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    Restarting lives is going to be even more difficult for everyone

    It has taken less than eighty days of inaction in most parts of the world to bring the entire world to a standstill. The European economies are talking about a 5% reduction in GDP. The scenario in India is totally different. Even the RBI has openly admitted to the possibility of negative growth.

    The Utopian dreams spun by the Finance Minister of India are unrealistic, to say the least. Take for example the tourism sector, which offers both direct and indirect employment to lakhs of people. Most Indians would have heard about the majestic Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple. Thousands of domestic and foreign tourists flock to it every day. It would surprise anyone to know that the turnover of the small food shops that open at around 6 PM every day and go on till around 4 AM the next day, earning Madurai the nickname of "thoonga nagaram"( the city that never sleeps) is a minimum of 250 crores per annum. These shops also offer non-vegetarian food and this is a big hit with the foreigners. If one thought about hygiene, it was quite okay as well as the food preparations were unique.

    Today, all that is gone. Everything is closed. Even if the temple opens, international travel is still restricted. As far as domestic tourists are concerned, the trickle can start only after September 2020, possibly from the surrounding districts. However, only those who offer cheaper substitute food at very reasonable prices will make money. Across the nation, cheaper food, cheaper travel packages, cheaper clothes, cheaper footwear, and what have you will be back in business. The banks will be flooded with money and the takers will be less. The interest rates might drop to 5% for senior citizens, which will make their lives even more miserable.

    No business worth it's salt will be profitable unless there is a demand. Our friendly neighborhood tailors are selling the cloth masks that are washable and sold for just Rs.10/-. There are millions of takers. So, every one of us should be like these tailors looking for markets to literally sell our skills. Those unemployed will get some jobs at low wages and join the ranks of the underemployed. And the poor souls from the BIMARU States, who are always told that English is their enemy number one for selfish reasons by the most selfish politicians of North India, will be back again to do the unskilled jobs in hotels, lodges, hospitals, small factories and even in agriculture, after Jan 2021, when even our great Prime Minister can no longer talk about the virus but about the economy.

    We are in the worst of times......
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    True. It is a big suffering. But what is the role of the finance minister here? Any leader should be positive only and he should give support to the public. If they say that it is very difficult and we can't help you to survive and start shedding tears, they can't be useful as leaders. So they always talk positively only and try maximum to see that the things will become normal.
    Coming to tourism, true there is a very big blow. No transport facility. No tourists coming. If you think of Balaji temple in Tirumala, how much business is lost there? But this is a natural calamity and nothing is in our hands. The government can help by giving some free money and some loans to poor people. But wherefrom they get the money is the question. So we have to wait for things to improve. Let us hope that things will improve at the earliest.

    always confident

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    Rao Sir, it is still very unclear where the poor street vendors will get the promised Rs10,000. If you know some authentic information,please do put it out here.

    Sir it is on record that the direct money transfer is just one percent of GDP. If the poor migrants in UP,Orissa and the rest of the Hindi States have to be taken care of immediately, it is ridiculous to say I will give you 5kg and you shut up. The poorest of the poor also need just Rs.3500 to buy the other essential things that go inside all kitchens; by God's grace, we do not have any problem.

    But the migrants have a problem. Ok you give them work and they will get salary only after one month. What to do for the next thirty days? This is exactly Dr.Raghuram Rajan and other world class economists talked about. Why did the FM not even talk about this aspect Sir? I think there is an intellectual famine in the ruling dispensation. Our own KCR may be better.

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    Changes happen. They go on happening. There used to be many paradigm changes. When a change happens there will be always a hue and cry from doomsayers. But this world and human race has seen and survived infinite changes. World has faced two world Wars, many famines, many natural calamities, holocausts, etc.etc. Still the world goes on.
    Now Covid19(whether man made or otherwise) has affected the world almost in full. It has affected everyone and every sector. As usual our fear, scare and panic come to the fore. As usual doomsayers and incorrigible pessimists see imminent end of everything.
    But world is not only of pessimists. It is also of optimists and positive and realist thinking people. They know that there is problem; there will be some damage and loss. But they also know if one decays, it becomes manure for another to grow. If one opportunity is lost, they trust ten new opportunities will take birth.
    Japan was bombed to powder and smoke. But how they bounced back is history. Human ingenuity will overcome all destructions, damages and loss. Only it cannot bring the dead back to life. But new will be born to take the place. Anything is possible. Within a short time we will forget about Covid. It will remain in the archives of medical history. Our economy and people's life will come back to normal or better than it was ever.
    But we need to be positive, a little patient and be ready for hard work and a little sacrifice.

