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    Is working hard the only thing in our lives?

    Is it so vitally important to put in a whole lot of hard work throughout our lives and spare little or no time to enjoy other activities? Focusing merely on hard work can be problematic - share your opinions.

    Human life is a great gift. It is unique in the living world where all other animals are otherwise having very low order of brain power. They have little consciousness about what they are. But humans are an evolved species and have reached an academic apex learning so many things with their developed mental faculties. We can have fun, enjoy life, entertain ourselves, roam places, indulge in various amusing activities etc. But some people are not for it. They only believe in work and hard work. There is no interval for them. They are the rare species but they are there. Is work everything in our life? Should not we spare and carve out some time to enjoy this life which is a rare phenomenon in the cosmos? What do you think about this? Please share your views.
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    I don't think hard work is the only thing is our life. But it is also required in our life. Without working we can't make our livelihood. Of course, there may be some people who born with a silver spoon in their mouth and who inherited a lot of money from his elders may enjoy his life without any hard work. But the majority of the people has to work hard for taking care of their life.
    Working hard means not that one has to work 24 X 7. He has to utilise the time given to him in various activities and major share may go for work but definitely, considerable time should be given for other activities also. A wise man will manage his time in such a way that he will excel in his work and also at the same time he will have time to enjoy with his family and friends.

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    ''All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,
    All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy.''

    Being hard-working is good but enjoyment and merry making should also be an essential part of our life. If we are merely workaholic it make us as a boring figure not only for ourselves but for others as well. Such people, hardly, have any friend because nobody feels like spending his time with him.

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    Hard work is certainly the key to success and everyone in this world knows about this. Infact we are taught this since class one. But then nobody teaches us what actually success is.

    Keeping in mind the above proverb the meaning of success varies with the type of hard work we are doing. Success is not only achieving your aim or reaching to the destination you always wanted to, rather it is pleasure we obtain after successful completion of a task. The task may be a recipe cooked in the kitchen or completion of a painting or portrait. It may be packing bags for an outing or successfully climbing a hilltop.
    I mean to say that every time we do some work for gaining pleasure we are putting our hard work into it. So let me once refine hard work; it's nothing but the efforts put by any person for gaining pleasure in something.

    Now let me come to the point provided by the author here. Yes, many people in fact all of us are every time indulged in hard work. Because we are everytime involved in making ourselves happy. Even if we are sleeping we are gaining freshness and pleasure in it which is substantially going to make us happy. Throughout the day we do so much of work so that we could get a better sleep. That's hard work.
    The author has referred to a few people who are always involved in tasks, may be you are willing to say their business or occupational tasks not hard work.
    Yes, there are many such people who give more time to their occupation rather than other pleasing tasks. This is so because they feel more pleasure in that. Let us take the example of Isaac Newton who had so much hunger in himself for his new theories that he even forgot that he had invited his friends for dinner and they all had to sleep empty stomach.
    It happens with all those people who have craving for their work, their occupation and their tasks. Because they feel highest degree of pleasure in that.
    For other humans who take their occupation just as a duty or a way to earn money might get bored by their tasks and want freedom, outing or a gap for sometime.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    After all, in one's life how much time is spent on working hard? To most of us our active career life is say a period of forty years maximum. This is assumed that a person joins a job in his twentieth year and retires when he completes sixty years. The childhood and student life cannot be counted as hardworking period except in some rarest of rare cases (God forbid). In the span of the forty years also on an average we work eight or ten hours a day for six days a week maximum. That is sixty hours a week and two hundred and forty hours a calendar month, It is equivalent to ten solar days. Then we have a number of holidays, permitted leave etc. which total to about one month at least on an average to all employees. So in effect we work 10 x11==110 solar days in a year. For the forty career years it works to 110 x40= 4400 solar days. That is just slightly over 12 years. So in a life of say seventy years, average we work for our earning just for 12 years. That is about less than 20 per cent. And we lament that we are doing hard work.
    This is the Macro level picture. In micro level, individual level there can be some variations. But it is not everyone working ten hours or twelve hours all through life. One has to prioritise things and also have to work out a career- personal life balance. Time management is needed. One should be able to make work enjoyable. Family life should be given its due priority and attention.
    There is a saying in Malayalam that even if it is a golden tree, it should be cut and removed if it grows above our roof. Similarly our career should be a facilitator to our good life and should not be allowed to impact our personal/family life negatively. Quality should be given focus than quantity in life.

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    All humans work for a living. Why only a few get increments and promotions? Why a few employees are left unnoticed? This is mainly because of the qualitative work than the quantitative methodologies in work environment.
    If a person has to produce qualitative work, he needs to upgrade himself to new technology and techniques. Meditation as a practice in daily life can improve his mental skills. Getting acquainted to his personal research and sparing some time for his physical as well as mental abilities through reading books, involving in new ways of doing the same job will eventually take home to higher orders in his career.

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    There is lot to be learned. Members have given good analysis.
    Knowledge is power.

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    If a person is not well qualified he has to work hard. If a person is not having communication skill he has to work hard. If a person does not have socializing factor as the feature of his mingling with other friends he has to work hard. And those who are poor and does not have the push and pull factor they have to work hard. What I mean to say that some people are destined with all good factors favoring them and they work smart and not hard and rest are all bound to work for themselves and others and they have to work hard. Invariably we find that those who are working hard would be static and no progress in life.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Once I have asked one of my relative regarding how he enjoys his life because that guy starts his work at 8AM and ends at 10PM. He simply replied "by seeing the money he gets". Content writer enjoys his life when he sees increasing number of page views. So, enjoyment differs from people to people. We cannot define enjoyment like we have to go on a vacation or to a movie or a joyride. Enjoyment comes automatically when you love your work. If you don't like your work, no matter what you won't get enjoyment even if you spend half of the year in outings.

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