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    Birthday Greetings. How to greet a Birthday boy or a girl? Let us learn.

    We all celebrate our Birthdays, and we greet others on their Birthdays. In my title, I asked How to greet a Birthday boy or girl. Generally, we call a person celebrating Birthday as Birthday Boy or Birthday Girl irrespective of their age. He/she could be 100 years old or one year young. Yet they are boys and girls.

    We always use a standard phrase - "Wish you Many Happy Returns of the Day/ Happy Birthday to you".

    Do you have any special phrases other than the above to greet? Why not we share them here for us to use them in future. Let your greetings be in English only.
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    Wishes, I believe should originate from the bottom of our hearts. They aren't a thing to be copy pasted. For many different birthday wishes and a huge number of quotes on each and every type of occasion are found on Internet these days. One simply needs to type on google 'birthday wishes' or any other quote one wants to search for and there comes a great list of wishes awaiting for our eyes to seek their potential to impress someone. But they all sound copied and fake. Sending such wishes can't generate a trust in the bonding nor do they encourage warmth in relations.

    A true wish is something that comes from within. But then they shouldn't be monotonous as if the same line is spoken to one and all and on every occasion. To include a push in the wishes we should first understand the age group we are wishing to.
    A child who loves playing and eating should be given wishes for his health and increase in the number of his toy storage or he may be blessed to be a cricketer, a footballer etc. This will infuse a spark in his body and he will love your wishes.
    A teen who is sailing between his studies and love blooms should be blessed for both these things catered by a precautionary advice. This will generate a blush and a responsible feeling in him.
    A person from 20 to 30 should be blessed for an increment in his salary and a good job blessing will enthuse a greater current in him.
    A person more than 30 and less than 45 should be given some happy go lucky blessings as they are so tired of work and responsibilities that they want some relaxation.
    A person more than 45 should be told that he is worthy and honorable in the society and should always be an inspiration for people.
    A person more than 60 doesn't need blessing just a gentle caressing and some time spend with them giving importance to their thoughts accompanied by their flavor dishes will certainly give them a blasting birthday treatment.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    I like your expanded response. While you said about the six categories of people and suggested as to what is to be told and wished. But you haven't said How to wish them.

    I Would appreciate if you give six example wishes here. It will help us to frame the greetings of our own. Be a guide and lead, for us to follow.

    No life without Sun

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    Greeting people for birthday can be done in various small forms. Small gifts, favourite things of the individuals as a surprise gift, handmade card, virtually send videos by collaboration of photos and videos of the individual including snaps of handwritten letters adding human touch and affection, making GIF, sending a parcel of homemade cake, organising a group party as a surprise and many other things could be done. Actions are louder than words. To greet any birthday boy or girl, various phrases are available online. But, to make it more real, we must concentrate on the individual's likes and dislikes. If we greet including the individual's favourite things like today's young generation are fond of BTS, they would absolutely love it if the content of the greet is related with BTS. Similarly, this could be applied to anyone.
    If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

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    Annu Yadava,
    Like Monika, you also failed to provide examples as to how a greeting message should be. I would appreciate if you post sample greetings, for us to understand it better.,

    No life without Sun

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    These days many new phrases and sentences are being created New phrases and new ways of greeting are coming. On my birthday my sons and daughter in laws shown me a beautiful video in which the various events happened last year in our family and that video is given me real happiness.
    If I have to greet a boy or girl on their birth I will say " let this birthday will be the beginning of a fantastic and fruitful year full of success and happiness".

    always confident

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    May your dreams come true.
    May your life be filled with enthusiasm and peace.
    May the lord shower his choicest blessings on you and your family.
    May all your wishes come true.
    May all your prayers be granted.
    May all your works be appreciated and encouraged.
    Finally we add happy birthday with his or her name.

    Lead the leader

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    Wishes as mentioned by Monika Kushwaha(#699083) and Annu Yadav(#699085) is actually the pattern to be followed but many times, we just copy-paste the wishes from the internet. The type os wishes mentioned by Dr. Rao(#699122) and Sharada(#699126) is more convincing.

