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    Which is the first day of a week?

    Have you ever wondered about which day of the week is to be considered as the first? Some consider Sunday to be the start of a week, whereas others consider it to be Monday. Is there an fixed standard day that is accepted globally as the beginning of the week?

    We have seven days in a week. My simple question is - Which is the first day among the seven days? Is it Sunday or Monday or any other day or there isn't any first day as such? Submit your answer with due justification.
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    I don't know why the weekdays are not visible to our members. It is over 20 hrs. Yet this thread is not seen by members. Is it a confusing thread to find the first day of a week? We might forget things, but not the seven days of the week.
    I would say that the first day is my day. Do you agree or disagree? Why you agree and why you disagree?

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    I think the first day of week changes from person to person. For me, Thursday is the first day as I born on Thursday. My week started with Thursday and will end with Wednesday in my life. For a person who born on Sunday, the first of his week will be Sunday.
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    In my understanding the first day of the week is Monday. On this day the new week and activities start afresh after a lazy Sunday. Offices and schools open after the weekly holiday and everyone appears to be ready for facing the challenges in the coming week.
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    What I understood from the experience and the following of the people that normally the weekends are considered as Saturday and Sunday and the software company employees have the blast during their week ends because Saturday is the holiday and Sunday they would take rest. So this clearly implies that the week starts from Monday and that is working day for all. By working for five days in a week, even the government employees are having holiday on Saturday and therefore we can call Saturday as the enjoyment day , Sunday as the whole rest day for everyone and Monday is the fresh starting day for the week.
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    Our Earth is in the Solar system and we get all our energy from Sun. So we give prominence to Sun. Hence when we are taught about week days it is Ravivaar or Sunday or its equivalent in all the Indian languages that is taught as the first day of the week. Hence for us Sunday is the first day of the week.

    However, it is only because of the weekly holidays that we have a feeling of weekend and week beginning.

    In the ancient Vedic days in India there was no concept of week beginning and week end. It was just repetitive and cyclic. It was only fortnight where the beginning and end concept are there referred to the bright and dark lunar cycles.

    The week beginning and end concept can also be connected to the observance of Sabbath by Jews and Christians. It is only after the British rule that the week beginning on Monday after Sunday holiday was started. The concept was not there in purely agricultural scene and had started only after industrialisation days among workers

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    We love to follow a protocol and hence designate a particular day as the first day of the week. While many countries consider Sunday as the first day of the week, there are others who consider Monday as the first day of the week. There is an international standard ISO 8601, which considers Monday as the first day of the week. When we all follow some standards and ISO is one of the leading ones we can think of following that standard too to think of Monday as the first day of the week. Though it's absolutely up to you to follow the day of your choice as the first one of the week.

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    According to the ISO 8601(International Organization for Standardization), Sunday is considered the last or the seventh of the week. Even for Christians and according to the Bible, God created the earth and everything in it, in six days, and on the seventh day, he rested. As it was done, it is mentioned in the book of Exodus, "Remember the sabbath day and keep it holy which means no work will be done on Sunday and it will be a day of the Lord, to praise, honor and glorify him. Thus Sunday was known as the day of the Lord. So for Christians, The first day is Monday

    In Islam, the communal prayer is done on Friday and they have Friday as an off day. And in Eastern or Muslim countries, they have Friday and Saturday as holiday and their first day of the week begins on Sunday.

    According to Hinduism or Vedas, Each day is known by the name of the planet. As we have 9 planets, two are known as shadow planet and the other Seven is the name of the weeks. As Sun is considered the omen that supports life on earth is given the prime importance, the first day is named after it.

    Nowadays, the first day depends upon the company or the industrial zone that it falls or your work is considered. When I was working in Mumbai in the industrial area, we had weekly off on Friday due to a power cut. That time, our first day was Saturday. After shiting to Deonar, we had weekly off on Sunday, so my first day was Monday. Now, I have weekly off on Friday and Saturday, so my first day is Sunday. The first day changes with the situation, region, or country.

