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    Attitude as a barrier between blackboard and students

    Every student has an interesting subject, a lovable teacher, a favourite style of teaching which differs from each individual thus makes them unique. This depends on attitude either positive or negative. Attitude acts as a barrier between blackboard and student to motivate him, to attain expected academic performances or may not improve with negative attitudes.

    Negative attitude towards the teacher will deviate the student mentally. Students will not be able to concentrate in that particular subject even though the teacher presents the contents in an expressive way on the blackboard. It affects the learning outcomes however colourful the blackboard is, his mind is blank and cannot see the creative presentation on the blackboard.

    Teacher plays a vital role in keeping a keen eye not only the contents and the blackboard but also on the behaviour of the student.

    Hope you as a student would have faced similar such experiences?

    This is my entry for TOW contest on blackboard.
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    Blackboard is a tool in the hands of a teacher which he uses to express his subject. This is also considered as a common medium between the teacher and the student. If there is a good rapport between these three then the study session would be positive and enthralling. So, a good teacher would try his best to align and focus his students towards the blackboard as that is the only way to involve the student in seriously acquiring the academic knowledge. However there are instances where a dull student does not look towards the blackboard as he knows that it is not his cup of tea. In such cases a personalised coaching would be required for such students separately.
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    Blackboard is like the heart of a teacher. Whatever the teacher thinks in her mind/heart can be said in words, but not in writing. Blackboard help the teacher to display it through the blackboard. We can say that a blackboard reflects the heart of a teacher. As you rightly said, the attitude of the teacher also matters a lot. Some may be confident of their speech in conveying what they want to convey to the students, some may be confident of their writing on the blackboard. Then it is the attitude of the students to listen to the speech or the writing on the blackboard. Speech or oral explanation won't be good like blackboard writing and explanation.
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    Nice topic from the author connecting to tow word. Some students does not like a particular subject and the teacher connected to it. They not only show lethargic attitude and also disturb the fellow students to be indifferent for the teacher and wont respond to the questions or gestures. This situation happened in our class when the maths teacher used to dedicate himself with best explanation but the back bench students would hoot and create all sorts of mess for other students not to listen. Sometimes the maths teacher will not teach us unless and until those misbehaving students are sent out of the close.
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    It is true that the attitude of any teacher is what makes the student like or dislike a subject on the first ground. Even a boring subject when taught by a positive and loved teacher, is able to make his students understand but even if the best teacher is brought to teach the easiest subject but is very rude or strict, he/she may not be able to make it work for all students. When a teacher is teaching, it is not only the subject but the way teachers interact with the students that matter. When a teacher is positive, understanding and loving, the worst student will try to make it easy for his/her teacher to complete the topic and even listen to them patiently. Every teacher needs to understand his students and make it comfortable for them to like the subject. As blackboard is the medium of presenting what the teacher needs to teach, so also, a teacher is the bond between the subject and the students. If the teacher is able to gain the confidence of his students, even the toughest lesson can be easily taught with ease.
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    The attitude of the student will make a lot of difference in his studies. You can take a horse to the pond but we can't make it to drink. In the same way, a teacher can try his level best, use blackboard and other tools available for him to make the student understand the lesson. But if the student is not focussing or not seeing at the blackboard a teacher may not able to do much. How to change his attitude is the question. Here the attitude of the teacher comes into the picture. Some teachers see that the students who are not picking will be given special coaching by concentrating on them and understanding their problem. But some teachers will not have that much commitment and simply ignore such people. The author has brought a very good thread for the TOW contest and my appreciation to her for this excellent thread
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