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    Our parliamentarians are also poor this is why they take Rs 17 crore subsidy on food in parliament canteens.

    Increased rates after 2016 in parliament canteens:

    a plate of vegetarian 'thali' costs 30
    non-veg 'thali' costs 60
    bread and butter 6
    chapati 2
    chicken curry 50
    chicken cutlets (per plate) 41
    tandoori chicken 60
    coffee 5
    dosa plain 12
    fish curry 40
    Hyderabadi chicken biryani 65
    mutton curry 45
    rice (boiled) 7
    soup 14

    The food items in Parliament canteen became costlier from January 2016 after uproar in 2015 when it was highlighted that the canteen was being subsidised to the extent of 80 per cent of its cost.

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    It is true that those who have been doing their traditional business and fixed business either too have lost their hope and the future circumstances have forced many to change the course of their business. Life is not permanent and the same way the earnings can differ from one business to other. Those who are well versed in hotel line cannot think of other business but they can always serve parcel food packed with good quality. People may not eat or the government may not give permission to crowd for eating but they can always take the parcels to home and eat. So the hotels should divert from virtual serving to the parcel mode and they can improve the business. In our area one hotel which was serving hot tiffins in the morning is now giving door delivery of the same at the same price and yet the business has increased because those who are staying at home wants more to taste and different varieties are ordered.In fact his business increased.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The present pandemic has taken a toll globally and India is no exception. We are a highly populated county and this situation has made more people unemployed and there is a crisis now as the demand for daily items as well as specific items is going to decrease further and a depression like situation is going to set in. Govt would do what best it could do in such natural calamities but ultimately we all would suffer in one way or other. It is not easy to support such a big population without some constructive and positive engagement. Until the industries and manufacturing is revived there is no hope of revival of the economy which is moving towards a disastrous path. Poor and middle class are already suffering and some of the upper class who had their earnings from business, construction and manufacturing are also now going to suffer if the situation continues like that.
    Knowledge is power.

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    It is not that much easy to bring about radical changes in the lives of migrant labours unless they are given proper food and shelter for a month for which the expenses ate to be born either the employers or the government till the situation improves for their betterment.
    It would take some time to pick up the demand of the manufacturing industries and unless they receive the fresh work order from the customers, production would remain in the sluggish form. Employers are aware of the idle cost in case of no further demand of the product in the lean period, at least 25 percent of money remain blocked due to maintenance of the units, maintaining temperature and pressure of the desired level in case of further operations apart from payment of wage bill of their employees. Apart from the wage bill, the expenditures are constant. Hence the employers think of lay off of employees in adverse conditions.
    In the crucial stage, due compensation of labours is absolutely necessary and for that the employers would take up some planning like insuring their employees for the bad days and the insurance companies should come up to mitigate the financial crisis of the workers.

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    No doubt whole world has been suffering a lot due to pandemic covid-19 since last two month. Our life style has been completely changed. Every body saying that we should accept this challenging life with changing world. India is highly populated country where poor people are more in number. Now, almost everywhere lockdown is removed but it is difficult task to manage social distance , keeping mask and follow other guidelines especially poor people in metropolitan city. Now-a-days, people are being seen following rules to some extent in some places but it would be not easy for everyone. On the other hand , some people took advantage in this adverse condition. I saw many people started their own business like stitching mask,selling sanitiser, food delivery etc. We should be optimistic for better tomorrow. We need to be cautious seeing present situation.

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    As pointed by members, it is true that the world is facing a very bad phase by the pandemic. Many lives lost, many infected, many suffering, many worried, many really learning, many fighting, many surviving, many optimistic, many pessimists and many still wondering about what to do? Anything and everything has gone haywire by COVID-19 pandemic. Who to blame?

    It is seen that the GDP is falling, many losing jobs, no money in hand, nothing to eat, etc but this comes as a package. Whenever we had calamities like floods, earthquakes, droughts, famine, fire, wars, accidents, etc. Nothing stays the same and everyone has to adapt to the new condition. Some take time, some adjust fast while some are under perplexed of what to do.

    The only thing that is in our hands is to be positive, wait for the sunrise and good opportunity. It may take days, weeks or months but it will all be fine. Be safe and sound as nothing is more important than your health and family. This is life and we need to strive hard to make a living. It is fine to put our thought and point the flaws but we need to keep on doing our best to survive.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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