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    Green Vegetables - Rich source of nutrients

    Green vegetables are a rich source of nutrients. Spinach, broccoli, lady finger, gourd, bitter gourd, green chilly and many more contain essential nutrients needed by the human body. Leafy green vegetables are a rich source of vitamins. They help in metabolism and improves health condition. Diseases are prevented and cured if in the diet these type of vegetables are included. Prevention is better than cure. Eyesight is improved and skin problems are alleviated. Food is digested with ease. Good and healthy food helps to maintain a sound body and mind. Stress level is reduced.
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    In our house we often use green leafy vegetable like Palak and methi. With Palak we prepare the the Palak pappu which goes well along with Avakkai pickle. Likewise the methi leafy chutni is good for health and it will last long also.. In a week at least twice or thrice we prepare the leafy vegetable as the vendor would come with very fresh variety of all leafy vegetables like Palak, thota kura, Methi, dania leaves and mirchi. And ever we go for Gogura leaves chutni which is also tasteful and long lasting. In our colony we have curry leaves in many homes and they give us for free and from that also good chutni can be prepared. And all these leafy items are digestible and good for health.
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    Yes. All the points are true. A vegetarian will be more healthy than nonvegetarian. Consuming good vegetables daily in our lunch and dinner there will not be any health issues. Every vegetable will have its merits. That is why we consume different vegetables each day. Leafy vegetables are really good for health. That is why doctors suggest us to eat leafy vegetables. we should be careful with vegetables also these days. People all using many synthetic chemicals for the production of these vegetables. Thay uses many insecticides and pesticides and the traces will be there with these vegetables. So we should wash them thoroughly before we eat or we cook them.
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    Mint, coriander leaves, curry leaves are also good for health. Vegetables are a rich source of nutrients but sometimes it is very costly can cannot be affordable.
    Amongst the leafy vegetables there are few to be named, the raddish and carrot leaves. It is a good source of iron and carrot leaves can be used for decoration. It can be consumed just like coriander leaves in little quantities. In villages, ladies are very knowledgeable in choosing a few edible green leaves fit for health. They choose the right plant or climber and bring fresh cut leaves to cook. This makes them healthier.

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    Rasam in which coriander leaves makes it more taste that everyone can like it. Same leaves in sambar which give extra taste to it. Palak leaves and Chukka leaves combination with onion petals gives more strength to children. It protects them from seasonal diseases and thereby increases the immunity power in them. Comparing with green vegetables, the leafy vegetable cost is low and they are energetic. Blood improvement in the body is especially maintained through using leaf vegetables. Curry leaf is the main food in any curry or rasam or sambar. Raw curry leaves help more to the eyes to clear the flaws in eyes. Some people put aside these leaves in curry and eat. This is a blunder mistake. They have to know the importance of it in a health angle.
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