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    Don't be so hard on yourself, be easy and soft

    Life is full of ups and downs. People face tension, anxiety and worry. They keep themselves busy with work and personal life. But, it's often observed that inspite of earning wealth and prosperity, there is something vital missing from their life, that is, happiness. They have forgotten to smile and be happy with whatever they have. They are not contented because they want to achieve more glory and prospects. We live only once. Chasing materialistic things will not provide long term benefits. To be benefited in life alongwith work and personal problems in life, we must be easy on ourselves. We shouldn't be hard on ourselves because of stress and worry. It's deteriorates health and hampers life.
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    This is modern concept. To put one's enjoyment as priority than work and earning taking stress and pressure.
    But it was not so earlier. There is a saying in Malayalam" Ellu muriye pani chythaal, Pallu muriye thinaam" -which means that if you work hard even to the level of breaking your bones , you can eat to the level that you break your teeth. It was just advising us to work hard so that we earn more. Those times earning by good work was considered as pleasure and noble.
    The outlook changed after the advent of IT sector as the large scale employer. They aid very handsomely to the youngsters. Suddenly the youngsters found that they get such high salary they can splurge the money on anything they wanted. Their work atmosphere was also very good and luxurious. This was in total contrast to how their dads slogged and that too for so paltry a sum. The elders had to work hard almost slog on in workplaces which lacked many needed amenities also.
    The demand for educated youth in IT sector which was the Sunshine industry then, gave opportunities to many aspiring youth. They found that they can jump from one job to another easily and demand more pay which they got also. So when the competition started and the employers demanded more from their well paid employees, the employees just resigned. They bought out thinking that when they have alternatives why should they sacrifice their happy luxurious carefree life? The rise of telecoms and E sales, logistics, self finace educationa institutions etc all enhanced this situation. The modern media and inspirational or motivational speakers also spread this mentality among the modern youth.
    These people do not mind or think about what will happen in times of recession and other negative situations. They are not able to face and cope up the retrenchments. It is actually at that time the real stress and strain they were always trying to avoid enters and wrecks their life.
    Personally I do not agree to the view of going care free, irresponsible and not hardworking. Such people will soon lose aim and mooring of their life and will be just straying even without their knowledge. The pleasure, happiness and luxury they were giving priority will seem to them as hollow and unreal.
    Life should have real moorings on solid principles. When one is having youth age and health one should put the maximum efforts and earn by that and also save to maximum possible to have a steady and standard consistent life even when some emergencies happen. I feel old is gold, in proverbs and principles too.

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    Earning is required but to what extent.
    I worked in a private organisation for a long time. I have still age to work there as the retirement age is 75 years there. But once I crossed sixty I thought I should not be so busy with my work life and forget the family. I resigned from the post and enjoying my life with my family. Most of the time I will be playing with my grandchildren. I do work for a limited time that too whenever I want and I earn some money. That is sufficient for me for my living with my wife. My children can take care of their families.
    We should not be always after earnings. We should decide what is required and there are many things in our life which we have to do.
    I agree completely with the author. We can be happy with what we have. Even we earn now we can't do anything with that money except keeping in the bank and giving it to our next generation. So try to enjoy life. Don't be money-spinning wheel.

    always confident

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    Normally we tried to be soft and smooth for ourselves. But when others are progressing and making good strides in life, we tend to feel slow and what to enhance the pick up. In that process we try to harden our stances and that gives some challenging situation for us. Even when some one is closely following, they seems to be passing teasing remarks against us for being so hard to the life. But being soft and easy cannot get us the required destination and success of life as the easy and soft nature people are those who are not interested in venturing with risks and if no risk involved nothing is possible.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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