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    Will work from home be the new normal for software companies?

    Post-lockdown, with industrial units and offices of private companies opening, it seems this is not the case with IT companies. Will the people working in the IT sector continue to work from home for the next year or so makes for an interesting topic to discuss.

    Ever since the lockdown due to COVID 19, a sudden change was brought in the working culture of software companies. An IT workforce which used to work mostly at plush offices in IT hubs, all of a sudden started working from home. Though work from home was not a new concept for the IT sector, software companies used to resort to it sparingly. Now India has started exiting from the lockdown and industries, factories, shops and hotels have started opening. People have started going to work. But not so in the IT companies. They continue to work from home and don't seem to be in a hurry to revert back to their original way of work. Most IT companies have already kind of announced that they will continue with the present arrangement for a few more months. Companies like TCS, which employs nearly 5 lakh employees, India's largest, has even indicated that three-fourth of its employees will continue to work from home till 2025.

    So, what does it all suggest? Will work from home be the new normal for the Tech companies?
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    Yes, this may be the situation. My friends who are working in IT companies are now having updates like the sitting arrangements in their offices are changing to follow the social distancing and then the office may call the staff to the office on a part basis. Like the 50% employee will work from home for 15 days and the rest 50% will go to office for work. And after 15 days, the shift will reverse for both. This way, the office space will be sufficient to accompany 50% of employees at a time and will also save on transport and other things.

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    Work from Home was already popular and common in IT sector. However as not everyone was fully equipped with the suitable devices and the efficient networks at their home, and certain works needed to be done from the office only, WFH was not so vast as it is in the lockdown context.
    The companies had now found that allowing employees to work from home is a cost reduction for them. Moreover the data and network are now becoming more and more efficient and affordable. WFH suits the women employees who are in good numbers in IT sector. The companies can escape from many mandatory facilities to be provided in office by allowing wfh.
    So as far as possible IT sector companies and other companies and organisations wherever it is feasible will allow employees to work from home. There are many software to monitor attendance and performance to ensure productivity.

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    My two sons are working in IT companies only. Elder one in Infosys and the younger one in TCS. They are working form home since March 23rd and still the same continues. Both of them converted the house into an office. There is no free time during these days to them Their day starts at 9 AM and when it will close is not known. My elder son will be in a meeting even at 10 PM also. This is the situation. A lot of expenses to IT companies will come down and as well to the employee also. Hence they are preferring the same. The work turn out will be same and there is no reduction in that. Earlier days majority people used to go to the office and only a few may be working from their house and that is also for one or two days.
    It is safe for the employees to continue working from for some more days as they are safe at the house and they need not waste their time in commuting to and from office. The company will also have some good savings in the form of administrative expenses.

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    This pattern is picking up in many industries other than IT where it is basically the paper work. Only problem is to have it in laboratory work, manufacturing, workshop, field work, mining industry etc where physical presence is a must.
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    In Hyderabad most of the software companies are asking the employees to operate from home and my sister daughter who is working with reputed software company has told her to work from home till the 30 Sept. this year and that proves that for three months there is no job problems and their overseas partners are also ready to extend their contracts. Some IT companies have terminated employees with the request that they will be called after three months when the situation eases. Therefore IT companies are of the view that good times would come back from Oct 1st of this year and we also hope so.
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    It seems so. Actually, those who can manage to work from their home will definitely do so. For your job, if you need only a laptop and a good internet connection then there is no problem to work from home and many will choose this option. But, if the environment of the house doesn't permit then one has to go to the office and may feel (Work From Home)WFH quite difficult. For example, if the family members of the house are very noisy then WFH can be quite difficult. One real problem of WFH may be the timings of work. In many cases, the duty hours of WFH may be 24*7 whereas in the office it maybe five days or six days a week. You also need to have some backup systems like a power backup and another Laptop/Desktop ready when you are working from home. After working from home for a long time people will be habituated to it and may feel going to the office cumbersome. WFH may have little disadvantages but when it comes to reducing the cost many organisation will opt for it since they had to spend a lot for maintaining the office as well as for the workers' conveyance.

