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    Roadside food shops are also opened

    Many relaxations were given for lockdown. People started moving out. The number of cases is increasing day by day. But how many of us are having the fear. I think many of the people are not understanding the problem and its severity.
    Yesterday evening just I have gone to a medical shop near my house. On the way, I have seen Pani Puri shops and mirchibajj shops are opened and people are going and eating those items without any hesitation. The vendor is dipping in the Pani and serving Pani Puri to all.
    I shocked to see that and if this situation continues I feel we may see more cases in the coming days. How to control?
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    In many cities the roadside sales cannot be stopped as cater well vendors and consumers. People who cannot afford hotels for small items roadside shops are good. At the same time the vendors should also not cheat the customers in quality and price. They should keep cleanliness to the possible extent.

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    It's an hour of huge panic, hue and cry. The number of cases of the pandemic virus is increasing at a rapid pace. People have to be more and more cautious. I read in the news that from June 8, religious places, malls and food centres are going to be opened. This decision is made due to decrease in the economy value of the country. Even in my area, I heard that pani puri shops are opened and people are carelessly having it. It's an alarming hour. I found out that in Israel, after 2 weeks of reopening of schools and colleges, around 244 students were tested positive virus. It's so unfortunate to be a victim and quarantined.
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    The hotels and restaurants have taken steps to use sanitizers, paper plates, spoons and paper cups for serving food and beverages but what will road side food shops do ? They do not have money to arrange their shops, to serve the food then where can they invest money for these paper plates.
    The only option is using of plantain leaves which is an immediate procedure to be followed. Later on as their income increases they can improve their quality of services.

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    It seems the central and state governments are now taking the virus light and from the talks of the TS health Minister it proves. He said that the positive cases need not rush to the hospitals instead they can be stay put in their own house and follow the medication. That means the hospitals are running short of beds and having opened further curbs like temples, eateries and malls, the surge of cases would be more and hence the Minister warned to mend our own ways. The people behavior is tested now. How far they are going to follow the social distancing, wearing the mask and sanitizing the hands. Moreover when the road side eateries are opened the surge of children towards the snack kiosks would be more and the hotels need to restrain the rush and only confine to the parcels. We have to wait and see what would be public behavior in the coming days.
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    Govt has taken a conscious decision to relax and open up the closed places for the customers to visit. It is a bold decision and everyone is afraid of the adverse consequences out of this liberty. But Govt has no alternative as a long lockdown is also not a practical solution. Now all eyes would be on the graph of the pandemic and its rate of increasing. Once that goes beyond a certain limit Govt would be forced to announce the lockdown. Interesting thing is that state Govt has not to wait now for the central Govt for it, rather take decision at its own level. If we wait for central Govt for every decision then we would be doing a great mistake of judgement and it would also reflect as if we are not able to take a prudent decision. This is the time that all state Govt should gear up and cooperate with central Govt to contain and eradicate this evil. As a citizen many responsibilities are on our head also and if we are not following the guidelines then we ourselves are responsible for spread of this infection more and more. This is the time for total unity and integrity but by remaining at least a meter away from each other.
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    Due to opening up of market and religious places, people would crowd these places as usual with their old habits and may not taken precautions as needed if we want to live with this virus till it is contained successfully. The precautions require not only medical sense but more of common sense to avoid mistakes in our activities or action. A small mistake can lead to deadly results. Today what we required is a disciplined crowd and not merely a crowd. We have to keep our fingers crossed and pray God to help us in containing this deadly pandemic infection created by the virus.
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    To some extent this is good also. People were so panicked till now. Now they have almost reconciled to the fact that we have to live with the fear of the virus. So people have got a false courage. It may give some psychological well being .Probably that mental disposition may make the body resist the virus also.
    Sitting locked out made the mind wander in all negative thoughts. But generally people have settled for wearing the mask and using sanitizer and soap wash too.
    So if the same tempo of requiring preventive precaution is kept up and simultaneously the medical facilities are upgraded and enhanced by capacity by the authorities, I think soon the situation may come under some control.

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