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    4 bananas a day improves health

    Banana are rich source of potassium. Potassium is a chemical constituents which is vital in the human body for proper functioning and improves metabolism. Banana helps in gaining weight. Four long yellow banana contains approximately 630 calories. On an average basis, a human body requires 1500-2000 calories. Banana may be taken alongwith milk or oats in order to gain weight. Banana is a fruit which henceforth acts like a fiber in the human body. It helps to alleviate eating disorder, constipation and improves digestion of heavy food.
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    Fruits are good for health. Elders suggest to add at least five fruits and vegetables every day to improve our immunity. One of Kerala bananas known as nenthra pazham are a good stack of potassium, calcium, folate and B6. One can consume a ripened banana when it has its peel black in colour with a glass of milk for breakfast would suffice for a moderate person.
    Drinking fresh fruit juices is also good for health as our body consists more than 70% of water.

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    Banana is good for health. But eating four long yellow bananas is not good for health. Too much potassium is no good for our body. Four medium size bananas would do good. A child can have one medium banana a day. Adults can have two long bananas a day. Along with bananas, it is good to eat other fruits.

    During my childhood days, I loved eating bananas. Unfortunately, one day, when I was eating the banana, one of my relative ladies, put on her evil eye on me and said, " Oh My God. Look at this boy. How he eats the bananas." Since that day, I could not eat any banana for many long years. The banana did not taste me good. I resumed eating banana fruits only when I was 21.

    Now I am a diabetic. Banana is a forbidden fruit for me. It helps to increase the blood sugar level.

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    It is customary in every south Indian home to have banana as the compulsory fruit be purchased often because the same is offered to the God after daily puja. Irrespective lf knowing the major benefits of eating banana , the fruit is offered to the children and they love to eat. In Delhi I have seen the street vendors mixing the masala by pealing the banana and stuffing the same with masala and that gives the unique taste of hot and salt. People would throng to such vendors and within minutes the whole banana would be sold. But I was informed by the elders at home that banana would sustain the hungry for some time and those who want to have the food urgently they can have two banana and that would sustain them for at least two hours. And by daily having the banana the stomach disorder would vanish and the digestion would be free from any bottlenecks.
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    The food intimated for improving health by the author is well-known to everyone. But, they do not know about constituents in banana. Banana is very much helpful to students because it increases oxygen levels in the body. It boosts instant energy as it has Glucose ingredients which help to fulfill the hungry person to feel comfort after eating one banana. In cognitive development, its support is excellent because memory power will be increased to students. Before going to exams, if one banana is eaten by a student then its work is shown in examination hall. That do not mean that banana writes exam. It gives potentiality and stamina to sustain the body on the given work. For easy digestion, banana is more helpful because it gives a helping hand to acids in the digestive system.
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    Banana is a very nourishing and sumptuous fruit item and contains many minerals and nutrients. People take it regularly as a part of their food intake either with milk or in different preparations. To me, 4 numbers of banana a day seem to be on a higher side as banana would give good quantity of sugar to us which might have an adverse effect on our health. It is said that we should take our food in moderation and take variety of things but again not in excess. That is the mantra that many health and weight conscious people follow and are benefited much.
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    No doubt, banana is a portion of healthy food. But is it correct to take 4 bananas a day? If we take 4 bananas a day it will be very hefty and we will never feel hungry. If only bananas a day 4 can be ok. But in addition to 4 bananas if we go for other food also it will be very hefty and you may gain weight. So one should decide the quantity as required by them.
    I think banana is not advisable for diabetic patients. The sugar levels in this fruit will be very high and the doctor suggests not to take banana by these patients.
    Fruits are good for health and we should consume seasonal foods that are available in the markets. Summer we will have many mangoes. So we can consume mangoes. But if rains start mango is not advisable. Different fruits at different times will be good for our health.

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    Most of the fruit are good for health. Banana is one of them. Banana contains potassium which helps in improving our metabolism rate. It helps in gaining weight as well as improves our digestive system. Any kind of fruit is healthy for body when it is consumed in moderate quantity. I think 4 bananas is too much. As doctor suggest to have one banana daily for good health if you are not diabetic. As banana contains high sugar level which may prove unhealthy for sugar patient. If you are fatty then try to avoid it.

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    Banana is a part of food during functions. In some functions they serve them on the plantain leaves and in a few they keep them along with beetal leaves, consumed after a heavy lunch.
    Elachi banana is very famous in South India and we can eat four as they are very small in size.

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    Interesting to add,
    It would be very delicious and tasty if we add little masala to the yellow or green banana. I generally eat a green banana with coconut chutney. Have you ever tried? If no, please experience it.

    As mentioned by Sharada, I take Elachi banana which is Okay for diabetics.

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    I consider one banana a day as a sufficient nutritional intake as we are taking many other fruits / vegetables / food items / cereals / milk etc in a day. So, along with so many healthy foods one banana would suffice.
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    I take a smll banana fruit everyday after lunch or dinner. It is not the lage size Kerala banana, butthe small size yellow one.Mya be one wil be weighing 60-70 grams avergae.

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