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    Do you believe in giving suggestion or solution?

    It's human nature to talk about their problem to the loved ones, neighbours, and even to distant people. And, once a person does so, then another human characteristic springs up. People around the person, who is amid a crisis, start giving unlimited suggestions. A few come up with the right solutions, but most of the people believe in giving ideas after ideas. Sometimes such advice becomes stressful, and it disturbs a lot.

    Why people, in general, do not believe in keeping quiet until someone asks for an opinion. Usually, it does not sort out any problem rather makes a situation complicated. People must rely on sharing solutions and not delivering lectures.
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    It all depends on the problem and if the person already gone through the ordeal and come out successfully, he is the fittest person to give suggestion and solution. Normally people want to try on their own and often face the failures because every work to be attended with the laid down procedures and only those who are habituated with the past can help us. For example getting the ration card for the family is most required these days and for the middle class the government is giving ration items and they are eligible for it. But many does not know how to apply and what documents need to be submitted. Often the people go for internet information and try to upload the details but they fail. One has to approach the asst supply officer of the area and there is a laid down procedure to apply for new ration card and unaware of this people waste their time with suggestions from lots of people.
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    Unsolicited advices and suggestions are a great source of irritation but in society we have to sometimes tolerate these things to some extent as people do not like a reserved nature fellow who does not listen to anyone especially the unsolicited ones. Some people are so much habitual and obsessive of giving advices and suggestions that if you see them you would think that now this person is going to give me some sermons and lectures as what to do and what not. Naturally you would try to avoid him but he also knows the reason of your ignoring him and tries to tell you whatever possible in the short time available that you entertain him. These people are not going to improve as it has become their way of life. Even if you ignore them they would search some other gullible fellow who listens to them patiently. Then they would say that the gullible fellow is a nice person and listens to good advices. They themselves have categorised their suggestions under the 'good' category. It is sometimes a hilarious bit to talk about such people.
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    I do not like to hear the phrases - I should have done this, you should have done this, he/she/they should have done this, and we should have done this etc.
    I only like to hear - I/we will do this, you will do this, he/she/they will do this.
    When someone suggests me, I will give them solutions.
    When I suggest to someone, I expect solutions.

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    Whenever somebody asks me for any suggestion or solution I certainly provide the right suggestion as per my opinion. But I do not have a habit to give suggestion or solution without asking.
    My friends generally seek my advice on technology, education and gadgets.

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    Giving a suggestion or solution depends upon conditions or problem that is put in front of us. I do have the habit of nature to discussing some problems with my family and my close friends. They give me their feedback or suggestion. I do take every suggestion or advice, check for myself about it, and take only that I feel is workable, fine, or good.

    There are many as mentioned in the post who after hearing our problems come up with advice or suggestion that may not be feasible to us or to implement. If we ask them to place them in our place and tell whether they will do the same as advised, they would hesitate.

    Everyone must understand that being in the boat and viewing the boat from far is two different conditions. Always try to be practical and only provide genuine suggestions or advice as it is very much attached to that person. Some suggestion/advice can make or break a relationship, family or even the person him/herself.

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    Unsolicited suggestions are not worth. If somebody is in a problem, you can feel pity for him. You can express your readiness to help in case it is required and the other person wants it. Without their request, we should not come out with suggestions. To understand his situation we have to get into his shoes, Then only you will get correct understanding and you can come out with the best suggestions. Without doing that telling some remedies are for the lip sake only. They may not be helpful to the sufferer
    Every individual in their life will have his own perception and he will understand what is good for him and what is not good for him. That is why people say that hear what others say but take your own decision. He can think on his own, he can consider various suggestions given by different people and should make a decision regarding the way forward. The responsibility will be with him and the outcome the decision taken will have more impact on that person only.

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    As Mohan pointed out, a person who had experience in a matter is the right person to suggest a solution r way even if he is not asked about it , but he is present when the problem is presented. I don't think anyone will discuss a personal issue to strangers. It will be presented to an individual or group who may be familiar to the person in some way.
    I do not mind giving a solution I know for sure, even if I am not asked specifically, but I am in the group where the issue is discussed. he no one nows the exact solution, some leads to it are also welcome. Whether solicited or unsolicited, it is for the concerned person to accept or reject the solution or suggestion.

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    Let's look at the terms solution & suggestion with an example. Suppose a teacher has given her/his students a complex equation to solve. The students are a novice and do not know exactly how to solve the equation. The teacher has two options in this case - either to solve the equation or suggest the methods that the students may apply to solve the equation. Here, the teacher knows the solution and so she/he can either suggest or solve the problem. Similarly, if a problem is described to me whose solution is known to me I may tell either the solution or suggestion to solve the problem depending on the gravity of the situation. If one wants to learn something out of it then I will not tell the solution rather I will tell the ways to look for to come to a solution and if the case is not so then I will provide the instant solution.

    Let me give another example to make it very clear. Suppose, if a member posts a thread asking about the ways to upload an Invoice in ISC there can be two answers. One is a solution and one is a suggestion. If I give the link of the help topic and ask the member to go to the link for details that would be a suggestion and if I give a pictorial description of all the steps it will be a solution. A very young one can easily do it by looking into the help topics but for a senior member, it may be a bit difficult since she/he may not be so tech-savvy. For a young one, a suggestion seems good but for a senior person, a solution is better.


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    According to my expectations, I would like to take and give suggestions only. Solutions should be taken by themselves.
    Each person differs from one another mentally, physically, genetically and is born in different cultures, environments and faced situations differently in life. Hence it is better to provide suggestions and let them decide which suggestions are not for their state of being.

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