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    Is the UGC proposal of a dual degree a good decision or a bad one?

    Would students really benefit from getting a dual degree either in the same stream or in different ones? Give your analytical views on the UGC proposal to allow students to pursue dual degree programs.

    UGC has approved the proposal of getting a dual degree simultaneously. What you think? A student pursuing two degrees at a time can be a good learner for any of the two subjects. However, can a student really focus on two subjects at a time? And will it really increase your chances of getting a job in future if you have a dual degree? Students can get two degrees in two different streams also. Is it good or bad?
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    I think it is just the start and saying it as good or bad may differ. In India, we are making it complex and have less flexibility in our education system. For example, a Science student has Maths and science as common but can you say that every science student likes Maths(ALdebra+Geometry) and Science (Physics+Chemistry+Biology). Some like science but not maths but for better career, they slog with it. If you are not able to clear your maths, but clear all other papers, you still is not considered pass but will have to repeat unless you clear your 1 remaining paper.

    In many foreign universities, they do provide you optional subjects that helps you to get a valid certificate for every class you have passed. In Philipines, your Engineering degree is of 5 years, the 1st year is common when you clear your 2nd year, you are given and ITI certificate, upon completing your 3rd year, a diploma certificate, on completing your 4th year, you are an engineering graduate and upon completing your 5th year, you are a licensed engineer. It means that even if you leave your schooling in middle, you have a valid certificate. Here, in India, we have to clear every degree separately and if you are not able to clear, you don't have a degree even after going for 3-4 years.

    The dual degree will help students to complete their family wish and even pursue his passion job. Many parents want their children to take up engineering but he would like to take commerce and on pressure, he joins the engineering degree. When we have dual-degree option, he would be able to complete his commerce and even take up the job that he prefer or wished.

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    That all depends on the individual. One can utilise the opportunity and work hard and get two degrees simultaneously. The outcome will completely depend on the hard work that is being done by the individual. But how many people can do that? one leg on one boat and another leg on another boat. How difficult it is to manage and come out successfully. But how it will help in getting a good job is a point of discussion. If you are doing an engineering degree and a B.Sc degree, he will be eligible to apply for the jobs related to any one of the qualifications. That will increase the competition. More application for a post. The chances for an individual may increase to apply but the number of jobs may not increase. So ultimately a number of people not getting employed may not increase and may remain the same. An intelligent and smart student can go for a dual degree at the same time but average and below-average students can't do this.
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