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    How people start cheating others as well government

    A teacher named Anamika who is working in a school of Mainpuri of UP draws salary from other 25 schools situated surrounding like saharanpur, Aligarh, Baghpath, Ambethkar nagar by enrolling herself as a teacher. Being a person of noble profession it is wonder how she have such mentality of cheating schools. This money is derived from many poor students as their parents paid the fees from their hard earned money. The Joke in this is the name of the teacher is Anamika which means no other person next to her but here there are more than 24 names after hers. She collected salary nearly one crore for the past 13 months as the practice of crediting the salary amount in to the bank account directly. Now the authorities inquiring into this matter.
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    When she is able to give her on line services to different schools as a professional teacher for which she was paid her salaries from these schools, which section of law she has contravened is obfuscating. I think an advocate or a law graduate on the board can elucidate this issue.

    As far as the hard earned money of parents is concerned which they give as fee to schools against providing good education to their children have no valid reason to object on it rather they're to see the level of education being provided is satisfactory or not instead of focusing on who the teacher is.

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    It is impossible to teach the pupil of different schools in one day. That is possible only through the mode of online teaching. In present scenario, the life becomes very critical that one could not go out without any means. Governments are also very cautious about the schools so they would like to step forward as per the situations prevailing in society. Therefore, whatever salary is drawn by Anamika might be from online sources conducted by respective schools. It is one angle. If it is observed in another angle too then it could not be possible in case of any type of school. No teacher can teach the students without identify proof among the students and parents. Body presence in respective schools is important for merely getting salary from respective schools. So, particularly it is online class through which she might get the salary.
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    Details about Anamika Shukla are available on the internet. She was working in Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidhyala, the chain of government owned schools, as a regular science teacher in 25 schools on contract basis drawing 30K in each school.

    She's been arrested by the police in Kasganj, my neighbouring district but what about all the fraudulents who appointed her in 25 schools on the basis of her fake documents. Why is this education mafia not completely destroyed ?

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    I read about this thing at places in the news. It is really a fraud of meticulous planning and intricate homework. These people are so bold that they are not afraid of getting arrested and charged for doing such frauds. School administration is also entertaining them in spite of recruiting new teachers as so many unemployed qualified people are roaming here and there. I do not believe that school administrations are not aware of her other activities. There is something hand in glove in this incidence and truth will come out soon. Lack of governance in the system whether it is a school or an office facilitates this type of offences.
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    This is called windfall earning through her profession but what I cannot understand that she being the contract teacher for the science students in 25 schools of the same chain of schools why the authorities failed to notice that she is earning the whooping amount. When there are eligible people who are ready to work for even lesser salary and this teacher was over looked and made the killing in earning. And UP is the only state where such rare things happen and probably she has the blessings of the ruling party or some one in the top of the educational department otherwise such laxity cannot be possible.
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    A well thought and capturing the title, "How people start cheating others as well government", a regular science teacher working in the chain of government-owned schools. I too have the same question what is asked in the by Arafatuzzafar(#698891), what about all the fraudulent who appointed her in 25 schools on the basis of her fake documents. Why is this education mafia not completely destroyed?

    For any job and banking transaction, one needs to provide valid proof, certificates and even Aadhar and Pan card which is linked with every bank accounts. When a teacher is drawing 25K-30K from each school and the salary is directly credited to the bank account, what was the government or the treasure doing? It means that many other persons from local to government servants are involved in the case but only the name of the teacher is highlighted. We can ignore if it is done for only a month but for 13 months in 25 schools(13months x 25K salary x 25 schools = 81,25,000/-) Unless and until, the government keeps strict vigilant on appointments of teachers, these education mafias and corrupt government servant will keep on doing such frauds.

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    It is very astonishing. How a single person got employment in so many schools and that too all government schools. How the appointing authorities appointed her as a teacher in so many schools. I don't think she cheated all the concerned. She might have made an agreement with those people and sharing the benefit to them also. The case should be enquired by a competent agency and bring out the facts and all people who are involved in this case should be given appropriate punishment and they should return the amount with interest to the government.
    I know some private schools appointing teachers on an hourly basis and such persons are working in 3 or 4 colleges to make their lively hood. They may earn Rs.25.000/- from all the schools put together. This is an entirely different case and for a single person to work in 25 schools even online also is very difficult.
    A teacher supposed to teach morals and ethics to the student is becoming like this. Who can save this country from such people?

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    At last they have arrested her. Newspaper copy is attached

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    It is very difficult fo us to understand how this hapens. If the news is truth, thenthe fact that the person is arrested means there is some sytem which can find the frauds eventhough late. Or it may be by the conscious leak by some honest whistleblower or a person who is not in ood terms with the accused person.

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    Teaching is the noblest of all noble jobs. How can an individual think of cheating the government. In private schools original marks cards are collected, if this technique would be followed the teacher cannot get an employment in any other government schools.
    Only if teachers are working on hourly basis they need on give originals but are supposed to disclose the truth about the colleges in which they are employed.

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