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    The richer ; The poorer

    We all have a desire for a materialistically sound life having all the facilities and luxuries a person could even imagine. Since the day an infant is born his parents start thinking about how to give comfort to their child. They start saving pennies so that they can bring good quality toys, a beautiful cradle, a high- tech tricycle, dancing dolls which changes to a better smart phone, an air conditioned room, a gaming laptop when the child grows.
    The child even then thinks if he had been born in a family with a silver spoon in his mouth would be better for him. A simple inference is he still demands.
    We come across many rich people and many richer business people in our everyday life. Not only rich but we encounter many poor people as well in our day to day lives including vegetable vendors, stationary shopkeepers,local painters, street electricians and many others.
    If we notice their gesture and their hearts we find that the poor people may understand your budget and agree to work accordingly, they may even lower their charges as per your request but this doesn't happen with the rich class business people. Are they devoid of feelings when they reach that level or their sophistication doesn't allow them to do so?

    A very normal example of this is
    A local vegetable vendor may give you some extra coriander leaves and green chillies without being asked on her own, a local general store holder gives you a new calendar if you are a regular customer every year, a stationary bookkeeper gifts you a diary every new year, a local beautician goes for free threading after facial without being told to but a supermarket owner doesn't reduces even a 0.50 rupee amount rather rounds it of to rupee 1. A showroom owner gives the dresses in the written MRP. A salon beautician charges more than her works. What to talk of a free gift which we never expect these high profile business people charge sometimes more than MRP saying gst wasn't added in MRP..
    Is it lust or desire or some evil feeling inside which is making the rich people poor in thoughts and actions?
    Are they really rich ?
    Not in terms of money but in terms of human understanding and human qualities. Are they really rich?
    Why the richer are getting poorer day by day?
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    Why the richer are getting poorer day by day because they came to know the reality that nothing is permanent in this world and one has to earn name and pride and not the bad name. Rich man always have the provision for others to help and they are not generous in that regard and they would select the best among the lot to whom they connect with easily. If a shopkeeper forgoing few rupees is not the loss, but he is gaining the confidence of the same customer to repeat the purchasing. And when a store person gifts the calendar, that is his way of expressing gratitude and also make sure that is remembered when the calendar is seen for the date purpose. One thing is sure no one is earning for themselves as their part of earning would also goes for others in the above way and no one would think that their earnings would be permanent and continued.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The content written by the author is very thoughtful and think making. For all questions in the thread can be given in a descriptive manner or brief. No person in the business category thinks like a normal layman. That means businesspeople think in the approach of business techniques. For example, if one can go to a small shop or a big mall to meet their daily needs. At big malls, they attract the customers showing some percentage of margin on the whole groceries which could be calculated in computer by the software designed for them. In online marketing done by Amazon, Flipkart, and others are using such techniques. Recently, in TV advertisement, a person shows his wife in Amazon mobile app that there is 30% discount on the groceries for taking per month. In the advertisement, an old man smiles to indicate that it is a great offer during this crisis. One more example is honey. There are companies that offer one kg honey free to if one can buy one kg honey which costs four hundred thirty rupees. Like these, so many offers for the products are exhibited in the market. The author is requested to think about rich people thinking cannot be transformed into poor and poor people thinking could not be transformed to rich. It purely depends upon the attitude of the particular person.
    I believe in a positive attitude. I like those who criticize me.

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