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    What are the changes of head bath system you observed in course of your life time

    Usually, we take a bath regularly to our body daily by using soap. But we have the habit of taking a head bath or Abhyangana Snan (bath to the whole body) on a special occasion or once in a week. In my childhood times, elders used to apply til oil to the whole body along with Bengal gram flour mixed with turmeric. After applying half an hour will be waited and will be scrapped from the body. Then by using Soapnut juice head bath will be carried 2-3 times. After doing all this we used to get a very good and pleasant sleep. Over time, Shikakai soaps came and slowly the use of soapnuts decreased in cities. When we get into the Degree stage for the first time we started using Shampoo sachets. After all this, the old system head bath or Abhyangana Snan completely lost its importance. But in small villages, the traditional system of bathing is followed at least to some extent. Members, what are your observations concerning this issue.
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    Yes. As I am also from Andhra Pradesh State and almost from the same background as of the author I also had the same experience. Head bath is a very big issue those days. We used to apply coconut oil to the whole body and then paste as mentioned by the author. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes. The paste will get dried on the body and remove by scraping. After that head bath with soap not oil juice two times. The first wash will take more time and then the second wash will be quick and a lot of foam will develop. Whole-body will be cleaned with soapnut juice. Then soapnuts are replaced with Shikakai. Then shampoo bottles. There is no oil application and no Bengal gram paste application. Head bath with shampoo and the cleaning process will be fast and it is nothing special than using shampoo instead of soap to clean the hair and head.
    But when we go to our native place once in a month or once in two months we will have the luxury of having a head bath with soapnut juice.
    We used to apply coconut oil daily to hair but now that practice is also outdated.

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    Now head bath is just washing hair with water and washing using shampoo also on some days.
    The practice of copiously applying medicated hair oil and then massaging for some time using fingers and then taking bath using herbal shampoo powders like shikakai - is almost vanished.
    Due to other priorities many avoid regular head bath and may satisfy by just body wash. It may be only on holidays they take head bath. Moreover many apply hairdo, hair setting etc and regular head bath may affect that.

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    Quite an interesting thread to share.
    Since the time I was introduced to this world by my parents, I had been taking bath regularly every day without a miss. The question of body bath doesn't rise. I always had a head bath only. We were living near the Tamirabharani riverbank. Till I got my appointment, while at home, I used to have a regular oil bath once in a week, preferably on Saturday or Sunday or Wednesday. These three days are earmarked for oil bath for males. Friday is earmarked for females. The oil (Gingelly or Til) bath is taken only with hot water. We apply oil on the entire body from head to feet; rest for one hour to get the oil absolved into our body; take bath using shikakai powder to clean the body. From the day I started working, I forgot the oil bath. But I formed the habit of taking head bath twice a day until today.

    It is a pity to note that such oil bath has vanished and missing badly. Oil bath... What is it?

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    During my childhood we used to take oil bath by applying til oil on the head and all over the body and used to wait for at least half an hour before being bathed with shikakai powder or arapu powder in Tamil we call it. It is the aroma powder especially made to remove the oil presence on the head and the body and thus this kind of oil bath is for sure once in a month and on all festive days. In those days there were no shampoo and I came across the shampoo only during the marriage days. And we are also given the castor oil for the cleaning of stomach. On that day we will not have any appointment outside and none will be called for the house. The whole day our stomach would be cleared as we would be totally free from stool stigma and the health would be good. I do not thing any family is giving castor oil to the children these days. Even the small insects inside the stomach would die and the children would have good appetite afterwards,
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