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    Why break our heads to know which is the first day of a week.
    If you have a diary with you( of any year), just look at the page that contains the calendar for three years, the past year, the present year, and the future year. You will find the days written as Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat. This is an evidence to prove that the first day of the week is "Sunday" only.

    If anyone has a diary in which the days are marked as Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun, please let us know in this forum.

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    The first day of the week is Sunday or Monday doesn't make a difference if we know when to do what kind of jobs to improve our lives in a better way. For industries and offices Monday is shown in paper but there are several employees who work on all the seven days of the week and the tine barriers also extend the actual limits.
    There are days when I have started my office work from 6 am in the morning with receiving phone calls and giving orders, instructions over phone, finally ending my day at 12 in the midnight.
    At that point of time I never knew whether Sunday was first or Monday was first but my aim was to complete the given project in hand on time.

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    Anything and everything has to have a beginning and an end. There has to be a first and a last. Nothing can start from the middle or midway. A week is like a circle. The seven days of a week is based on the seven main planets. The planet leader is Sun, around which other planets revolve. No life without Sun. Hence, Sun stands first. Sunday is the first day of the week.

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    Any day which starts with a good motto in our minds is the first day despite its values in the world. This is my opinion as we have to work everyday and each day has its own significance.
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    The author's question is just like which is before either a seed or a tree. However, for every question, there is an answer. First, we are living on earth. Second, we are living in the Asia continent. Third, we are living in India. Anyone can tell which country sees the sun first comparing with the remaining countries. One week is just like a circle. If one says Monday is the first day in a week as he has the importance of the day about any particular sentiment purpose. Like that, decision making on selecting the day in a week as in first depends upon the subjectivity of the person. Anyone can say who created these weekdays. Without days and time, is human being existence impossible on the earth? Anything created on this earth is definitely done by the mind. Therefore, that can tell which is the first of which is next. So, the answer depends upon the thinking faculty of different persons.
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    It is an interesting post about the start of the week. As the working activities start from Monday, many people consider it as the start of the week. Those who go on shift duties like 2 mornings, 2 evenings, and 2 nights followed by 2 weekly offs do not see the week in that perspective. For them week starts after the 2 weekly offs. Similarly security guards who are on a 12 hour duty and 12 hour rest also perceive a week in different style. Traditionally, diaries show the week starting from Sunday as Saturday is thought to be the last day of action in the work place or place where one is self occupied. Many office going people getting weekly off on Sunday consider Monday as the start of the week.
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    An interesting post by Mr. Sun. In my opinion, Sunday is the first day of the week. In our religion, we recite a dua and it differs day to day. The first dua is for Sunday and the last dua is for Saturday. So, I strongly believe that Sunday is the first day of the week and Saturday is the last day of the week.

    In the calendar, you will also find that the days start with Sunday. It means globally it is accepted that Sunday is the first day of the week.

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    Going by the word weekend, Saturdays and Sundays are the last days of week. That makes Monday the first day of the week. But that's just by going with words. Even I had this confusion for a long time. To be honest we can take it either way.
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    Why not we take it like this? A day starts with the Sunrise. Similarly, a week also should start with the Sun, that is Sun's day Sunday. Now don't counter saying that a day ends with Sunset and a week also should end with Sun's day Sunday. A full day (Day &Night) ends and begins with Sunrise. Starting is more important than ending.

    I hope you all understood my point.

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    Sunday or Monday, how to we learn from our school days. This differs from teacher to teacher. Sun rises everyday but it cannot be first day of the week. It rises on Monday also, then can we say it as rising of the moon, so it is Monday. This idea differs from person to person.
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    You misunderstood. What I meant is - All days starts with Sunrise. Hence, all the weeks should start with Sunday as the first day of the week. Things and ideas may differ from person to person, but there should be a standard thing set for all to follow.

    The whole world has accepted Sunday as the first day of the week, and they have proved it through the calendars they print. Take any calendar from the world countries, it would say that Sunday is the first day of the week.

    This is what the conclusion without any further discussion and argument.

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