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    Sleep is the best escape in life

    Sleep is the most vital task in human life. It helps to recharge the human body. Human body is like a engine. People who work from day to night have to face health issues due to lack of sleep. Its recommended to sleep atleast for 7-10 hours. Sleep helps in alleviating stress and anxiety. New ideas and fresh mind is gained due to peaceful sleep. Avoiding sleep can be fatal. The human body requires time to heal and bedrest improves the metabolism of the human body. Many serious problems like constipation can be avoided with better hours of sleep as food would be digested properly.
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    Sound sleep is the requirement of every one and if they defy the sleep and allot the time of timely pleasure then they have to experience the bad day next day. Sleep disorders has become the new disease and even separate doctors are having their clinics inside the big hospital. It proves that people are not giving prominence to the sleep and they invariably for for the night parties and next day being working day, they try to wake up early and feel the nausea, head ache and above all the swings. For the small kids below 2 years 22 hours of sleep is the must, and for the children between 3 to 5 they need to sleep `16 hours and for the youth and young ones they need to sleep for 10 hours and for the elders they need to sleep at least for 6 hours to be active next day. If the sleep is good and sound there is no heath issues.
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    A good sleep is better than consuming so many supplements and nutrients for our health. A person who gets a deep sleep is the most lucky person as his stress level would be very less. A good sleep is the source of great energy and renewed vigour in our lives. Unfortunately, many people suffer from sleep disorder and go to the doctors and experts for getting it cured. Lack of sleep distorts our lives and affects our mental and physical strengths to cope up with the work and other challenges. There are many methods and measures to get good sleep and affected people follow them to achieve this great gift of nature to us.
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    The author mentioned a very important point. Sleep is essential for all human beings. If there is no sufficient sleep you will get tired easily and you can't do other activities with full vigour and force. Once we have a good sleep our mind will settle down and no anxiety and we can participate in activities with full strength. If you spend two days without any sleep for the next week you can't come out of that fatigue and will be a very inactive entire week.
    A healthy person can sleep well. Sleeplessness will be an indication of some health problem in our body.

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    Sound sleep would revitalise your metabolism. High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Tiredness, Constipation etc are the results of poor sleeping habits. If sleeplessness continues for a prolonged period, it could invite heart - problems and Dementia. If sleepiness is associated with so many diseases how the same could be tackled?
    The solution to this problem lies in averting over sensitivity causing spike of our stress level. If you are addicted to mobile and TV glueing in the late hours, please keep a check on this habit. You may resort to some therapy such as application of sesame oil on your bare feet with the gentle massaging for five minutes prior to sleep. This will help in inducing sleep. One most important thing regarding the dinner. Avoid heavy dinner and take it prior to 8 pm in the night so that you are at bed by 10 pm in night.

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    It is said that for a healthy body sound sleep is a pre requisite. This is very true. People who do not get sound sleep or have disturbed sleep patterns would be always feeling low and subdued in their active hours.
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    Sound sleep is a necessity to remain fit just like a balanced diet and physical work. There are many disorders which our body may have due to improper sleep.

    It is said that inadequate sleep can negatively impact the function of our brain to a similar degree as alcohol intoxication.

    Sleeping less than 7–8 hours per night is linked to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

    So one should take proper sleep to keep him/herself healthy.
    Poor sleeping patterns are strongly linked to depression, particularly for those with a sleeping disorder.


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    One has to sleep well to revitalize the mind and body and that's why a good quality of sleep is essential. The problem is a large percentage of people suffer from a sleep disorder and when that goes out of control it can create a lot of health issues. Sleep disorder has something to do with anxiety and depression and since depression is on the rise we find a sharp increase in the cases of sleep disorder. I remember, a few years ago WHO said that by 2020 depression is going to be the second leading cause of diseases throughout the world and we are now in 2020. The present pandemic is another cause of sleep disorder as our worry is increasing on a daily basis. People who are having a sleep disorder need to find out the reason for it and must address it to get rid of the situation. Everyone needs a good quality of sleep and we must plan our routine in such a way that the pattern of sleep is not disturbed. Staying calm can help the situation a lot. One can also meditate which will provide nice results. Whatever may be the case, no one should neglect a sleep disorder and must consult a health professional before it goes out of control. After all, if we think of sleep as the best escape in life then we can surely do something so that we can remain distracted and go to the dreamland from the busy routine of our daily lives.

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    Sleep is not an escape. It is a biological necessity to refresh our body and mind. We have control on our sleep to a very small extent only. If we consciously avoid sleep continuously for some period and keep ourselves awake by some means, we cannot prolong for more. Either we will fall asleep automatically somehow or we will face physical and mental problems. The person may collapse due to exhaustion. Then it may need medical intervention and cause sleep by sedation.
    Sleep does not have any alternative or substitute and is an essential need for our life. The ideal situation for a healthy adult is good sleep of about 6 to 8 hours in a cycle of twenty-four hours

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    Sleep is very essential and necessity to life. It is common for everyone from humans to animals and even plants. Good sleep helps to revitalize the mind and body and recharge the human body with energy. It is a remedy to power our different parts of the body to function properly and help to function as required. Good sleep helps to remove stress, anxiety, heal or repair itself, refreshen our mind and even help to focus or concentrate. The food that we eat is properly digested and absorbed by our body as every organ is able to perform its function properly. This helps to eliminate the other disease that spring up due to the non-functionality of our organs.

    When it is said that "sleep is the best escape in life", my point would say- No! Sleep is a biological necessity of our body and as anything needs rest after a certain period so also our body needs rest to repair itself. When we sleep, we relax and forgets about what is happening or happened and that is what is required.

    Many people sleep for 6-8 hours but we cannot say that it is good to sleep. When we refer to good sleep, it means to be free for our stress and tension and be able to rise up fresh. Some sleep for only 4-6 hours but get up fresh while some sleep8-10 hours but still feel dull. The more sound or good sleep we get, the more energetic, positive and focused we become.

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