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    Even the governments are giving relaxations to the public in one by one, people and firms are aware of Covid-19 in such a way that they are abiding by the rules of lockdown as part of their life. So, IT companies may be in a position to instruct the employees to work from home. Anywhere, the employees work but they have to complete the given project within the scheduled time. It is important for such companies. Therefore, they are giving importance to the project but not to the place where they are working. It happens before lockdown also, but it imposes during this crisis. In metropolitan cities, such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Delhi, software employees are now in doing hardships for completing allotted the projects. They have the opinion that work from home is comfortable but not the work might not change.
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    The present pandemic situation has brought the online working on the forefront and many offices where the physical presence is not mandatory, are seriously thinking about this mode and some of them have already gone ahead. The video conferencing applications are in good demand and getting popular day by day. Recently I had a call from my cousin from Bangalore that they would be celebrating their son's birthday online at 9 PM and they would be using Zoom App for that. So we also set our App in the mobile at that time and had a good online get to gather. So we all are moving in that direction.
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    Yes, there has been already a bunch of companies who support work from home for the last few years and this has widespread across all the IT companies because of the COVID outbreak. Some companies have seen increased productivity doing work from home because people spend no time commuting to work. Thus their employees get more time in which they upskill themselves to keep updated with the industry or do more work. Recently Google gave its each of its employees 1000$ as a work from home allowance which shows that it is encouraging it. And Facebook also announced that they will have more permanent workers operating remotely. As companies see a lot of advantages because of WFH, it is definitely going to be the new normal.

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    Major IT employers such as TCS, Wipro, Infosys etc encourage their employees to work from home since they are aware of the existing situation and to arrest its menace, they are of the views that their employees should remain in their residence and assignments can be taken up with their working from home. In that way, employers are not likely to suffer because of less attendance in their working premises. Moreover, the employees can save the fuel expense and other related expenses while working from home. Even the employers are getting their outputs with their employees. Hence such a situation is suiting both employees and employers. How long this period of uncertainty would prevail is not known to us, but such an arrangement is the practical solution under the current scenario.

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    Work from home(WFH) is not a new thing for software companies. Many small and big IT or software companies have already used to work from home type as it becomes easy for the employer and the employer to keep a track of their project or assignment anytime and anywhere.

    My friends and cousins are working in the IT field, I have been hearing about WFH from them every time. They do have Saturday and Sunday off but once in a month, they have to work on Saturday from Home and attend to the client. They are even given extra months during their maternity leaves to WFH as it helps the company and the employee. They have even found that productivity is much more than in the company. It also saves time, transportation, Electricity, canteen facility, etc that they normally have to give to their employees.

    During the pandemic situation, many of the It/software employees were busy working in their normal working hours and keeping the system up for others. As the trends have moved to the next level, the companies may even try to continue the same as it saves a lot of money and other overheads.

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    Thanks, everyone for your views. There is a new dimension to this work from home concept, especially for cities like Bangalore, which is the mecca for software companies in India. With work from home becoming the norm, rather than an exception, it is very likely that IT professionals will move away from the congested tech suburbs to the outskirts of the city and thus save on rents and housing costs. One will also gain a better standard of living free from pollution, crowd and traffic. Just read in a news article that the real estate developers in Bangalore are already keeping a keen watch to check whether this work from home concept catches up or not. With real estate development shifting to the outskirts, megacities like Bangalore will then have more equitable development. Infrastructure development like extending the metro network and laying of new roads will pick up pace too. That will give a big boost to economic activity as a whole.
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    This is the major cause why pandemic is not taking a steep rise in Bangalore when compared to other metropolitan cities. Work from home is a blessing to save the jobs and continue it whether the employee us at home or at office.
    We have to be grateful to the employees of such a company for their interest and dedication at work. They are capable of handling the situation in all circumstances.

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