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    Leaders should be honest about failures as well

    There is no need to mention the name of this Union Minister. This person, who is often seen as the de facto Prime Minister, is on record of saying that the migrants were impatient when they started walking home. This is perhaps the most insensitive statement ever and smacks of sheer arrogance.

    That he is trying to prepare for the Bihar Assembly polls is not a secret. Yet, the gentleman should have been more honest. The migrants were the most neglected lot. Only one or two Southern States were quite ok in at least feeding them to some extent. In Chennai, it was said that they were given free food from the Amma canteens for a while; one really does not know what happened. Around end of April, special trains were organized to get them back to their native places. The so-called "migrant trains" were also diverted and many deaths were reported.

    At least one small two-year-old child, desperately trying to wake his dead mother, went viral. The shocker made its rounds in all media. The rulers should understand the plight of the poor; people are more likely to forgive any leader who apologizes and tries to do something at least now. The examples are aplenty. It was done in Surat. People cooked extra rotis at home and these were given to millions of migrants and local unemployed labor.

    People in power should realize that hunger knows no color or religion or creed or whatever. Any human being who is hungry goes on to commit even murder to satisfy his hunger prangs: sociologists and psychologists who have studied such things have always commented that hunger is the most basic of all evils. Let us not forget this.
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    Leaders should be honest in all aspects not only about failures. They should be honest in all their statements, deeds and other issues. Saying about their successes and throwing the blame in the aspects where they failed on somebody else is never acceptable.
    At the same time, people should also understand and at least should acknowledge the positive points from the government. But we will never do that. We will ignore their positives and talk about negatives only.
    I will definitely say many State governments tried their best for shifting the migrated labours as quickly as possible with the help from the Central government. But there is some problem.
    But in India, we see all failures are attributed to our enemies and all success are attributed to our friends. The same trends continue in this case also.

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    Rao Sir, I beg to differ with you. The Surat model or the Kerala model should have been implemented everywhere. Merely asking the employers to take care of their employees is absolutely stupid to say the least. In any case, when the lockdowns were being extended and the migrants were very hungry, only NGOs offered some help. Why did the State Governments not care about the migrants even then? Do you think our society has no good samaritans who would have offered a good amount of cooked food to the migrants on the way when the trains started moving? Why was no action? It is so easy to talk philosophies and spend eight lakh rupees for the PM's addresses to the nation, every single time.

    But what has happened on the ground? The Governments in the States and at the Centre have totally failed to take care of the migrants. Why is that only Kerala had sanctioned Rs.20,000 crores and also community kitchens with active support from people? Saji Sir may get a bit upset that Kerala's example is mentioned again and again.

    But hat one Sailaji teacher, the health minister of Kerala is not the centre of all attention in India alone; she has received international recognition. Those who often mock at the "Kerala model" as being communist should eat their own words. It is a humanistic model. Sir, let me repeat, even if we feed two people, none will go hungry in this world. We have failed to do this. I mean the entire society as well.

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    And Rao Sir, this year, the virus problem has put an end to Tamil Nadu's temple festivals. How is that society finds its own resources to feed at least ten thousand people in every small town or even a big village? And why did this society fail so badly? Even in Tamil Nadu?

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    "Only one or two Southern States were quite ok in at least feeding them to some extent. ". I can write only from the happenings in Kerala.
    In Kerala the migrant labourers were getting very good wages. The government started insurance scheme for them. The State government started housing complexes for them. One has already started in Palakkad. Others are coming up. The locals treated them well. They got job in various sectors and their population has started changing the demography. Theatres were showing Bengali and Oriya movies. Buses, hotels, etc were displaying destination boards in Hindi, Bengali etc. Local Saturday and Sunday markets opened exclusively dealing in items for their needs. Schemes to teach the children local languages were started. Schools and health centres were started in such colonies. The migrants were well taken care of.
    So much so that during Covid lockdown start, the migrants got such priority attention that locals wren complaining that they were let out and only migrants were taken care of. The government had asked the employers and contractors to feed them and take care of them till some relaxation. There were food supply centres feeding the migrants. Even food packets were door delivered to them in their colonies. Government and local people installed TV and arranged for indoor games for their entertainment.

    But some vested interests penetrated into them and provoked them with unwanted and unrealistic fear. That made them panicky and restless resulting in unnecessary protests and gatherings. They started demanding weird things. They refused the food given to them, asked for their special food, which when given, they demanded something else. On their complaint of not getting sufficient food, authorities visited their premises and found sacks and sacks of food materials pooled and stocked or wasted. When everything was locked down these people opened their petty shop and started dealing. Their actions of defying the lockdown regulations and irresponsible behaviour irked the local people who were treating them well all these days. People started to voice their disapproval and warned them of actions if they did not comply with guidelines. The authorities on investigation found some prima facie evidence of instigation and made some arrests too.
    As in some pockets they were in large numbers even more than the guess and data of the government, the government and local people started seeing something fishy in their finicky behaviour. There are locals who are worse than them. But the migrant were behaving as if under some remote command. All these can be verified om the newspaper and TV news reports in those days.
    So I can see some sense and truth in the reported comment of the Union Minister that the migrants were impatient when they started walking home.

