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    Permission for resubmitting reply in ask expert section

    To the ask expert section editor
    The status of my reply is moved to pending and requested to make required changes, to resubmit the ask expert reply.

    I am unable to edit as there is restricted access. I request the concerned editor to grant me permission to edit my reply. The link of the question is as below: ask expert question
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    To the forum editor
    I would request you to guide me in this situation.

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    We are checking this out, as to why the edit button is not accessible to you. Please wait.
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    Did you try to use the edit button and make the corrections via your mobile phone? Edits are not possible that way.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Yes, I tried. I struggle with forum also sometimes. Today after checking this message I clicked on edit button but it presented the restricted access page.
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    Dear editor
    Suggest a solution for this problem do that we can concentrate. If something is pending, it has to be cleared to move ahead.

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    Sometimes it happens that our answer is not much relevant or even out of context and then it would be send to pending or deleted category depending upon whichever category it belongs. There is nothing unusual in it. When it is pending, you are supposed to edit it and submit and if it was deleted then simply forget about it, find about your mistake in the earlier reply (it would be seen to you only) and make a fresh correct reply and submit. In your case if edit button is not working then the second option can be chosen if the concerned editor feels it alright and allows for that.
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    Vandana mam,
    Here also same condition. When i go for editing in ask expert section then it shows restriction access. So I am unable for editing in ask expert section. One week ago, the status of my reply was changed to pending and requested to make required correction and resubmit it. Then I made a correct fresh reply and submitted for which they paid cash credit also. But, as of now go for editing then it shows restriction access page. It happens in ask expert section only.

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    Sanchita, can you please try editing an answer that you have submitted and get back here? Kindly provide the URL of that question here in case you face any problem in submitting your answer after editing.

    Sharada, a few members have reported this issue (of not being able to edit pending answers) and the WM is looking into it as it may be a technical issue.

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    Until and unless we understand the situation we cannot provide suggestions. I get to know from the editor, that I have to wait to find solutions to technical issues.
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    My problem of inability to edit my AE answers is also pending. Even today, I am not able to edit my answer to AE question. The editors have tried to help me but it is not possible for them I think.

    Generally I do not monitor closely or frequently whether my answers are approved. I get to know when I see the alerts. Sometimes I log into ISC after some gap of days too. At one time I saw one of my answer pending. But as I could not edit that pending answer, I submitted a new answer. This was sometime ago. May be, more than a month or so. it was first time or after a long time I was seeing my answer pending. So I did not see the inability to edit as a problem and submitted the corrected answer as a new answer post, thinking that was the norm. It got approved also. Since then I started facing the issue of not able to edit my answers even if I noticed the errors.
    So I was compelled to submit answers with errors and naturally a few more answers came to pending. Those also I submitted after correction as new answers and got approved. It was then that I raised this thread. I also informed editor about the persisting problem in a PM as I did not want to distract forum just for my problem.

    There was also one answer pending, which was related to an old question. I requested editors to delete it from pending as I did not want to resubmit it.
    I guess the issue has some relation to pending answers. It is not easy for the members to know the exact problem. romthis thread I understand the issue is faced by some other members also.

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    The Webmaster has been informed again to check out this issue since it is persisting for everyone.
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    When it goes to the restricted access page, can you copy the URL of that page and share it here?
    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Here is the link of the ask expert thread. How long I need to wait for job after registering with the employment exchange . Awaiting your suggestions.
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    I was referring to the URL of the error page when you get the error.
    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    I am giving that URL :This is just one example.

    It is same for other examples also.

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    That URL indicates that you have some pending posts in the Ask Experts section. Can you please check?
    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Yes, it is obvious. I had admitted that in my previous response also.
    I know about two at least. The followin are the URL of the related page.

    ( Pls delete this pending answer as I do not want to resubmit as it is an old thread)

    ( I had resubmitted the corrected answer as a fresh answer., as I could not edit and amend the pending one. Hence pls delete the pending one)

    There can be some similar case like the sl no.2. It may be laborious to scan through all my answer posts and find. Is not there any easy way to find at one glance? This was what I was asking for.
    If there is no other remedy I have to do that only. ( I had deleted the alerts immediatey after re submission. So I cannot fall back on them. Today I kept the latest deliberately to cite.)

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    Here is the link of the restricted access in ask expert section. pending post restricted

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    It is almost ten days and I am still waiting for the reply from the editors. I hope the ask expert section editor will not delete my post.
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    Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Please follow the below link to see your pending answers:

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Sharada, the needful has been done about your pending posts. Please check and confirm whether you are still facing the problem with editing your submitted posts in the section.

    Same goes with Venkiteswaran sir too.

    “It is better to change an opinion than to persist in the wrong one." – Socrates

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    Thank you webmaster and lead editor for your support. The issues have taken care off.
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    Yes, I also checked now . I was able to edit in an old( since deleted) answer.

    Thanks to all who had put in their attention in this regard.

    Update: Rechecked with another answer. The issue is solved now. Thanks.

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