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    Which were your favourite and happy campus spots?

    While we laboured through our academic years to gain an education, we also enjoyed the camaraderie on campus, lunchtime, and other breaks, not to mention the free periods when the teacher was absent. During such delightful times away from burying our heads in historical eras, formulas, and what-not, I am sure there were some interesting places on the campus where you liked to either sit alone by yourself, letting your imagination roam free or read a book from the library, or spend time giggling and gossipping with your friends or playing a fun informal game (not the formal co-curricular activities of sports/games).

    Let's share our happy spots on campus, whether in school, college, or the university and how these spots were hubs for some enjoyable activities (and I don't mean naughty ones).
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    We had two campuses in our college the science and the commerce but hardly would students go to the other building. Me and my friends had the curiosity to visit the other campus which was an external or wonderful world for us. This imagination was broken once we visited it.
    We would wander around in our canteen and spend some time under the thick, big, tall trees whose shade was cool and set back our minds free from all hurdles.
    The environment of our campus was filled with greenery as we admired to talk a walk just to complete one period and join the next. Sometimes library grabbed our time, a spacious room to sit quietly amongst our friends.

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    I was studying in my class VII in Mission Intermediate School in my home town and as the place was in the remote hills of Uttarakhand state, we had to climb a hillock to reach the school situated at the top of it. It was about 2 km from my house and we had to walk up the narrow zig-zag road to the school. There were about 40 students in the class but we had a close knit group of 6 students who used to be together in any activity especially a fun activity. As our school started at 10 AM we used to take our food in the morning itself and in the school used to get some mid-day-meal snacks from the school side during the recess. We had a slightly longer interval for the recess and then we used to go behind a nearby small hillock which was at a stone's throw from our school. There we used to chit-chat loudly, slide on the grassy slopes and enjoyed much even during that recess. This was a routine and if we did not go there we felt as if we missed something great.
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    In our college, we always need a free period and boys and girls go into the ground and play Gilli danda. The girls of our college have fond to play this local game and we boys were forced to play that game. Some boys didn't have the interest to play and they were happy to watch only.

    We also enjoyed playing Antakshri and our professor also interest he had a good voice and we forced him to sing the song even in the running period to relax.

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    During my college days, our favorite and happy campus spot was outside the campus. It was a shop just a minute far from our college. We would always gather there and then make any planning, from cutting the class, bunking, going for movies, beach, etc. We had another college which was nearby and we would be there for the known reason.

    We had both boys and girls in our group and thus we had to maintain our equilibrium but would talk about anything and everything. On Saturdays, we would bunk our college class and meet at the nearby local ground and play cricket. This was a normal thing for us but we would try our best to cover-up for the lost attendance by attending other days.

    The spot that we use to sit had a tapri(tea shop) from where we would drink masala chai and then have normal discussions about our subject, teacher, movies, courses, cricket or sports, school life, and any other topic that was ongoing in the current day. We enjoyed our college days with small group and little money.

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    My school had a small campus, but had a very big Banyan tree with plenty of roots hanging from the top. The diameter of the tree is about eight feet. A cemented platform was constructed around the tree having a breath of approximately five feet. During our leisure period, we used to hold the roots and swing like Tarzan. Many students won't come to the tree, fearing that a devil is living on that tree. We used the platform to lye and rest after lunch. Alas! the tree is not there now.
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    In our Andhra Universitywe had a beautiful garden just opposite to the canteen. Our Chemistry department was very near to that place. I and another three friends used to go to that place and sit when we get some free time. People from all the departments will be coming there to having tea. ALmost 30 to 35 minutes we will be sitting there and enjoying the time.
    Our University is having a very vast area and many trees on the campus and used to look beautiful. Our hostel is also there on the campus. So evenings we used to walk from the hostel to Venkateswara prayer hall and come back.
    Even though it is not on the campus the beach is very near to the campus and Sunday evenings we used to go there and stay there for some time. There is a very big open-air auditorium and many days some or the other programme used to go on. We used to visit that place also in the nights.

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    My school was about two kilometres from my house. We would go walking to reach our schools. The best enjoyment period was the PT period as we were taken to a big ground which was located about half a mile from our school. The walk and talk rule was followed here. We enjoyed the exercises with discipline and played with enjoyment. There was a big banyan tree where we could relax before we reached back to our school.
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    During my graduation I was going to the nearby PG college in our town and we had some vacant periods in between the regular ones. So, sometimes we had good time to ourselves and myself and two of my friends were going to the garden near the college and sat there for sometime and gossiped much. It was really very entertaining pastime and we all still remember that phase of our lives.
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    The best thing during my college time was that our hostel was just near the college campus. We used to come to hostel during the free period to take rest. Although we had a good library in our college and used to devote time there .

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    Looks like quite a few of you had off-campus favourite spots rather than within the campus premises itself. For me, at school, we could just gather not only in the playground, but even in the corridor outside the classroom to chit-chat. At college, it would be a large empty common spacious area where students used to practice for competitions and here we would meet during breaks between lectures. I liked the college library as well to spend a quiet moment with books that I used as reference for various subjects. Of course, the college canteen was also a fun place to enjoy some snacks and share light moments.
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