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    For that, leaders have to be honest. We all want honest leaders and want things to function smoothly. Bust just imagine whom we elect to the parliament and assemblies. The Association of Democratic Reforms had mentioned in a report that around 43% elected members in the present Lok Sabha has criminal charges against them. Do you think that people do not know about their criminal backgrounds while electing a candidate? Many people know but they still vote them. The reason for this choice varies. It may be because of intimidation, popularity or a loss of choice but ultimately people select them. No political party is different in this case, only the number varies. As long as we are unable to elect suitable leaders we cannot expect them to function in an honest manner.

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    Leaders are in the habit of distorting the facts and recognising the culture of the people with whom they are conversing, they will make statements suiting to them. They are good at the representation skill. They would spell out the achievements made by them and their parties. Any failure in their tasks is due to the opposing parties and they are in the habit of pin pointing faults of the opponents.
    However, it does not mean that entire elected leaders are of the same temperament, there are a few personalities sincere enough to reach out to the affected migrants but they lack the requisite support from their own parties.
    Nothing concrete can be done unless there is an honest analysis of their failures and the leaders have the urge of helping the distressed people.

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    There are a few leaders who welcomed the people who created chaos and messed with the police. They were given money and provisions after their return from police custodies.
    A few leaders took initiative in supplying food for a few labourers who were in their constituency during the lock down but a few neglected the citizens of their locality. The responsibility of a leader should not only be expressed in paper but he or she has to take active part at the time of hurdles. They have to show their generosity at this point of time which is showed just before elections.

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    Whatever told by the author in the above post is true to some more extent. However, migrants to be protected by the governments. Here one point is to be insisted that governments could not feed such people using the people's money. There are such limits to the government in allocating the budget to such people. Therefore, society have to take the responsibility to give the minimum needs to migrant people. In some places, middle-class people show excellent service by making food for them. A normal primary lady teacher prepared food Maharashtra migrant people when there was no work to them. Such examples are more in every state. Taking such a spirit, everyone has to put some effort to help the migrant people.
    I believe in a positive attitude. I like those who criticize me.

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    I am shocked to know how the migrants behaved in Kerala. If they were pampered and some vested interests made them behave the way they did, it is really sad. But the fact remains that Kerala is now the model for the entire world, and the role of the Government and the voluntary agencies, apart from the integrated medicine that has helped in rapidly curing the patients of their infection, is something that has just not been done anywhere else. How is that the migrants who were so much pampered were misguided? In Tamil Nadu, unfortunately, do not have information about this. As a society, Tamil Nadu has totally failed and the migrants have all gone back. What will happen to a big cluster like Tiruppur is a big question mark.

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    Leaders should be honest in everything. They should be transparent, work hard and accept their failures. Then only they would get complete respect and support from the full cross section of the society. It is true for all others also who are working in the subordinate capacities under the leader. Further, it is more required in case of the administrative machinery which is there below them and remains in action continuously though leaders change every 5-10 years. It is a complex system and only by leaders accepting his faults or failures nothing is going to happen. At most what would happen is opposition and other notorious elements would take advantage of his accepting the failures. A wise leader who has nation as a whole in his perspective would take all these aspects in consideration before making any such suggested exclamation.
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    Honest leaders are on verge of extinction. Late PM Lal Bahadur Shastri as a leader is the best example for integrity, honesty, sincerity, loyalty to the nation and people. Can we imagine that any person who had been a cabinet minister was not a rich man. He even had no car when he became the prime minister of India, despite being the PM of a country he would travel in Tonga with his family. When his son insisted him to buy a car for himself and family he'd not sufficient amount to pay the bill of the car, so he gave application to Punjab National bank for loan of Rs 5,000 to get the fiat car. After his death remaining amount of loan was paid by her wife from her pension. Can you expect this honesty as a leader even from an MLA ?

    It's also said about him when he was the minister of Railways a rail accident occurred in which several people were killed and injured, so having taken his moral responsibility he resigned himself from his office.

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    Just because of one incident of neglect shown on the social media and reflected again and again on media which are working against the government cannot brand the govt or the leaders to admit about their failures when they have done the right thing. Once again the author and other members should understand that this is the new experience for every one who caught unaware of the happenings during the pandemic and the curbs. The migrants were silent and were listening to the advice of the respective state governments but suddenly the opposition parties especially the Congress raised their bogey of their life and safety as they may end their lives without seeing their near and dear ones and that panic made them to take quick actions and even resorting to walking and all sort of problems which the Union Minister was stating. Nevertheless the central govt done the best for everyone.
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    There are very few people in this world who have courage to accept their mistakes in public. Most of them would say that they had not done any mistake and whatever the opposition is alleging is simply to malign them. I have not seen any leader who has publicly accepted some drawback in his plan or program. Most of them are diplomats or intelligent people having enough calibre to camouflage the things under their speeches and mannerism. If they were ordinary persons like us they would not had become a leader of such respect and prominence.
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