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    Frozen food must be consumed with caution

    Frozen food are not so nutritive depending upon various factors. These foods require atleast 16 hours and in some cases, 24 hours of refrigeration. Sometimes the big packet frozen food is not consumed within the alloted time and henceforth, the frozen food looses it's nutritive value and the food is no more consumable. The worst factor is that people are unable to distinguish if the frozen food can be consumed or not because of its stale and pale nature. Huge amount of preservatives, chemicals, artificial color and odour are added to enhance the taste of the food. Many people have a wrong notion that using the product after refrigeration and then again keep it in the refrigerator. Then again the same process is undergone untill the whole product is finished. Due to this notion and process, the product is no more good for health because it has lost it's nutritive value even though the product is not expired.
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    For that matter every product cannot be stored and used even after the time lapse. For example the milk needs continued refrigeration and on an average a milk stands good for 48 hours under the refrigeration. But some house holds are buying the milk in large quantities and use the milk packed at the 48th hour presuming that it would be good. But invariably the milk get split after 48 hours and we cannot blame the milk vendor. As clearly stated by the author anything put in over refrigeration would lose the sheen and importance of the quality and tends to be lesser taste and that can be proved. Even the non vegetarian items cannot be kept in the fridge for long time and it would have the effect on other products kept in the fridge. And if the power goes off even for one hour the entire thing inside the lift gets spoiled.
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    Hot and just cooked food is always better for health and it may be tasty. I always prefer eating warm food than cold food. On the other hand, it can create problems for us. So let us not store food in the refrigerator. The food should be freshly cooked one only.
    Cooked rice kept in a refrigerator will not be tasty and eating that rice is not good. But in the night if you keep some cooked rice in water or very dilute buttermilk in a pot and eating that rice next morning as breakfast is very good for health.
    In the market, we will be purchasing some frozen foods. Keeping them for long in the refrigerator may affect the quality of the food as well as the taste also. Once the packet is opened consuming the same at a time. In fact, frozen food with various chemical preservatives should not be consumed as they will have negative effects on our health.

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    Yes I do agree with the author frozen food is neither nutritious nor good for health but still majority of people do consume frozen food. As the world have advanced technologically people do have invented many items for the purpose of comfort. In search of comfort people have been forgetting the side effects of such items, frozen food not at all advisable to eat instead food that kept in room temperature in normal conditions is good even having after few hours. Frozen food lacks the taste and all the natural ingredients that are present in the food , so we should avoid frozen food , have to follow the age old customs .
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    The frozen foods should not be used repeatedly after subjecting them in fridge and using part of it for the consumption. In order to enhance, its shell life numerous preservatives and other chemicals are added to avoid the bad smelling and enhancing its taste. But the fact is otherwise, repeated refrigeration would spoil the nutritive value of the frozen products and hence not suitable for consumption.
    While purchasing the frozen food, mark the expiry date and the same is to be consumed prior to expiry date. The best practice is to use fresh and hot food offering you awesome taste which you may not have with the frozen products.

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    Refrigeration has allowed food products and raw food to be exported to different parts of the world. It has also enabled us to save our food for a longer period of time. But I don't really agree that freezing food will diminish its nutritional value. But there is a thing it definitely does. If the food is frozen, and not just cooled, the cell walls get damaged and once it returns to room temperature the food instantly becomes stale because of degradation of proteins and microbial attack.
    But that is being completed frozen.
    More than 90% of times the food we store is not in the freezing temperatures. We store them around 5-10 deg C. In that the case cell walls aren't destroyed. An advantage would be that microbial activity in food is the bare minimum because of decreased surrounding temperature. We must not consume the fruits or vegetables that were cool right away but wash them before eating. Microbes are still there but dormant. By thoroughly cleansing we can take care of dormant microbes.

    I call the practice of eating something and storing it for later in fridge as Double dipping. Because of how we either dip the spoon or sink teeth into a food product, contaminating it. It is never advisable. No matter how best the food product is stored, once our saliva is in contact it is gradually breaking the complex sugars. That messes up the taste and nutrition makeup.

    What I'm trying to say is, unless a raw food product is completely frozen it doesn't go stale. Because the cell wall isn't damaged. So it is advised to not freeze the food at sub zero temperatures for long as the nutrition is going to degrade after the puncturing of cell walls.

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    There are some guidelines for keeping the foods in frozen conditions and then they last long and contain their worth in them. First thing is the hygiene and cleanliness with what they were prepared for packaging for freezing. It depends to a large extent on these preparations as how long the food would stay good. I have used blanched green peas in my house itself by blanching them in an appropriate and correct way and they remained fresh and tasty for about 3-4 months. In the blanching instructions it was claimed that they would remain fresh for at least 6 months. May be the quality of peas was not good or I might have not steamed the peas for the desired time before sealing them in the polythene pack or may be my fridge settings were not inadequate. So, theoretically frozen foods would be good if all precautions for the cleaning and packaging are taken with full care. There is an expiry date for all such preparations and that is also to be known with certainty. Due to all these uncertainties there is always a risk in consuming frozen foods.
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    Whatever food is preserved under refrigeration may not be useful for health purposes. It is a fact. Here is one point to insist that it is forbidden to eat any food crossing 24 hours that was indicated in Bhagavadgita also. In ancient times, there are no fridges then how did the people consume the food. Now, technology makes people eat preserved food. Therefore, the lifespan of the people gets reduced by eating low nutritious and infective food. However, people like to eat such food with the extra feeling of deliciousness to their tongue. Old methods of habits of making and preserving food are welcomed to the welfare of society.
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    yes, We used to see in television serials and cinemas that heroine or hero came inside the house and immediately drink bottled water from fridge.
    I read in one book that the drinking of ice cold water directly from refrigerator should avoided on any circumstances as it could cause to sudden heart attack and thereby leads to death. They have told some example persons also for this.

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