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    From where to learn to become a businessman?

    If you wish to become an engineer you study engineering ( B.Tech) of the desired branch, if you wish to be a doctor you study MBBS, for a lawyer, it's LLB and so on. Ask any child about what she/he wants to become after growing up and the answer will vary according to the likings of the child and for most of such professions, there is a degree associated with it. From childhood, the common intention is to study hard and get admitted in a reputed institution to study the subject of one's choice. In many cases, the subjects are chosen by the parents of the kids too. They all compete to get their desired job. There are business schools that teach the ways of managing the business and the pass-outs from the reputed business schools are hired by renowned organizations. You will hardly find a good student jumping into managing her/his own business until it's a family business. Entrepreneurship and business are not the same things. Entrepreneurship is mostly associated with converting a new idea into business but just for being a trader the entrepreneur tag will not suit you. So, how to learn to be a businessman? Is there any school or college from where you can study to become a businessman? For example, after asking the choice of profession to a group of students, two students told you that they wish to become a businessman and the rest chose the conventional field of a doctor, engineer, architect, lawyer etc. What would be your suggestion to those two who want to become businessmen?
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    There are departments under state governments in all major cities namely District Industries Centers and Central Government office Small Industries Service Institute. These sections are conducting special short time courses and programmes for aspirant entrepreneurs. Charges for such programmes are comparatively less (sometimes no fees) and subsequent aids /helps they are providing for such people.

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    There are so many colleges offering Masters degree in business administration where entrepreneurship is one if the core subjects. Amity business school, Noida is one such institutions providing a two years MBA course.
    IGNOU also provides a certification course in entrepreneurship for two years with a minimum fees. The basic qualification to be completed is pretty university ( class 12) under distance learning.

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    It is true that there are some degrees like MBA nowadays which can be pursued before venturing into the business so that one can run the business in a scientific and structured way. But that is not the only thing that matters. Business requires a sharp skill and inclination to do hard work as there are many ifs and buts there in that arena. Business is not the cup of tea of everyone. Easiest thing is apply for a job and take the salary from the organisation and all the risks and responsibilities of the business are with that organisation only and if that particular organisation closes down then search a job elsewhere. Most of the people follow this path rather than starting on their own which itself shows that business is a tough terrain. There is no simple way to learn business. Sometimes we have observed that even the children of some successful businessmen have no interest in business and go for white collar jobs.
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    In this regard I would advice the author to work for few days with a Marwadi shop of any business and surely you will learn the trick of the business for sure. I have many Marwari friends and they will give little education to their child just to understand the currency and how to give the change for right denomination and little education of English. That is enough for them to make their child the future businessman. They would make him to toil as the worker and then give the responsibility of the cash dealing. And slowly their community arrange a marriage for the boy and they would set up the Kirana stores at a up coming area and they will start their own life and of course the society would support. I have never seen a Marwari failing in his business as he comes as the tenant and even purchase the same building with shop and becomes the owner within short period.
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    Business is a profession but it may not be learned in any reputed college or school. For example, a person is living in a metropolitan city. He comes to his native place during the Covid-19 crisis. Presently, he has no work in his hand. But, he has to live for his food and shelter. Then the person chose to buy mango fruits. A person comes to him to bargain with the mango fruits. For the margin asked by the customer, the person gives his own margin. Finally, the fruits are sold by different people in that locality. It is true that it happened. Here, one point is to be insisted that which skill made the person buy the fruits. Whatever the author asks to know that skill was mentioned by the person at that time. There is no course needed for that person to learn how to buy mango fruits. It is the instinct in the person to learn new skills and techniques thereby he can live happily during any crisis. That can be trained by parents and society.
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    I agree that the business is a cup of tea for all. Even though we finish our MBA from a very good and famous business school we may have all the required qualities to start the business. That is why what many people do is that they will go for a job in a good organisation and learn all the required points while working there. They will put up some 5 to 6 years service and then they start their own business. They will be successful. Their experience is an on the job training for them which gives many inputs regarding the problems we may encounter in our business and what are the ways and means to come out of that, how to take forward our business in difficult times. They are more useful to the person in running the business successfully. The knowledge they get during this period is very good than the knowledge they gained during their studies in a reputed business school. I know many people who did this and successful in their endeavours.
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    Practical knowledge, field work and research is necessary for starting a business. Finance is one of the key element along with machines and human resource.
    So after attaining the certificate one has to spend some time in the real world to get to know about the whereabouts of business ups and downs.

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    A lot of bussiness acumen ship can be learnt under the the supervision of a bussiness man having vast experience in his line. You can have such skill from the Marwaris. Jainees or even from Punjabis. It needs a lot of sacrifice from the younger generation to mark all activities under a given environment. For all such events, you may not get inputs from the bussiness man, you will have to learn yourself the intricacies associated with the bussiness. You should have the right passion for a particular bussiness and no one would prevent you from making any bussiness query from the employees working over there. There may not be your timely lunch or breakfast but your learning process will sustain under the competitive environment. Such an exposure will definitely help in achieving the practical experience.
    MBA schools have different domains such as Finance, Human Resources, IT, Marketing etc providing you insights applicable for the larger organisations.
    The lesson of Human resources can be had from the bussiness men having sufficient experience in their own lines.

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    The thread starts with a title question: From where to learn to become a businessman? It ends with another question; "What would be your suggestion to those two who want to become businessmen?"
    I would start with the latter question. I would suggest to the two who wanted to be businessmen "Go ahead, best wishes". If someone after undergoing four years of professional course and wants to do business then that means they know something about business, they have the inner urge to do business. I am not a businessman. I don't have any business acumen. So I am not competent to advise them or give them any suggestions. They need encouragement. I can suggest them how to avail loan from a bank for their business capital. and working funds.
    If someone thinks that he can start a business after learning business from universities that is just a false thinking. Business needs an entrepreneur mind. Learning business can be only by doing business. One who has entrepreneurship can get advantage from university learning on various aspects of business, which can help him to run his business better and more efficiently. It can help him to understand the various statutory aspects in a business. Learning business management can help an entrepreneur to fine tune his business, expand it with proper planning and targeting. It can help him managing his resources optimally and to the maximum return.
    A person with entrepreneurship mind learning business management is like a talented artist improving his talent by joining a fine arts college. It adds value to his talents and helps him to properly utilise his talent and even monetise it. But a person without entrepreneurship mind trying to do a business just by learning business management is like a person trying to paint after learning from fine arts college. It will lack the natural finesse and creativity coming from innate talent.

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