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This thread has won a special prize in the topic based TOW contest for the week 31st May to 06th June '20.
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    Blackboard highlights the beauty of contrast

    Sweet and sour, rain and thunder, rise and fall, love and hate, are a few examples of contrast nature. So is black and white. Despite being opposite to each other, they as a whole make a strong impact. The combination of two opposites reflects the importance of one another. Suppose, someone has only witnessed a rise in life doesn't know how scary a fall is, and contrarily a person who has always received fall doesn't understand how astonishing rise is! Well, everyone goes through ups and downs. Such contrasts, whether in life, in taste buds, or nature, even in a relationship, colour, position, or in any other aspect, remind us the importance and beauty of togetherness of entirely two opposites.

    Blackboard is symbolic. Firstly, it's a black coloured writing surface. Its black colour signifies darkness because black is the darkest colour which is an absorption of all the colours. Secondly, the board does not serve the purpose of writing or drawing unless white chalk or any other coloured chalk makes a mark on it. Although blackboard signifies darkness, it brightens up with the use of different coloured chalk upon it. Eventually, it proves that opposites make an eye-catching combination, only the goal and attitude should be similar. The blackboard preaches the human beings that who are different can also click well if their moral values match. Having contrast nature can only add spice to their relationship, which will be an added beauty.

    Consider using chalk of any colour except black would look prominent only on a darker writing surface such as blackboard, but not on any surface which resembles in colour with the chalks. Such will be the case for black chalk as it would require a light coloured surface. Thus, blackboard's strong message to the human world is that contrast things can complement each other without any hitch, so let's try it.

    My entry for the TOW Contest
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    A well thought of the TOW word "BLackboard". It is true that anything, in contrast, adds value to the thing that they combine in. Even though we resist at first but we realize that the best combination in nature is the opposite. As mentioned, A white chalk enlightens people when written on the blackboard, A little drizzle with the sun up gives a beautiful rainbow, A soup or dish, when added with a pinch of sugar or salt, makes it more delicious, etc.

    In real life, we know that for a wedding, when a bride or groom is searching, they actually match the complete opposite character. This is very true and we can observe it in our own family, our grandparents, parents, friends, etc. Nowadays, even the fashion has changed to contrast color. Earlier, they would select the same color combination but now everyone prefers contrast. The contrast highlights the opposite and brings the best in them together. Good entry for the TOW contest.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    A good thought. Only we know the importance of one happening when we witness the exact opposite happening. If we use black chalk to write on a blackboard or white chalk on a whiteboard, they will not add value to each other and we will feel frustrated to understand what is written on that. But if we write with white chalk on a blackboard is very impressive. The contrast of the colours makes the combination beautiful and impressive.
    For a blackboard, white is the best but for a whiteboard, there are many options to be impressive.
    A good entry for TOW contest

    always confident

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