    Some of the wishes that we can follow are:
    - For kids: Wishing the cutest, loving, chubby and naughtiest kid, a very happy birthday. With lots of love and kisses.
    - For teenagers: As you start a new year, let this year be a year of winning, growing, learning and happiness. Wishing you a very happy birthday and the best things in life. with lots of love.
    - For bachelor/spinster: As you turn a year old, let this be a beginning to learn, earn and enjoyable year. I hope you get the best in life and enjoy every day of your life to the fullest.
    - For married or people in the 30s - 45s: May this year bring you growth, love, care, financial support, good health and everything that you want to achieve in your life. May this year be a year on good bonding and get lots of love from your family.
    - For people in the 45s - 60s: As you are nearing your half-century, let it be a great knocking year with 4s and 6s in your life. Let it bring more happiness, love and cover whatever you have longed for.
    - For people above 60s and living a retired life: Wishing you a year of good health, happiness, love, peace and a year to explore new ways to spend the year with your passion and loved ones.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to add up the wishes to the categories I have mentioned above.
    So here are some answers:
    1) For a child :
    May the loveliest, charming kid of mine has lots of toys adding to his toy garage and he learns to beat his dad and big brother by splashing bunch of sixes in every game of cricket he plays and soon getting ready to play internationals.
    2) For a teen:
    May your prince charming be as intelligent as you and can beat Einstein in his IQ. May god give you the grace that you choose a partner who also serves your parents well and not just an attractive piece of pleasure which puncture mind. You are a trust base of this family and we are all proud of you.
    3) For an age group 20-30:
    May you get a promotion soon with a bulk increase in your salary. May you get posted in your government job soon with an increased pay and high reputation.
    4) For an age group 30-45:
    May boss showers grace on you so that you clear your tiredness and go out on a chilling vacation this season freely with your loved ones.
    5 ) For more than 45 years :
    May you keep on showering your blessings on us and show us what is right for us. We are honored to have the most eligible and worthy person in our family. We would be more than lucky if you keep on guiding us like this throughout our lives.
    6) For 60 or above:
    We can never become so better as you nor can we be so patient and tolerant in nature but we hope and believe with your guidance and preachings we would be able to give something better to our children.

    We may wish them in these manners; our dear ones.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    I learned formal Greetings phrases for birthday only after reaching high school classes. It was then that I became familiar with Greetings Telegrams. To enable fast transmission and to save cost the Post and Telegraph Office had some standard Greetings for sending greetings by telegram. Each Greeting was transmitted as a number which is the serial number of that greeting in the list. At the receiving post office/telegraph office they will decode to its original standard greeting format and this will be written on a special greeting paper and delivered to the addressee.

    I still remember two such greeting telegram codes "Eight" and "sixteen" which were mostly used by me to send greetings on weddings. 8 was or direct greetings to bride or bridegroom and it denoted ''Best wishes for a long happy married life'.16 denoted an indirect greetings to be conveyed to the newly wed couples "May heaven's choicest blessings be showered on the young couple". This continued till the SMS and E mail became common communication facility.

    Greeting code 'Five' denoting 'Many happy returns of the day" was used for Birthday greetings or wedding anniversary.

    However I have seen in day to day life, that the one-liner singing 'Happy birthday to you' is the most popular with small children and teenagers. Hence with paret also. So the most used direct birthday wish is 'Happy Birthday.'

    But I started using the formal greetings in English only after reaching college. During those times birthday celebrations were just private affair in homes. I had mentioned about this in thread1and thread2

    Nowadays, mostly I use Sanskrit greetings like 'Shatmaanam bhavatu...." or simply ' My greetings and best wishes to you on this special day'. If I have only formal relations with the person I greet by saying or texting 'Many many happy returns of the day".

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    I would say - God bless you and happy birthday or Happy birthday and have a long life or May God bless you on this occasion of happy birthday or Stay blessed on this day forever etc. The easiest is - Happy birthday and stay blessed.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I never celebrate my birthday but if my friends are around and ask me for treat then I arrange it without any special celebration.

    However, if anybody likes to celebrate his birthday then I wish him Happy birthday

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