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    Pending goals ought to be renewed

    We tend to create a set of goals and then things go awry, just procrastinating or not finding time to achieve a few of them. Is it advisable to just ignore pre-set goals or renew them?

    We plan and decide goals to fulfill in day, weeks and months. Few goals are accomplished and most of them are pending. During the time we look back at the goal list, we find ourselves perplexed due to lack of time and patience. The only thing that can be done is to renew the pending goals. Allot a specific day in a week when only pending goals would progress. Time doesn't stop for anyone. People have to make time to make things workout. Laziness and procrastination doesn't solve problems rather it makes matters worse and worsen more with the passage of time.
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    Pending goal should be first reviewed. It should be looked into as to why it is pending. What are needed to realise it. Is the goal itsel is unrealistic? If after review it is found that it needs time to achieve it, then renew it with needed amendmets and fine tuning and start working in the direction to achieve it as early as possible.

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    What I feel that if some goals were pending, it was for the want of our attention and needs to be set right with corrections and actions. That means we need more time to set right. Meanwhile attend the goals on the hand and finish the same within the time frame so that the tension of having present goals on hold would be removed from the mind. And now we are free from present task and give thought for the old goals which were either forgot to attend and want of some correctional step. The probing has to be done and also refer the diaries of past as to what made ourselves to stop the pursuing of old goals and what action need to be taken. One more thing as some goals of time bound in the past, reviving the same would be futile exercise and pursue only such goals which has the meaning and relevance for the present life and that can sustain our life and progress.
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    If a person wants to postpone their duties relating to goals, then automatically a demon would be born in the mind. That is laziness which gives birth to another baby. That is forgetfulness. It is a fact. The habit of postponement of any work feeds this baby, forgetfulness. Once its birth is confirmed, no one could not do anything just like the Covid-19 virus. So, prevention is better than cure. Every person is to be aware about the importance of the work to be completed. Next, the person has to prepare a plan to complete the work within the stipulated time. Sometimes, goals may be taken to complete very little time. One must not show negligence towards such tasks relating to the goal. For example, cleaning the floor is a goal. Then, it should be completed at that moment. If it is postponed then the loss of health is happened obviously.
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    This is a good thought. Practical also. Many people have a habit of jotting down a list of jobs in hand or as pending and then they review it time to time to see where they stand at that juncture of time. This is a good habit and personally I believe in this methodology. Noting down things on paper or in memo in mobile is a very helpful practice and reviewing them keeps up alert and prepares us to take up some of them at the opportune time. I have immensely benefited by this method as my memory is not so sharp and I do my work based on records and references only. Reviewing pending goals should be a dynamic process in our lives.
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    Of pending goals I think the author means to say- pending work. I can't say what he intends, anyways, goal and work are quite different.

    To reach our set goal we need a well planned strategy, accumulated means, dedication, timings, consistency and execution of the strategy in right direction.

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    It would be better to jot down the pending assignment in a separate diary with the mention of date of its enlistments. Time to time, such a diary is to be referred to see the pending jobs still not undertaken. Similarly, the accomplished jobs have to be bifurcated with the appropriate ticks against such assignment. Such a process would eliminate the chance of escape of important jobs. In our hectic activities, it is quite possible that we may forget the calling on the Mechanic for the fault noticed in the fridge and the same is happening repeatedly for the last rew days. Incorporating in the menu for the jobs to be attended would solve such an issue amicably. Similarly, forgetting an appointment with the paediatrician for the child suffering from fever and cough would facilitate the speedy disposal of such urgent assignments. Only way would be to work smartly with the inclusion of pending jobs in the diary. The jobs to be taken up with the overriding priorities is to be marked with the double star so as to attract our attention for such urgent jobs.

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    We all have the habit of setting new goals upon some incidents that will help us to be a new person. It can be learning new things, new software, a new language, new methods or even eliminating something like a habit, weight, clothes, etc. Many start it with full energy but it starts diminishing as days passes and the goal may not be completely achieved. For the next time again we plan and the same is carried forward. Some of it may be forgotten and thus it keeps on in the pending list. As mentioned by the writer, "Pending goals ought to be renewed" but how is the question to be asked? As other members have mentioned, we need to go to the roots and find the reason behind not completing the goals. It can be time, health, money, or any other factors. When we are thinking of renewing the set goal, we need to keep in mind the last mistakes or problems and find the solution keeping that in mind. If we are lazy or keeping it postponing due to lack of interest, we need to make it a point to overcome it and be determined before renewing it so as to be able to complete the set goal on time or within the stipulated time frame.
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    Just like it is very difficult to score a goal in a real football or a hockey match, for most it is really difficult to achieve goals that they set for their day to day life. Most people, in fact, do not set any goal. They simply prefer to wade through the flow of time. Some people do set goals, but are unmindful, whether their goals are accomplished or not. Only those who are dedicated, determined and disciplined are able to achieve their goals and are eventually successful in life, profession, hobby, etc. Unfortunately, very few fall in this last category. We must have read umpteen times that to be successful, we need to set goals on a day to day, as well as long term basis. I too have on occasions set a few such goals. But just like the author of this thread has pointed out, due to laziness and procrastination, I have failed in achieving most of them. Yes, we should review or renew our goals, as per the circumstances. Thanks for coming up with this post. Hopefully, will review a few of mine today.
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    If your making goals and many of them are not being fulfilled means, there may be two problems.
    1. You may be keeping many works on hand and you are not able to do justice to all the goals.
    2. You may not be concentrating on achieving the goals. You are keeping goals but you are not 100% giving yourself for attaining the goals.
    Before renewing any goal please think where is the problem. Have a review and then take a call. Think about the problem and then make a timeline. While doing that you should think about how much time you can spare for that task and based on that decide on the timeline.
    Many people will take a task and then sit on that without making any progress. Such people may not complete the works and they have to go for renewing. Even attaining the goal after renewing it for one or two times indicates that you are not keeping the realistic timeline.

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