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    What are the conspicuous changes in the behaviour patterns of the children in your family?

    Today all of us are in one way or other struggling with our survival in this difficult condition. Some have lost their jobs while some have lost their near and dear. The situation is very tough and challenging. Those who have to go to their workplace have to be extra cautious and careful in dealing with others as we do not know who is infected or not infected and the infection would be easily passed to us even if a single mistake is done. The children are sitting in the house and some of them are studying through online classes. For them also there is so much change and they must be feeling about this. What is the feeling of children or young ones in your family? What are they thinking about the present crisis? Are they really aware about it or simply following what we are telling them to do. Are not they asking you to take them out to market for some popular snacks and food items? Please share your experiences as what are the behavioural changes or patterns found now in these young people.
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    We three brothers are residing in the same building upstairs, downstairs. My brother has two school going daughters.
    The elder one is now in ninth standard and the younger one is now in fifth standard.
    The younger one has become very happy during the last more than two months because her parents, uncles and aunties, her cousin(my son) are all at home and she feels very happy with all of us pampering and playing with her.
    Now that they have started on live classes via TV, she is listening to that also and doing the assignments. She is aware of the situation, but does not worry about not going out as everyone is around her. But she would like schools to open as she wants to meet her friends.

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    These days everyone is facing the challenging situations of their own and in our case my two children are adjusting to the new arrangement of life that they have to be inside the house and do the routines. While my son is waiting for the office to open in Hyderabad as his boss was held up in Mahararastra. My daughter is pursuing her studies online and even exams are held. What I could further see the changes are that the children are not demanding the outside food though the eateries and hotels are opened. There is fear complex among the children not to venture out for no reason and they are happy inside the house doing some creative works. But those who have been going places during the jobs are the worst hit as they are not able to move and the company cannot give the proper guidelines about their future course.
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    I am staying with my daughter working in Bengaluru. She works from home. As I am a diabetic, my daughter won't allow me to move outside the house. However, I move out in the morning for a 2 Kilometer walk with my mask on. I don't go to market. I go to the nearby Kirana shop to get bread, milk and eggs only.

    My son residing in China contacts me regularly on FB chat and make frequent video and phone calls. He also advises me not to venture out to market.

    I would say that there is a change in my children's behaviour that existed before the arrival of Corona.

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    My two sons are staying with me and they are IT employees and working from home only. But work is very high and they are not getting any free time to think about going out. They are not going out for anything. They are fully aware of the happenings and they are advising others not to go out. My brother's son is also staying with me and he is doing his B. Tech first year. He is attending online classes and he never goes out these days. My granddaughters are very small and they never ask to take them out. They are not aware of the problem even then they never think of going out. They pass time with us only. TVs, Cell Phones, Internet and laptops are the tools for spending time in the house to many people.
    Like this many children understood the seriousness of the situation and they are not going out. Somehow they are managing their time in the house only. But in Hyderabad, I am seeing many people roaming outside without any purpose.

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