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    What would you do to earn some money in that situation?

    Let us do one fun exercise and speculate and conjecture our actions in that situation. This is also relevant for the people who are struggling to make a career in this competitive world after completing their education. Even students can give their ideas as what would they do in that imaginary situation. All can participate in this exercise including the senior citizens.

    The situation is that you are asked by your family to earn money on your own for next couple of weeks say a month without any appreciable help from them. They would only give you some returnable money for your local transport, food, snacks and tea when you are outside and you are welcome in the house in the evening for a good dinner and shelter as usual. After a month whatever you have earned would become a benchmark that without any help from the house you can earn something by going outside on your own. I give one example that one can prepare some hot selling snacks in the house and then take them outside in the streets and sell and give the material cost back and keep the remaining with him. There could be many possibilities like that. Please note that no work is inferior and we should have dignity of labour. Please give your ideas what would you would do in such a condition? What is the plan in your mind to earn in that situation? Please remember the help and support from the house members is returnable at the time of the calculating your earnings. So take loan as less as possible. Please contribute your views.
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    The basic need of a person is Roti, Kapdaa aur Makaan (Food, clothes and Shelter) We can stay in a hut and wear ordinary clothes, but we need some simple and healthy food to survive. So, our earning should meet the food requirement.

    I think the author is not asking about huge earning, but some money for survival.

    The author of this thread has shown an example of making hot snacks and selling it on the road. It requires time and effort. If the items are not sold on that day, it would become a waste. During my youth days, I used to hear the phrase - Agar kaam nahim milaa tho, Chana bejke jeevan kujarenge (If I don't get a job, I will sell peanut and live)

    Here also, I recommend the same business. It doesn't need any much money to invest. Raw peanuts bought for Rs. 100/- can be sold for Rs. 300/-. A profit of Rs. 200/-. The labour is only just to fry the peanuts. It is not hard labour. The seller has to find a crowded place with floating people to do this business. It is not only peanuts but anything that is consumable and readily available. Cucumber selling is another money-making business. Cut the cucumber neatly, make some design. It will be sold like a hot cake during the summer.

    What I recommended is only for the old, not for the young. However, youngsters also can go for this business, provided they value and respect the Dignity of Labour.

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    For me during this pandemic or normal situation, I would prefer giving tuitions to children upto 9th standard. We can get children from our own locality and can split it into two or three batches. For the primary section, we can keep in the morning for two hours. For secondary upto 7th standard in the evening upto 5 pm and for 8th and 9th standard, from 5 - 7 PM. If the number of students is less say only 5, then will keep only 1 batch. The fees of the students will change according to the class. This way, I will be able to earn some amount.

    The second option can be a data entry job. There are many companies that give their data entry work to others. These are even available through online registration. I would target to complete atleast 10-50 pages or roughly 500/- per day. This will also help to earn some amount.

    The 3rd option would be growing organic vegetables and fruits. There is ample place in the backyard of our house. I can either do it on the land or through grow-bags. It may be difficult at the start but with the help of parents and the panchayat, I think it will be an excellent way to grow organic vegetables and fruits and sell it in the market. It will take time to get the first payment but will be a help to self, family and society.

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    My doubt is - How are you going to get the students for your tuition classes during the pandemic. All are supposed to remain at home and maintain social distancing. No students will come to your home or you can visit their home. All blocked. Growing organic vegetables and fruits in your backyard or terrace on grow bags would consume time, and their growth and yield cannot be guaranteed.

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    Since we are educated and many parents are unable to give the tuition to their children, this is the best opportunity I would use to tell the students the tuition of their choice subject or all subject and I shall visit the homes one after other with arranged timings. Even five to six tuition per day would be the good amount earner as per me. Even if 1000 rupees per candidate is charged, 6000 would be earning in one month, and the satisfaction of having educated a child during the stay at home period would give much relief to our family as instead of wasting time with them I have gone for telling tuition to earn.
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    I started my life like this only. I was getting a scholarship for my research and with me, my brothers and sisters were there with me for their studies and I am the only earning member. That fellowship what I was getting is not sufficient for our expenses. I have taken a decision that I should not ask any money from my father as he was struggling with less income and he has to take care of my mother and remaining brothers and sisters in our native place. Then I started teaching to BE/ B Tech entrance examination in an institute in the mornings and evenings and I used to get good money and we were able to manage the show with that money and I could send some money every month to my father. This is my real experience.
    If I have to think of earning some money now, I plan for selling the masks to my friends who are consuming huge quantity in their organisations. I have a sewing machine and I know how to use it. I use the money given by my family members to purchase the cloth and even I can get some advance from the organisations where I can supply.
    Another option is to supply a sanitising solution to them. I know the ratios and I can mix them and supply them. That will be some good money.

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    Stitching dress, blouse, Saree falls, frocks and even masks are a few thoughts through which you can earn but arranging the customers by reducing the price by two to five will make a vast difference.
    I saw a family who was selling pakodas in front of his house every evening. It was a busy street on the main road. This will help his financial situation.

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    I would prepare hot pakodas and aaloo bonda and sell it with pav. I am sure because of its reasonable price it would sell quickly and even if I do it in the breakfast time or in the afternoon and evening, I can easily pocket a profit of 300-400 per day and in a month I would be able to raise about Rs 10000.
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    Members have given some good ideas to earn money while 'on their own' and that is actually the doctrine of self employment rather then searching a salaried job in work places and organisations.
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