not only sports goods but anything the big shops are doing like this with the mentality 'Do not care whether you buy or not'. I myself have seen some shops like this. Once I saw a shoe vendor named as 'Metro' in Chennai main area, this is a fully air-conditioned show room . By intending to buy a chapel for my wife, as the displayed one was attracted us, I and my wife start to enter into the shop. When we push the glass door a man came out and told this shop is not meant for you people', I did not understand his words as in what meaning he told like this. I showed my purse and credit cards and told him that 'I will not come inside even you are going to give me free of cost' and we returned. Later I came to know that they are running such showrooms for just like that.

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    Ayush Jaiswal, welcome to ISC! From your thread, it is understood that you are a young cricket enthusiast and something has gone wrong somewhere. You suffered a blackout and saying it's kind of a normal issue. I would suggest you consult a good doctor who will be able to diagnose what exactly went wrong. By the way, do read the posting guidelines thoroughly which will be able to make you understand the rules here and the things that you should not post. I wish you all the best.

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    It is very astonishing. How this happened. What is the connection between selling at a higher price and your game? What happened? How you suffered a blackout. This is to be understood. I also feel that you can't leave this like this. You may have to go to a good psychiatrist and explain the case to him. Definitely, he will help you. You are still a young boy with a lot of life ahead. Don't neglect and it will spoil your career. You continue your efforts and continue playing the game and don't quit. Definitely, the doctor will help you and you will get a good response.
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    Ayush welcome to the ISC as the new member and great to see your first post. It seems you are interested in cricket game and when you gone to purchase the cricket ball you felt it is high priced and yet you backed out. It is the fact that some sports stores have the best materials as their products and the price is high because it is accompanied by guarantee and trust. In your case you have pre registered the price of the ball and when went to inquire the price, you got astonished that it is more than expected . Probably this negative thinking all your attempts were gone haywire and faced the failures. Never mind it is the temporary setback and the world is not over.
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    I welcome the member Ayush Jaiswal, and his first forum post.
    The post reflects the helplessness and disappointment of a person who had high expectation from a popular big business.
    I can understand his agony on not being able to buy the item he wanted as price was high and much beyond what is quoted in other small shops. I can understand that some big shops have a higher price tag though we expect some favourable price there.
    However I feel there is nothing to relate his temporary blackout to the shop. It might be of his exhaustion, weather, cold or sinusitis, temporary postural vertigo etc, or some other reasons. The author should consult a doctor in case this repeats or he doubts that it has effect on his sports activity.
    We should be careful and ensure the correctness and true position before making negative comments or reviews about firms or people.

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    First of all, whether your posting content is a question or expressing your experience in the store. The triggering point which brings the author to the store is a positive one. But, the price of the ball which triggers the mind of the author to get back home is negative because it causes to lose the interest and concentration on bowling. First of all, the author asks himself whether he wishes to play cricket wholeheartedly. Next, if the answer is yes, then the author has to go behind the factors which pull back him from losing interest and concentration on bowling. If the problem is related to the economy, then the author has to turmoil to overcome the barriers in playing cricket. Great players had so many hurdles in their path but they did not see them as bigger as their goal. So, this type of positive thinking must be adopted by the author to sustain in the game.
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    Ayush, welcome to ISC community and hope to see more of your contributions in this platform in the near future. Human body is a complex biochemical entity and anytime anything can happen on the health front to us. It comes like a bolt from nowhere and we are affected and our faculties are weakened. I would also advise you to consult a good physician and undergo tests prescribed by him to get this condition diagnosed properly. Once that is done he would give the necessary medication for correcting the same. So, there is nothing to be worried and after the treatment you would be able to concentrate and focus in your game the same way as you were doing earlier. All the best.
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    I have visited a psych and physio and completed the prescribed medication and routine although they couldn't tell the exact reason but they said it might be some kind of shock. But I know that I am not in any kind of shock. Never met such an accident.

    I am not connecting what's being sold in the shop to this blackout. I just described the whole situation in the exact order it happened. Higher price is not my problem, I can buy that but the same quality with almost double price makes me doubtful.

    What's important is that something goes on in that shop. No offence to anyone who thinks that this could put a negative effect on that firm. I am just speaking my heart out.
    While playing confidence is never a problem with me. I even played with injuries and had no effect on my game. This is serious for me .

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    This seems to be a mystery of some kind. Are you doubting some foul play done with you or some knock on your back but that can easily be distinguished from the physical push or hit with some blunt object. Having been a psychology student, I understand that sometimes our mind feels certain conjectural things and gets confused and disillusioned. If it so, it would take some time for it to go away itself. Try to divert your mind to other activities and slowly everything would be back as normal. I wish you all the best and also wish you to resume your game in the same skilled way as earlier. If you are interested in learning various educational matters and want to improve your writing skills then you have come to a right place and after going through the rules and regulations of this site please continue your contributions here. All the best.
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