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    Telangana government decided to promote 5.35 lakhs tenth Students without exams

    In Telangana state CM KCR decided to promote 5.35 lakhs SSC students to get promoted without any further exams being conducted because of the Covid-19 effect. Previously the government decided to conduct the exams after June 8th. But High court ordered the government to conduct tenth exams in all other green zones of TS with utmost care except Hyderabad and Rangareddy. Even the court questioned do you give a guarantee for the life of students. CM KCR because of the difficulties of conducting exams in this pandemic situation canceled the exams and ordered to promote all the students. Grades will be given to the students basing on the performance of previous exams in the academic year. Similarly, exams of Degree and PG exams also may be canceled in the same way in TS. Inter exams were completed in TS and so there is no problem with them. But how schools give grades and there may be disputes of grades giving in courts. Most of the states may follow this method only in promoting students to higher studies in the course of time in this increasing threat of Covid-19.
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    I don't understand the logic in it. Let the year get prolonged. Let the next academic year start from January 2021. What is the problem? Now all the people have to go for next class admission and students whose standard is not up to the mark also will get into intermediate. Finally, the standards will come down. But people will come out with degrees and all will say that unemployment problem. I feel intermediate admissions should be done based on a written that is to be planned and conducted by the intermediate board. Then there will be some screening. It is good news for private colleges. The competition will be more for admissions as there are more pass outs and that make the colleges to increase the admissions fees.
    Now if the same way is followed for Graduate and PG students also many people will come out with degrees in their hands and unemployment problem will increase. I hope the government will not do this for these students. As mentioned by the author now many States will follow the same method.

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    It is understandable that this is because of the present situation as no government want to run the risk. In another thread, I have mentioned that this is a high time to revamp the whole education system. We need to think about what is the purpose of education. Is it only to get a job and scoring good marks for taking admission to a renowned college or it has something to do with gathering knowledge about the subject of interest and various aspects of life? If screening is the sole reason for examination in schools and colleges then why the exams conducted by the school/college authorities should not be given the equal weightage? The situation for competitive exam is different as only the good ones will be selected but for school education, the overdependence on only the board examination for higher studies is making it complex though this is the system that we are following for a long time. Though it's my personal opinion after reading the reply of DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao there are few questions arising in my mind. He has rightly mentioned the unemployment scenario but when we say that education is compulsory for every child then why this compulsory education won't be able to provide jobs for everybody? There should be a competition for getting better jobs but why there is a competition for getting any kind of job? The answer is we have a rising number of students and fewer jobs. Do we think the economy can prosper in this way? Hope I am able to make things clear.

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    The government could have waited for some more time to take a decision on this matter.
    Legally they may be right and may have the power to do what they have decided. But this will turn to be worse solution that the problem itself.
    This may have a cascading effect if other states also follow suit. Then that will invite many more entrance tests or other screening methods to admit for higher education and employment. The private institutions and fly-by-night operators will exploit the situation.
    If other states do not follow same method, then the students had to be contented in getting further education the Telengana State only. Government may have to provide for that.
    At least for another month the state governments should focus on reduction of Covid cases and deaths by more tests and more medical facilities. Other things like exams can wait a little.

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    Though the students would be happy to get promoted and even get the SSC certificates, but for the genuine students who want to prove with good marks and getting distinction in 10th class is prevented and he or she also promoted with the herds. In 1968 during the Telangana agitation when Chenna Reddy was the CM of united AP, he made everyone to pass the exam without writing it. In that case all the students of all the classes were promoted. But in this case only 10th class students got the benefit and they are promoted. And now the real problems starts as they seek the admissions for the intermediate exams. The corporate colleges would be thinking twice about the ability of the students as it cannot judge through the memo of marks and those who are real hard workers and performing students are also doubted. Only time will tell the difference.
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    I appreciate the initiative taken by the Telangana government to promote students without examination. At this juncture, conducting the examination for students is not prudent. An automatic pass to the next higher class is the solution to avoid examination. If the students are worried about their merits, they should be examined before entering into any other institution or organization. An eligibility test should be conducted to ascertain the capability of the student.

    The year 2020 is All-Pass Year.

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    The latest news is Tamilnadu government also promoted all tenth class students to higher classes without conducting exams.

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    It seems all the states has to follow the Telangana and Tamil Nadu and announce all the students stands passed for the class 10th without writing exam for the year 2020.
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    Whatever the governments are having shown interest to cancel the tenth exams is subjected to the situation prevailing now. Actually, no government shows interest to pass the students without taking any assessment from students. Generally, a teacher can understand the knowledge of a student by evaluating the student in different aspects. Same that would be happened if the public exams were conducted. But, as per the situation, the governments go behind to cancel the exams and promote the students for the sake of their health. If an intelligent and clever student can cherish about his or her place to be in topmost position by doing hard work, then the student would not like to cease the hard work and he would work in his own way by observing the competency in the world. Marks in the certificate may not give the position. But, thinking faculty and attentiveness make a student have bright future in his life.
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    ICSE board postponed remaining exams of 10th and plus 2 to a later date in July and the students were allowed to write their exams in nearest exam centers of the place they are residing. So the board has decided to conduct exams by all means.

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    There is no respite in sight from the present pandemic and in that condition, Govt cannot sit idle and keep the students under confusion and stress. So, they have taken a decision to promote them. It is unfortunate that we do not have any good infrastructure to assess them online and just promote them without any score. It would had been better if some short test was taken based on their syllabus may be objective type and depending upon the score they would be issued a mark sheet or certificate. Anyway, when we cannot do such things and do not have infrastructure and over and above do not have a will to do that type of responsibility on one or other excuse then the decisions would be like that only. Many students who are not good in studies might be happy with this decision.
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    With the progress of time, there is no respite from the pandemiceffect of the corona and as such any planning to conduct the examination in dates finalised by the authority may not materlise keeping in view of the progression of the disease. Different of dates would demoralise the aspirants. So it would be better to seek some alternative ways to assess the potentialities of the aspirants. The authorities interested to promote the aspirants should take into account their past their past scorings in the different subjects and for that purpose, average of such scorings would the best indicator. Apart from it, short objective tests in the different subjects should be taken to assess their grasp of their subject knowledge. This needs to be done by the school authority and ultimately the Board should have the concurrence of such an arrangement to declare the final result.

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    Now the engineering students and other degree students who are in 2nd year started an online agitation asking the government to cancel their examinations also this year. This is the impact of the decision taken by the government cancelling the SSC examinations. I personally feel it is not a wise decision. Andhra Pradesh government says that they will conduct SSC examination in July. That is a better decision.
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    If the students are habituated to get promoted even before writing single exam the trend is going to be very bad and how the boards will write the narration on the mark list. For example at the place 'passed with distinction, passed with first class etc, what would the board write now? Passed at the gesture of the government ? Stupidity. And if the situation improves across the countries within short period of time then when the students wants to pursue the studies in abroad universities and colleges, then on seeing the 10th class memo what would be their reactions. Previously some foreign Universities were not recognizing the Osmania University standard of memo of marks and the same will happen this time. However the govt and the parents are not concerned about the future and wants their children to pass this year without wasting the academics.
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    In such conditions sometimes when there is no way out Govt has to take extreme decisions like this and next year only these students would be appearing for the next level examination. Probably a special pass certificate would be issued to them without any score so that in future there is no discontinuity in their educational credentials. Let us hope in a few months by the next educational session things would improve and normalcy would return.
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