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    Blackboard the unrecognized partner of every student's life

    I don't know how much present generation students are aware about blackboard but I am sure those were completed their schooling by 2000 knows very-well about Blackboard. Blackboard is the learning tool for all students on which Teachers explains lessons and main points of a topic. Apart from this even students were called to explain some topic on blackboard . Blackboard is a partner for every student as it remains their steadily to make students learn topics and note points given by Teachers. Blackboard even makes students loose the stage fear and create leadership values. But for a sad reality Blackboard wont get the needed recognition in a student's life. Share your views .
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    Surely those who are habituated to the blackboard learning cannot forget their past which not only enabled to learn and enhance the knowledge but also made as a good citizen. Modern day children are not accustomed to blackboard as they are more seen the digi board. The black board with the white chalk piece can give the best writing on the board and that is visible to the last benches. Since the writing done with bold letter, there cannot be complaint from the students as to non visibility, non understanding of the words. Blackboard has become the long standing invisible friend of many in education,
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    Whenever we see a post of our old teacher, the first thing that comes to our mind is the way she/he taught us in our class or childhood. As mentioned in the post, those who have studied till 2000 can easily relate themselves with the blackboard. Teachers would write the topic, answers, and even points to explain the chapter. In the primary section, the answers would be written on the board but as we change to secondary, only the main points would be written and the rest would be dictated by the teacher.

    We can even relate the blackboard when we had a free period. It was the normal things in our class monitors to write the names of students talking or making noise in the class. As ours were a sports class, Our monitors would write the names but as any teachers come, he would wipe off the names every time. Even the teachers knew but they took it as a growing age of students. Only major nuisances were punished.

    Every student has some or other relationship with a blackboard. For some, it was a tool to make teacher know that he is a brilliant student, for some it was a frighting experience, for some a chance to get whacked, for some to draw, for some to write quotes, some to highlight house points, for some a boring frame and some an educating tool. Everything that happened is a memory but the best that will always remain in our mind forever.

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    A crisp ad nice write up on the TOW topic by a seasoned member.
    For every generation there are some unique experiences and symbols which bring nostalgia. Blackboard stayed for long . Aschanges and modernisation entered in many fields school black boards also undrwent changes. After some years if ISC raises a similar topic, the keyword may be Smartboard.

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