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    Should there be a Comma before But?

    This is just to know better English.
    Whenever I type a sentence with but after a comma, Grammarly checks it with no comma before the word but.
    For e.g. I type - "I wanted to go out during the lockdown, but my wife did not allow me to go out."
    Grammarly corrects it as - "I wanted to go out during the lockdown but my wife did not allow me to go out."

    English experts, please throw some light on this subject 'Comma before but/no comma before but'
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    The comma is required. Refer Use of punctuation.
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    Thanks a lot, Madam. In certain places, Grammarly is wrong in checking and correcting our English. This is one good example to prove it. Not to go by Grammarly 100%. We need to apply our own sense and write good English.
    I was worried about the use of comma with but, but but with a comma is said to be right, and Vandana has cleared by doubt.

    Note; Here, a new invention of using conjunction but consecutively thrice. The word but has been used consecutively thrice. Am I right or wrong?

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